Do unused water filters expire ? (Everything you should know)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

No. A water filter never used before can be store for a more extended period.

It has no fixed shelf life. As long as the water filter is not exposed to water and Sun’s UV rays, the filter will stay in good condition.

Keep away from the humid air, and the moisture may damage the internal compartment.

Do Brita filters expire if unopened ?

Once you open the Brita filter, the air will pass through the holes in the filter.

Even if you have not connected the filter to the mainline, the humid air will get trapped inside the filter component and allow the bacteria to grow.

 Moisture in the water will get developed over time and create a ground for the bacteria.

If you have used the filter once, you cannot store the filter for an extended period.

Either you use it regularly and keep it clean, or you may have to replace it with a new filter.

When you are not using the filter, the internal compartment where the cleaning is done gets contaminated due to the dirt particles.

When not in use, the inner area attracts the bacteria they start multiplying in the filter.

Over time the filter gets clogged with the bacteria, and it will reach the level where cleaning would not be an option for you.

Long periods of storage, such as going on vacation or spending weeks on the island, may make your Brita filter polluted if you left the device as it is on the kitchen floor.

Do unused zero water filters expire?

No. When the filter is never opened from the packaging will stay safe inside.

Always remember to keep the filter in the sealed package to avoid the air and water getting into the filter.

If you are sure that you do not require the zero water filter for few days, then you can keep it in the storeroom as soon as you want.

Only open the water filter when you are ready to use them.

Remember that once the zero water filter is used and water is passed through the filter, it becomes wet from the inside.

The cleaning substances such as carbon and other minerals also trap the water into the filter. You cannot see the internal compartment.

Many water filter manufacturers seal the water filter to clean or remove the internal chamber easily. The only way to open the internal compartment is by cutting it with the shard blade, damaging the entire filter.

So when the filter is used, you have to keep using it.

If you are going on vacation, store the filter in the cold storage places such as the refrigerator.

The low temperature prevents the bacteria from developing inside the container.

However, this method is not 100% effective as many bacteria survive in the low temperature and multiple as soon as they have the proper condition.

But it is the only way you can safeguard the water filter and continue using it when you come back from vacation.

How long do unused water filters last?

The water filter’s longevity depends on the type of water filter and the membrane used in the filter for cleaning the water.

The unused water filter can last as long as it is kept in a safe environment.

Filter not used before would not have any expiring data. Keep it in a well-ventilated room, and it will stay in good condition.

Check the manufacturer manual to find the duration recommended by the company.

Generally, the manufacture suggests storing the unused water filter for six months to 12 months.

Storing the water filter for more than one year is not recommended as the internal compartment may become harmful as the bacteria may get developed.

You will also experience the decay of the membrane used in the filter.

The GAC, KDF, Carbon, and mineral cartridges may last for 6 to 12 months from the manufacturing date.

The reverse osmosis membrane has a life of 2 to 5 years. Always follow the manufacturer guidelines when deciding the replacement guideline.

Do not hold the filter for several years if the manufacturer has not recommended it.

Drinking water from the expired water filter would be harmful to your family.

Carbon filter grows the harmful bacteria that passed through water and reach your body.

You will have severe health effects on your health.

It is advisable that the filter used in the commercial settings much be replaced every 4 to 6 months as it generally uses to serve a large number of people.

The more you clean the water, the more toxic substance will get trapped in the membrane.

The filter installed in the residential settings must be changed every 6 to 12 months.

Water filters parts such as osmosis, Alkalize, and membrane should be changed every 2 to 4 years.

Do bacteria grow in Brita filters?

Brita filter is a great device to keep your drinking water clean and contaminated-free.

It removes most of the harmful chemicals and metals from the water.

People who live in the region with a hard water problem can find the Brita filter a great option to keep your drinking water clean.

You should know that the Brita filter is the internal compartment of the filter design to traped the harmful substance. It doesn’t kill the bacteria.

They are just trapped in the membrane. The flow of the water put them aside and releases the clean water to the tap.

The study conducted by the University of the Berkeley on Brita filter shows that the filter can detect and separate the bacteria from the filter.

The microorganism is trapped in the filter.

As the days pass, a large amount of harmful substances starts creating clogging in the filter.

Hence, you have to run the regular cleaning to remove the clogging and keep the filter clean.

When the filter is not used, the bacteria residing in the filter become the breeding ground for the microorganism, and it will soon cover the entire filter if not monitored or cleaned in time.

Especially if you fail to conduct regular maintenance, the old unused Brita filter will be harmful to the drinking water. The bacteria may pass through the water and reach your drinking water.

How often should you replace Brita filters?

Depending on the condition of the Brita filter in your home, you can take the decision.

The unused Brita filter may last forever if stored in perfect condition away from the humid air and heat.

The opened Brita filter that connected to the filter once now has the water inside.

The filter’s membrane is wet, and they may have some amount of bacteria trapped in moved from the waterline.

The opened or used Brita filer has a life span of two months. However, the lifespan of the filter entirely depends on the water condition in your area.

Hard water needs more cleaning jobs to remove the minerals and microorganisms from the water.

So the filter membrane has to remove the contaminated substance in a large quantity.

As a result, the Brita filter may not last long.

Every Brita filter is tested for 40 gallons of water filtration, giving you about two months of filtration life.

Moderate the smart light indicator that tells you the condition of the Brita filter.

Once the Brita filters get clogged, the light will blink and tell you about the replacement or the cleaning of the filter.

Check the manufacturer guidelines to know how to maintain the filter and avoid it from damage.

Bad water taste and colour change are the most common sign of contamination in the filter.

In this case, you have to replace the filter with the new unit.

Do not use the filter until you replace the new unit. Hence you will have health problems by drinking toxic water.

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