How to store Brita filter when not in use? (Simply)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Store Brita’s filter in a clean and dry place when it is not in use.

A dark place could be suitable to prevent the surface of the filter from getting exposed to the sunlight.

Detach the container, and soak them up using the dry cloths before storing them in the cabinet.

Method 01

Before storing the Brita filter, backflushed it with clean water.

When the water moves through the filter, it unclogs the debris, or any contamination stuck in the filter.

Water will flush out them and make the internal compartment clean.

Many filters come with a hose or a syringe to perform the backflushing operation.

Use the hose to backflush the filter to remove particles stuck in the filter.

Method 02

Put the filter under the chlorinated tap water. Run the water from the average direction to clean the tube.

Chlorinated city water will kill the bacteria’s blooms and mold before they start growing in the filter.

The purifier container traps all the dirt and tiny particles found in the water. It also takes the gems with them.

These gems have to be clean before you start using the filter again.

Else, they will enter your body through the drinking water.

You can also try the bleach to chlorinate water in the home that can be used to clean the Brita filter.

What methods you should apply is up to you.

The purpose of the cleaning is the traped gems will grow inside the purifier if they are not removed before storing for the day.

Over time the filter will become contaminated.

Using a filter packed with gems for drinking water is harmful.

A person who drinks the water from the dirty filter may develop several health problems.

Do water filters go bad if not used ?

It is entirely depending on what kind of filter you are using.

Modern filters come with anti-bacterial support.

You can store them for several months without using them. However, not all the filters are the same.

Before you decide to store the filter in the storage room, please read the manual, and ensure that it does not have harmful consequences on your health.

In many cases, the filter that is not designed for storage could get microbial contamination in few days.

Thus, if you do not use any disinfection systems to clean the filter before use, the clogging may get a release in the water, which eventually enters the body.

Consuming harmful bacteria would have a lethal effect on your body.

Some filters are rated for disinfection so that you can use them again.

How long can you store the water filter?

Once you have used the water filter, you cannot store it for an extended period unless you prepare it for storage.

The water stored in the filter could become the home for the micro bacteria.

You need first to clean this up and ensure that no clogging is inside.

Some manufacturer also suggests storing the filter in the refrigerator.

The micro bacteria could not grow in the cold temperature.

The filter is unused lasts indefinitely.

Once the seal is opened and the water is passed through the filter, it gets access to the open air.

The bacteria in the tap water will find their way inside the filter.

When the used filter is stored for an extended period, the bacteria gets sufficient time to multiple.

Over time they will spread inside the filter and create clogging in the system.

When you run the water through the old filter, which was in the storage room, you will experience a change in the watercolor after it passed through the filter.

Also, the taste of the water would be bitter.

It will be difficult to clean the filter once it becomes the home of the bacteria.

Replacing the old filter with a new one would be the only option you are left with.

Brita filter manufacturers generally put the label on the equipment indicating how many days you can keep the filter without use.

Also, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator so that it will stay contaminated-free.

Separate the filter from the casing, dry the case before storing.

Discard the filter if it had any scour smell. Anything that looks unnatural in the filter is a sign of contamination.

If the filter has a cartridge, replace it with a new one.

Can you let water filters dry out?

Yes. You can dry out the filter when not in use.

When you connect the filter back to regular use, ensure that you do not use the first three filtered water.

It will ensure that the bacteria or harmful germs stuck in the filter get flushed out.

Store in the filter in the refrigerator to avoid any germs clogged the filter.

Before using it on a normal day, test the water condition.

If the water tastes bitter or has a bad odor, there is something wrong with your filter.

The drying out process might not have adequately performed.

There might be water left in the filter, giving the bacteria a chance to grow.

Once the bacteria are grown in the filter, they expand their territory in the other areas of the filter.

It makes the water contaminated. Drinking contaminated water is harmful to the body.

Ensure that you understand the drying process very well.

Check the manufacturer’s manual to find a way to dry the filter and keep it in a safe environment.

Pack the filter in the plastic bag, and remove the air with the pump.


Brita filter is designed to safeguard the user’s health.

In the drying process, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you will not have any trouble managing the Brita filter.

The filter will last longer even it is used once or twice.

There will be a time when you go on vacation.

During this period, you may have to store the Brita filter in the storeroom or refrigerator.

Follow the given instruction, and keep the water filter in good condition.

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