Why Brita filter not letting water through ? | Explained and Solutions

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Clogging is the most common problem in the Brita filter, making the filter stop letting the water through the container.

Another reason would be the air log in the filter that pushes the water back.

Also, check for complex pieces such as stone or metal jammed inside.

Types of Brita Filters and their clogging problems

Particles stuck in the filter would cause damage to the equipment, and it will not allow the water to flow.

Brita filter typeMain tasks
Standard FilterGet rid of mercury, copper, chlorine, cadmium, zinc
Longlast FilterRemoves lead, chlorine, cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos
Stream FilterEliminate particulates, trichlorobenzene, chlorine
Bottle FilterExcludes chlorine, particulates.
Faucet FilterRemoves lead, benzene, asbestos, particulates, trichlorobenzene, mercury, chlorine, TTHMs.

How do I know if my Brita filter is working?

Monitoring the efficiency of the Brita filter frequency is essential to ensure that your filter is working fine. You should know that it is doing its job and providing clean and fresh water to your family.

Contaminated water could harm the health of the person who drinks the water from the filter.

You can tell whether there is a problem in your Brita filter by observing the water condition passed through the filter. One sign of bad water is the taste.

When you filter the water, taste the water, and see if it has a terrible smell or taste.

If the water contains particles in it, it will make the water look dirty and smell bad. If that the case, then you should remove the contaminated filter immediately.

There are many other ways you can identify the problem in your Brita Filter and take action before the condition becomes more lethal.

Failed water filter needs instant replacement. Drinking water from the failed filter will expose you to harmful bacteria and germs. Also, the water will contain a high amount of chlorine and zinc.

If you find any unusual taste in the water, immediately contact the company and get the water filter to replace or change the cartridge.

For additional majors, check for the plumbing connection. If your pipelines are damaged, they might let the dirt and other stuff enter the main Pipeline and contaminate the water. Inspect the area where the Pipelines are laid down and find the sign of the damage.

List of causes that tells you whether Brita filter is working or not

Decrease in the water pressure:

The water coming out of the Brita filter will get reduce over time as the filter develops clogging. You can quickly tell there is something inside lowering the flow of the water. Stopping doesn’t happen overnight.

In most cases, the dirt and particles get jammed in the filter’s water, creating a barrier around it. Once the filter is completely clogged up, you have to replace it.

Also, the drop in the water pressure causes the water to flow from other parts of the filter. The water flows from any direction as it reaches its maximum capacity and finds its way from the lid or emergency chamber. It will cause extensive leaking from other parts of the water filter.


Brita filter comes with an indicator that tells the user when there is a problem in the filter. The light starts blinking and alerts you about the issues. Make sure that you have read the filter manually and know how to deal with the blinking light.

Some filters warn the users when the filter needs replacement. In other cases, the clogging or blockage in the water filter causes the light to blink.

In this case, you have to clean the water filter and remove the clogging to use the filter back again in the normal condition.

Some filter gives you transparent window to visually inspect the internal compartment and see if there is any build-up that causing the filter to stop working.

Bad tasting water:

The taste of the water comes at the top of the inspection criteria. We kept this at the bottom, because in many cases, the taste may not be the visible part when it comes to telling whether the Brita water filter has some problem.

Taste is the too obvious thing to detect and can be monitor regularly without needing much effort. When the filter fails, the change in the water taste may build up slowly. It will not be instantly recognized.

You will notice the difference in the colour of the water from clean and transparent to muddy. It is difficult to catch the problem when the changes are very tiny and not visible or recognizable to the taste buds.

If you have water software connected to the filter, the salty taste in the water is a sign of too much sodium in the water. Also, the hard water contains several minerals that make the water taste bad.

All the above indicators tell you the situation of the Brita filter. Conduct the inspection and see if it matches the suggested criteria. If you see any problem with the filter, replace it immediately before the situation becomes dangerous for the health.

Why is my Brita filter not getting water?

If your Brita filter is not getting water, there might be a blockage in the filter that stops the water from flowing. First, read the manual for the solution provided by the manufacturer.

In any case, the filter gets clogged due to the dirt particles get stuck in the water. There will be a hidden removable compartment in the filter to detach from the filter and clean.

Some manufacturers also provide the cleaning device with a filter to clean the internal compartment using the pressurized pump.

It will remove the clogging and clean the way for the water to flow smoothly. Check the manual and take action accordingly to the given instruction to get your filter back to normal.

Additionally, you should keep a close observation of the filter and the water coming out from it. If it needs the replacement, go with it before the situation becomes critical.

It would be best if you were vigilant about handling the filter in the home. Every filter needs regular maintenance. If you do not conduct the care, the filter gets clogged and stores the harmful particles in the internal chambers over time.

When the water flows through it, it will be contaminated. The contamination would not be visible in the early stage, but the water will become cloudy and muddy as the day passes.

If the clogging is not removable, you have to replace the entire unit with the new one. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential when you have a water filter in the home.

Common reasons Why Brita filter not getting water ?


The filter has a limited life, and it needs replacement after few months. If the Brita filter has expired, the water from the filter will stop flowing. Check the manual of the manufacturer to find the guidelines on the replacement.

Clogged Filter:

Clogging in the Brita filter may cause it to block the flow of the water. Dirt particles may have stuck in the filter and now need cleaning. Sometimes you will experience the low pressure of water, and over time the flow of water decreases.

Final word

Examine if you are not sure what is causing the water filter from running. In most cases, the filter’s replacement is the only solution to get the filter back to normal.

Clean the filter and see if it makes any difference in the flow of the water. Follow the given guideline and get your Brita filter back to normal condition.

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