How to take apart Brita filter ? (Step by step)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

The inside container sticks to a reservoir, and It is hard to remove as it becomes older. To open the Brita filter container, hold the filter upside down. Remove lid and filter from the centre. Now push down white contains by holding it from both sides. The plastic container will pop out easily.

Step by Step guide to taking apart Brita filter

Brita filter is made of different parts. Each part contributes to keeping drinking water safe. Also, the compartment is designed so that it does not leak water. Follow the procedure carefully to remove the Brita filter.

Step 01: Empty the pitcher

Before you do anything, remove the entire water from the jar. The water inside the pitcher may spill while disassembling the component.

Step 02: Remove the lid

The lid is placed on the top of the Brita pitcher. It will be placed in the locking mechanism. Do not pull it right away. See the manual to disengage the lid from the locking system and pull it gently. Keep the top aside after you remove it.

Step 03: Take out the filter

The filter is the main component in the water purification process. It is a cylinder-type device placed in the center of the container. Turn the filter in the clockwise direction to loosen it.

After that, pull it up and put it aside. It is recommended that put the filter into the refrigerator during the cleaning. A cool environment prevents the development of harmful bacteria inside the filter.

Step 04: Remove the white container

The white container inside the service that holds the filter is tricky to remove. Many users find it a hard time to separate this container apart.

The reason for that is quite understandable because the white container is fixed to create the seal around the reservoir.

The water cannot come out of the reservoir when you lean to pour the water. The contain sticks to the side of the reservoir.

There is a proper technique to separate the white container. First, hold the pitcher upside down. Use both hands to hold it. Now gently pull the white container in a downward motion with the help of your thumb.

Keep pushing it down until you see the white container is getting out.

It easily slides down and gets separated from the reservoir. Once it is ultimately out, put it aside. Now you can clean the pitcher with warm water.

Use the kitchen soap to scrub it and remove the buildup inside the reservoir.

How to remove the top of the Brita filter?

There are many ways you can remove the top of the Brita filter. Either you pull it up by holding the pitcher from both sides. Use your thumbs to pull it up. Generally, the white container comes out from the reservoir.

If the technique doesn’t work in your case, another method is removing the container with the help of warm water and soap. The mixture creates a smooth layer near the sticky part.

Fill the pitcher with a mixture of soap and water. Next, flip it upside down to allow the water to create the push from inside the reservoir. The pressure from the inside allows the white container to come out quickly.

It slips off, so carefully hold the pitcher to avoid it from falling and getting damaged. It is made of plastic, so the plastic container may get broken from the edges if it hits the hard surface.

The third procedure that some users find pretty easy is using the sharp object to pull the white container up. The step needs more precaution because you may get hurt if you are not careful enough.

So to separate the white container put the sharp object in the gap between the pitcher and container where it joints.

You will find a tiny gap near the jar handle. Put the sharp edge of the object inside the opening and slowly pull the white contain up to disengage it. Use the gentle push; otherwise, the sharp edge may create a hole in the container.

How do you remove the white part of a Brita?

Removing the white part of a Brita filter is relatively easy once you know the technique. Remove the lid and cylinder filter from the Brita filter. Next, pour the water inside the reservoir.

 Fill it up till the edges. Now hold it tight from the edges and turn it upside down. The white part of the Brita filter will slowly slide down.

If you see it still sticks to a reservoir, use the thumb to pull it down gently.

Please give it a little shake to allow the water to create a push effect from the inside. In most cases, this technique works, and the white part of the Brita filter comes out easily.

The white piece is assembled to create a tight seal layer to prevent water from spilling. Follow these steps carefully, and you will quickly get the white part apart from the reservoir.

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