Why is the Brita filter indicator not working? (Explained and solved)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

The Non-replaceable batteries power the Brita filter indicator light.

The lifespan of the battery is 2 to 5 years.

If you use the Brita filter for more than two years, the batteries may have lost the charge.

Brita filter indicator not working can be replaced with the manufacturer.

How do you fix a Brita filter indicator?

Replacing the battery on the Brita Filter indicator is not possible as the batteries are stored in the hidden compartment sealed under the cover. It is not possible to remove them and replace them with a new battery.

The manufacturer of the Brita filter recommends replacing the Brita filter every four months. If you face the problem frequently, then contact the support team to get the right solution for your situation.

In most of the case, the indicator goes blank when it is not maintained correctly. If your Brita filter is kept underwater frequently or near the heat, your filter may show the error to the indicator.

Generally, the manufacturer of the product offers you a replacement if the product is under warranty.

The indicator is designed to last approx two years. If you are using the filter for more than two years, usually the battery drains completely, and you will have to change the entire filter.

What do lights on Brita filter mean?

The Brita filter lights are the indicator of the filter condition. You can monitor the status of the filter with the help of the brightness of the morning.

Half Red and Green:

The dark colour of the red and green indicates the replacement of the cartridge. Filter cartridge may have approx 20 gallons of life left.


If only red colour flashes on the filter, then your cartridge is exhausted and expired. It is time to change it and place a new one to keep your filter functional.

The indicator message may vary depending on the type of the product. Read the manual of the product to know the hidden message behind each light.  

Brita Standard Filter Indicator

brita standard filter

Brita Infinity Filter Indicator

How does the Brita filter indicator work?

The primary job of the Brita filter indicator is to count the number of times you fill the pitcher. Based on the number, it assumes how many gallons of water you have filtered.

The filter comes with predefined life of about 40 gallons. Once the limit has crossed, the indicator will alert the users for replacement.

The LED light starts blinking on top of it. As you begin using the filter, you will notice the bar on the indicator starts dropping.

When the bar reaches the end and becomes entirely blank on the screen, it is a sign that filter life has ended, and you have to replace it.

The Yellow LED alerts you that you have left only two weeks. You should get another filter from the manufacturer before the existing one ends its life.

Red light indicates the filter as already reaching the average useful life. After this, the water filter through Brita will have the harmful substance.

Various factors determine the life of the Brita filter. The hard water makes the filter runs low and gets exhausted sooner.

Generally, the filter lasts for 2 to 3 months, but you may have to replace it in one month if it reaches its maximum filtration capacity in the case of hard water.

How often should you replace your filter according to the manufacturer?

Even if the filter has not indicated any significant changes through the lights, the device manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every two months.

When you install the new filter, reset the settings to the default and connect the new filter. There is a reset button on the indicator.

Kindly note the reset indicator is meant to alert the users about the filter status. If you reset the filter when it reaches the end of its life, the bar will again regain its position and consider as the new filter is assembled.

The countdown is for measuring how much water you have poured into the Brita filter.

Would you please not fool yourself by resetting it whenever the filter reaches the end of life. The filter may not accurately tell you how much contamination is in the filter.

If you keep using the filter after two months, the water coming out from the filter may not be suitable for your health. It may contain a good amount of bacteria and harmful substances.

How does the Brita filter replacement indicator work?

The Brita filter doesn’t have any sensor to tell you the actual condition of the filter. The indicator calculates the amount of water you have filled in the container.

Hands can be reseated simply by pressing the reset button. Hold down the button for five seconds, and the timer will get reset.

The Brita filter indicator counts the lid flips and measures the amount of water-based on the lid flips.

The average amount of refill per lid is calculated to keep track of the water pass through the top. You will notice the indicator light blinks upon closing the lid.

The indicator is attached to the Brita filter to give you an alert when the filter needs replacement.

The membrane used in the filtration process gets stuff with various types of contamination such as dirt, dust, micro bacteria, viruses, etc.

When the Brita filter indicator alerts you to replace the cartridge, get the new one as early as possible.

Using a filter after indicator blinking red light continuous is harmful to your health.

Remember that the indicator is powered by the non-replaceable batteries hidden under the layer.

It has a life span of 2 years max. Change the indicator as soon as it reaches its life with the new one to avoid confusion.

Once the batteries are dead, the indicator will stop working, and there will be no alert sound if the filter reaches its end. Keep track of the duration you have to use the Brita filter.

The two months of Brita filter use is equal to 40 gallons of water.

It means you have used the filter for the maximum capacity. The red light starts blinking once you cross the threshold.

How do I activate the electronic indicator on my Brita?

The Brita filter comes with an electronic indicator that keeps track of the water filter. When setting the Brita filter indicator, press and hold the status button for 2 seconds, the indicator will get activated.

If you have purchased the sticker indicator, then use the data adjustment mechanism to set the date.

The standard filter should be replaced every two months. Your indicator will also alert you when it is time to replace it, so keep an eye on the indicator while using it.

What happens when the Brita filter indicator not working?

Brita filter indicator is designed to alert the user about the replacement of the filter. Every filter comes with a fixed life. It is not recommended to use the filter for an extended period without replacing the filter.

Usually, the Brita filter lasts for two months.

However, the filter condition is depending on the water condition in your region. Hard water may make your filter reach its end early. You may have to replace the filter every month.

Keeping track of indicators would tell you what the status of your filter is.

Once the Brita filter indicator has failed, the only way to know the water condition is to taste the water. If the water feels unusual, then it is clear that the filter has not become dirty.

Immediately get the replacement and change the filter.

Brita filter uses several filtration process layers that keep the microparticles, dirt, and bacteria away from the drinking water. It provides you with clean and fresh water. As soon as the water filter becomes dirty, the filter may not clean the water.

Everything trapped in the membrane will now start moving through the water and reach your glass of water. Drinking contaminated water would be harmful to the family.

Therefore, you should not take the chance to use the filter beyond what is instructed by the manufacturer.


The Brita filter indicator not working problem is prevalent. Every filter reaches its maximum life in few months of use. The indicator is designed to alert you about the status.

Understanding the meaning of the different colour lights would help you to use the filter effectively.

Whenever you see the light blinking on your filter, check the status of the filter on the indicator. Every bar indicates the capacity of the filter that has been exhausted.

Once the bar on the indicator becomes empty, the filter has reached its end life. So now it is time to proceed to the replacement.

Do not use the filter if it has already flashed the red light on the indicator. The water filter through the contaminated filter is harmful to the health. Drinking dirty water will have lethal effects on your health.

Follow the instruction given above and remember to replace the filter in time.

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