How to take apart Brita pitcher ?(Step by step)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Brita pitcher consists of two separate containers. The bottom layer is the reservoir and on the top of that is the filter holder. Hold the filter holder container with your hand and gently push the container above. Remember to pull it from both sides at the same time. 

Step by Step guide to separate Brita Pitcher

Step 01: Vacant water

Empty the reservoir and wipe out the surface with the dry napkin. The surface should be completely dry; else your hand will become slippery. 

Step 02: Release the lid.

The lid is the top layer of the Brita filter. It will be locked on the top of the filter. Open the lock and remove the cover and keep it aside. 

Step 03: Separate the filter

The filter cartridge is a cylinder-shaped device attached to the container’s center. The container holds the filter and allows the water to pass through it. Extract the filter and keep it aside.

Step 04: Pull the container

The white container that holds the filter needs to be removed before cleaning the reservoir. Use the soap water to create a slippery surface around both containers. 

Soap water will allow the release of the fixed parts. Use both hands to pull the white container above. Use both hands to pull it. Else, it will not get removed.

In most cases, the Brita pitcher gets removed from the other parts of the filter. You will have separated for cleaning it.

The pitcher will have more contamination because the water holds in the bottom of the filter. 

The contamination sticks to the filter’s sides and develops algae and micro bacterias. Use the scrub to wash the filter. The pitcher should be adequately cleaned to avoid the water getting dirty. 

After proper cleaning, use the warm water and thoroughly clean the pitcher and other parts. Use the dry cloth to wipe the water and dry it at room temperature before assembling it again to use it.

Does Brita pitcher come apart?

Yes. The cup-like shape that holds the cylinder-shaped carbon filter is a removable part. You can easily pull it out and separate the bottom transparent pitcher container during the cleaning.

Remove the top of the pitcher, such as the lid and filter. Then fill the pitcher with warm water. 

And turn it upside down and hold it with both hands on each side. With a gentle push, try to pull the white container down slowly. 

With the help of the water inside the pitcher, the pitcher will get pushed down.

You will have the pitcher separated from the holding device. You can clean the pitcher and the white container thoroughly to make it dirt-free.

How do I clean the inside of the Brita pitcher handle?

Before cleaning the Brita filter, separate each part and keep it aside. Most parts assemble at the top are easily removable. The challenging part of the Brita filter is the white container placed in the middle.

The primary job of the middle part is to hold the Brita filter in place. 

Without this part, the filter will not stay at the place. Also, the white container creates airtight sealing around the pitcher and the top cover.

It moves the water down through the cartridge filter and passes the clean water to the bottom reservoir when you pour the water. 

The trick part is to separate the white container without damaging the pitcher. However, there is an easy technique that works every time. First, empty the pitcher. Next, disconnect all the parts from the top and keep them aside. 

After that, hold the pitcher from inside where the white container has the pitcher. Now pull the white container with the pressure of your thumb. Ensure that you are gently pushing it in an upward motion. And remove from both sides at the same time.

Use soap and scrub to clean the internal area. If you see there are mildewy bits inside the filter, then create the solution of the white vinegar and one cup of water.

The vinegar removes the stain and dirt from the exterior of the filter, giving you a clean surface. Once separated, you can clean it and make it useful for drinking water.

Watch the below video to learn how to separate the Brita filter pitcher before cleaning.


Brita filter designer has given an option to separate each filter component quickly. After every cleaning, the separated parts should be appropriately assembled to avoid water leakage.

Many users might face trouble separating the internal compartment of the filter. However, if you follow the above-given instruction correctly, you will remove the parts during the cleaning. 

Cleaning increases the lifespan of the Brita filter. The contamination developed on the surface of the filter component gets trapped with the water.

When you pour the freshwater inside the filter, the contamination moves down, and you will have a dirty filter. Therefore, keep the cleaning as part of regular maintenance and improve the water quality.

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