How often to change Brita’s filter ?

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The average life span of the Brita filter is about 120 gallons of water purification or approx six months of service. However, the frequency of the replacement depends on the water condition in your area. Taste the water and see if it smells taste bad. The sour taste is an indication of change.

Brita filter comes with different filtration processes. Depending on the size and use of the filter, you have to take care of the replacement of the filter. Remember, the filter installed in a device is the heart of the whole process. If the filter fails, the system is useless. So always look at the indicator mounted on the filter

Some indicators are digital so that you can track the days remaining for the next replacement cycle. Once you replace the filter, ensure that you give away the first three fillings to avoid any harmful substance passing through water. 

Your alertness is vital to keep the filter in good condition. Water taste, bad smell, and color are clear indications of a fail filtration process. So get the new filter immediately and change it.

Filter typeEstimate filter gallonsEstimate time
brita water bottle filter40 gallons2 months
brita filter in pitcher120 gallons6 months
britamaxtra+ filter150 gallons4 weeks
Brita® Standard 40 gallons2 months
Brita Longlast+®120 gallons6 months
Grand Water Pitcher40 gallons2 months
Cascade Stream Water Pitcher40 gallons2 months
Lake water pitcher40 gallons2 months
Metro water pitcher40 gallons2 months
Pacifica pitcher40 gallons2 months
Rapids Stream Water Pitcher40 gallons2 months

Step by step guide to change to the Brita pitcher filter 

Step 1: Wash pitcher.

Hand washes Brita pitcher, lid, and attached reservoir. Use the dish soap and rinse the picture well under running water. 

Step 2: Rinse the filter.

Please take out the new filter and rinse it under running tap water. Use cold water and adequately rinse the filter for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Insert the filter.

Once you have done the cleaning, the next step is to connect the filter to a pitcher. Find filter connection mechanism design on it. Align it properly to the inside compartment and groove with a notch in the reservoir. After that, press the filter gently to make it fixed to a position.

Step 4: Replacement reminder settings

Find an electronic indicator on top of the filter. Please press the button gently and hold it until the display turns on. Adjust the date to the current date and set the time as well. Generally, the filter lasts for about two months. After the filter completes its set lifespan, the ticker will start blinking and alert you about replacing the filter. 

Step 5: Fill the reservoir

Now fill the water in a reservoir from the tab. Do not drink the first three fillings. Discard it thoroughly to avoid any particles from entering the water.

Use it to water the plants in the home. The first three fillings might have tiny particles trapped inside moving out in the water. Drinking contaminated water would harm your health.

Now your Brita filter is ready to use for filtering the water. It will protect your family for the next two months.

Keep an eye on the water taste as sometimes too much hard water in the region would exhaust filter capacity, and your filter might no longer be functional. In this case, you might have to replace the filter every month.

How often to change Brita maxtra+ filter?

Brita maxtra+ filter lasts for about four weeks or 150 liters of water usage. It is advisable to change the filter every four weeks of use to avoid contaminated water supply. The calculation is based on the average household with 2 to 6 people living in the home consuming water at a regular intake of 8 glasses per day. 

If the water consumption in your home is more than that, the water filter may get exhausted early. You may have to replace it within 2 or 3 weeks of use. The best way to taste the water filter quality is to taste the water.

If you find the water feels muddy or smells bad, it is time to replace water filters. In some households, the Brita maxtra+ filter may last for more than four weeks if water comes to the tab is clean and already purified. 

In many regions, the government process water before sending it to a household for use. In that case, the water will be soft and may not contain harmful substances. This water will not require much filtration. You can even drink water directly from the tab. 

In such conditions, the filter will last longer. There are incidents where people have said they use the Brita maxtra+ filter for more than three months without any trouble. 

Ultimately the cartridge used in the filter has to stay clean and contaminated-free. When hard water passes through the filter, the tiny particles get trapped and create clogs.

After clogging, you will experience a slow process of water from the filter to the reservoir. This is a clear indication that you have to change the filter.

How often to change the Brita water bottle filter?

Brita water bottle filter is a handy device that comes with an economic device. Large size reservoir provides instant access to clean water. The Brita water bottle filter lasts around two months or needs replacement after filtration of approximately 40 gallons of water. 

The filter may last longer if you use clean water in a bottle. Hard water makes the filter run out quickly, and you may have to replace it frequently to keep the water taste good. If you take care of water before pouring it into the bottle, you will be able to extend the filter’s life.

How often to change the Brita filter in the pitcher?

The average life span of a Brita filter in a pitcher is around six months. It may last longer if you use only clean, soft water. Hard water containing tiny particles, dust, and dirt would prevent the filter from passing the water.

Substances trapped in the filter would produce clogging and block water flow in the reservoir, making it useless. Thus, replacing the filter every six months or after 120 gallons of water, filtration is advisable.

Brita filter is the most common household water filter that offers clean water to the entire family. The gravity-based water filtration process offers clean water instantly.

If you are traveling to a remote location, you can use the Brita filter to have clean water during travel. The picture is small size jar connected to a filter. 

Water moves through a filter trapping the toxic substance inside and passing clean water to drink in the bottom reservoir. It is a handy tool that can be used directly on the dinner table no need to have separate bottles or jars to carry the water. 

How often to change the Brita jug filter?

Brita jug filter lasts for around four weeks of use or 150 liters of water filtration. The technology would offer you clean water instantly and save your family from health issues caused due to bad water conditions.

How often to change the Brita faucet filter?

The faucet filter lasts approx four months or 100 gallons of water. Once the filter is run out, the water passing through the filter will not be clean. You have to take immediate action to replace the faucet filter to avoid any health problems.

How often to change the Brita tap filter?

Brita tap filter approximately lasts for four months of use or 100 gallons of water filtration. So when you have time to replace the filter, ensure that you get the new filter before it is run out.

The indication on the tap filter will alert you about the replacement. Instantly change the tap filter to avoid contaminated water passing through a tap.

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