How to reset the Brita filter indicator ? (Step by step)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Reset the Brita filter indicator with the gentle press of the status button and hold it for two seconds.

The light will start blinking simultaneously, indicating the system is going through a reset process.

Wait for the green light to appear on the screen.

Follow these step-by-step guides to reset the Brita filter indicator.

Every Brita filter comes with an LED indicator that reminds the user about the replacement of the filter.

The indicator helps you keep the Brita filter in good condition and run regular maintenance to avoid contaminated water.

Step 01:

Find the LED meter on your Brita filter. Check for the filter level.

If it has reached the highest level indicated by the filter for the replacement, it is a sign that you have to change the filter immediately.

The indicators are generally made of the memo, meter, or led light that blinks green or red according to the status of the filter.

Check what kind of indicator is installed on your Brita filter.

Step 02:

If the filter has the memo or the meter, the bars indicator on display will appear empty.

It is an indication that the filter has exhausted its filtration ability and does not it need replacement.

In the case of the LED light, it will turn red from the default green color.

Step 03:

Once you read the indicator, the next step is resetting the indicator to identify what changes you have to make in the filter to make it normal.

To reset, press and hold the start button given on the indicator until all bars on the indicator flash and reach the screen’s highest level.

For the LED light, press the light for approximately 10 seconds and release it.

The LED light will blink three times when you release the button.

Step 4:

If the memo or indicator is faulty, it will not turn on, and no bars will be flash on the memo.

In this case, if you replace the memo or the meter on the device.

To that, use the flat screwdriver and gently put it under the memo and gently push it up to it.

It will pop up quickly.

Replace the faulty memo with the new one, and your Brita filter will start working again.

Brita filters are easy to maintain.

If you find it difficult to reset the indicator, you can take the help of the manufacturer’s support team.

Contact them and get the required information to reset or replace the not working parts.

How long does a Brita filter last?

Brita filter has a life span of 6 months or 120 gallons of water filtration capacity. It is three times longer than the standard filter sold in the market.

Different types of Brita filters are available in the market. Check the manual to know the replacement guide for the filtration and internal compartment to keep your filter clean and safe.

The manufacturer urges people to replace the standard filter or bottle filter after every 40 gallons or two months of use.

The faucet mount filter must be replaced after 100 gallons or four months of use as it may contain more dirt and contamination that harms the user’s health.

However, the duration of the replacement may defer based on the regions.

The location where the local water condition is too bad and the filter has to work hard to clean the water, and then you should monitor the condition of the filter and decide on the replacement.

If the water condition in your area is too bad, then it is advisable to replace the filter every month.

The purpose of filtration is to keep people healthy and safe. Whenever the water condition changes, the filter has to work hard to clean the water.

If the water passing through the filter tastes bad or has a weird smell in it, it is time to change it.

Water filtering pitchers are an excellent option for the people who live in the village away from the cities.

However, they don’t last long, so you may have to buy a new one more often if the water condition is too bad in your region.

What happens if you use a Brita filter too long?

Brita filter is designed to protect the user from any water condition in the region.

If the filter is no longer effective, that doesn’t mean the water passing through to the filter is harmful.

It may not remove 100% of the toxic substance, but the filter is still working fine, and it will keep serving the purpose.

The Brita filter should be replaced as indicated by the manufacturer to keep it practical.

When you save the water filter too long without using it, the trapped bacteria start breeding and multiply in the compartment.

Brita filter comes with a carbon-based filtration process. It works great in removing the contaminated material from the water.

However, when it is not in use, this place becomes home to various types of bacteria.

If you leave the filter unused, the bacteria will start growing, and the filter will not work efficiently.

Once the bacteria has grown beyond cleaning, you cannot replace it with the new one.

Bacteria make your water worse. Drinking contaminated water is dangerous for health.


Brita filter comes with advanced technology that safeguards your health from various health conditions due to contaminated water.

The takeaway from this guide is to keep your filter clean.

If you are not using the filter, then store it in a refrigerator. The bacteria will not get developed in the inside compartment.

In some cases, the filter has to remove the copper content from the water if your plumbing is corrosion.

The high level the copper in the water may cause the filter to stop working quickly.

The metallic substance is hard to remove, and it may get stuck in the carbon filter.

As a result, you have to replace the entire filter.

If you feel the water coming out of the filter is tastes bad, then it is time to replace or reset your Brita filter.

Follow the reset guideline and get your filter reset in time.

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