How to remove the Brita reservoir ? (Step by step)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Brita reservoir is connected with the locking system. Use the water and soap solution. Pour the solution into the pitcher. Next, turn the pitcher upside down to allow the water to enter the section. Now pull the piece one by one by one. Use a gentle push to open the locking system.

Step by step guide to removing Brita Reservoir

Many of you using Brita pitcher filter might have faced this problem more often. The plastic container fixed on the reservoir does not get easily removed.

There is a way you can remove the internal container easily. Follow the guide below to remove the Brita filter reservoir container without damaging the pitcher.

Step 01: Empty the Brita filter

Before you take any action, remove all the water from the Brita filter. You need an empty Brita pitcher filter to avoid water spilling on the ground.

Step 02: Remove the lid

The lid is the top layer of the Brita pitcher filter. Remove it and keep it aside. The cover gets removed easily. The locking system is not that hard to pull them up. 

Step 03: Remove the filter

Next, remove the filter from the center. Turn the filter in the circle to disengage. Put the filter aside once it is released.

Step 04: Holding the filter upside down

Now hold the Brita pitcher upside down so that both the thumb is the opposite side of the filter.

You have to create a grip at the edge of the filter with the help of your thumb and fingers. The idea is to pull the internal container from both sides simultaneously. 

It comes out easily when you put pressure from both sides and slide it outside. Remember that if you try to pull the reservoir from one side, it will not be possible to remove it.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to disengage the internal compartment from the reservoir.

Step 05: Pulling the container with a sharp object

If step three doesn’t work in your case, take the sharp object such as night or screw drive with the edge. Next, find the tiny gap between the reservoir and the container near the handle. 

The idea is to put the sharp object near the two parts separately and pull the contain upside to remove it. Handle the sharp object carefully else you will get hurt.

With these two-step processes, you will remove the container from the reservoir. Clean it with the soap and scrub to remove any buildup inside the reservoir. Use the warm water to give a clean sweep.

When the Brita filter is new, separating the container from the reservoir is easy. As it gets old, the build inside the reservoir creates the blockage around the container. The gap between the reservoir and container gets jammed. 

Clogging makes it challenging to remove the container from the reservoir.

You might use the soap and warm water solution to create the slipper layer around the plastic container. It may loosen the sides, and the content will get removed without effort.

How do you remove the reservoir from a Brita pitcher?

The reservoir of the Brita filter holds the water. Over time the Brita filter reservoir gets dirty. You will see the buildup on the transparent surface of the reservoir.

The water would seem cloudy and brownish. Contamination inside the reservoir makes the water dirty. 

Thus, it is advisable to clean the reservoir frequently to keep it dirt-free. However, the Brita filter reservoir and a top container that holds the filter in the center are fixed on the reservoir so that it does not come out quickly when you try to pour the water into a glass.

The plastic container is tightened to the plastic. Many users have claimed that they cannot remove the container for cleaning. 

If you are one of them, follow the easy steps below.

  • Empty the reservoir and remove the filter from the center of the container.
  • Now try to pull the container gently from both sides of the pitcher. Remember that you remove it simultaneously, or else it will not work. Use your thumb and fingers to pull the container out. 
  • In most cases, the container gets removed, and you will have access to the reservoir for cleaning.
  • Another step is to use a sharp object such as a knife to get the container removed from the edges. Put the sharp object between the container and reservoir where it is attached. Pull it up gently to disengage them from each other.
  • If none of the above solutions work for you, try to make the worm water and soap solution. Pour the solution inside the reservoir and shake it properly to allow the soap water to reach the corners of the edges.

Now try to pull the container from the reservoir. Most probably, the container gets removed because of the soap water. 

Use these given methods carefully. You will be able to get rid of the container from the reservoir without damaging the Brita filter.

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