How to change Brita Maxtra filter ? (Easy)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Brita Maxtra filter comes with an easy press and lock system. Once you have bought the new filter, remove the old filter, and clean the container thoroughly.

Next, pull the inside container out, and put the new filter in the container, and give it a soft push to fix it at the bottom. Then, it is ready to use.

Step by step guide to change the Brita Maxtra Filter

Step 01: Remove the old filter

The first thing that you have to do when the indicator alerts you for replacing the filter is to remove the old filter from the jar. The filter has the ring size holding mechanism on the top of it.

Pull that up and hold it time to remove it from the bottom of the filter. Once it removes, put it aside. It is no longer serviceable, so that you can dispose of the filter safely.

Step 02: Clean the filter

Next, clean the entire filter with soap water. Remember to remove the indicator mounted on the top of the lid. It is an electronic device that should not be placed in the water.

If required, use warm water to clean the container inside out. Keep it dry after the cleaning is done.

Step 03: Fix the new filter

Open the package of the new filter. Pull the holding mechanism of the new filter available at the top. Now put the new filter in the container and give it a gentle push. 

Check from the transparent glass whether the filter has touched the bottom. Then, push it until it comfortably resides at the bottom of the container.

You will have a positive feeling while pushing the filter inside the container and locks at the bottom. 

Step 04: Put the container inside the Jar

Once the filter is fixed in the container, put the container inside the jar. Now fill the tap water in the container.

Give away the first two fillings to ensure no harmful material is left in the new filter.

Finally, throw the water in the garden or plant.

Step 05: Final step

In the final step, fill the water again in the jar. Put the indicator on the lid. And place the lid on the jar.

Press and hold the start button available on the indicator to activate it.

Once the indicator is active, you will see the bars on the screen.

That indicates the filter is new, and you start using it regularly. 

The bars on the indicator are decreased over time. When the screen is blank, it is a sign that you need to replace your filter.

Now you are done with the replacement of the old filter. You can start using the Brita Maxtra filter.

How do I change the filter on my Brita Maxtra plus? 

The Brita Maxtra plus filter comes with an easy-to-replace mechanism.

It doesn’t require any screwdriver or any tool to remove and replace the filter. When it is time to change the fitter, bring the new one first. 

Follow this instruction to change your filter on Brita Maxtra Plus.

  • Remove the old filter from the reservoir
  • Pull the indicator from the lid and put it aside in a safe place away from the water
  • Now clean the jar and reservoir with the soap. Please give it a proper wash to avoid any dirt and dust particles that may have clung inside the reservoir. 
  • rewash it with warm water and soak it up with a dry cloth before fixing the new filter.
  • Get the new filter out of the package and hold it in your hand. The filter comes with a holding mechanism at the top. 
  • Put the new filter inside the reservoir and give it a gentle push to fix it at the place.
  • Now, put the reservoir back to the jar and fill the water in the reservoir.
  • Let the water filter entirely and move to the bottom of the jar.
  • Remember to throw away the first two filters of water. This will ensure that no particles or dust are in the water. 
  • After that, put the lid on and place the indicator back to its position and start filling the reservoir with tap water.
  • Now, your filter is ready to use. Keep tracking the indicator for the next replacement.

How often should you change Brita Maxtra filter?

Brita Maxtra filter manufacturer recommends changing the filter every four weeks or after 150 liters of water usage. However, the decision of the changing filter should be made based on the water condition in your area.

For example, if you live in a region where hard water is common, the Brita Maxtra filter may not last long. 

You may have to replace the filter more often than indicated by the manufacturer. Taste the water and see the quality after it is filtered. If you find something wrong with the filter, it is time to replace the filter. 

Use the indicator mounted on the lid to check the replacement time. When the indicator is empty, it is time to change the filter. Get the new one and follow the filter replacement process as given above. 

Please do not drink the water from the filter until it is replaced with the new one.

The old filter may have contaminated substances that pass through the filter and reach your guts. In addition, the viruses found in the water would have a serious impact on your health. 


Brita Maxtra filter gives you instant access to fresh and clean water. As soon as you complete the installation process of the new filter, it is ready to use. 

There is no need to wait for cleaning. The instant availability of clean water makes it a great device to have while traveling. 

The small size of the Brita Maxtra filter can sit comfortably in the RV or backspace of the car. In addition, easy to use replacement filter is very convenient. 

Here is no need to have the technical knowledge to install or use the Brita Maxtra filter. However, if your filter is exhausted, get the new filter today and follow the given installation procedure. 

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