How to change Brita longlast filter ? (02 minutes)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

The Brita filter comes with an easy-to-clean function. First, separate the component and wash each of them under the running water except the electronic indicator.

Then, rinse it properly to remove the metal particles and dirt from it. After that, fix the filter inside the container to start using it.

Step by step guide to change the Brita longlast filter?

Step 01: Wash your hand

It would be best if you put all kinds of contamination and viruses out of the filter. For example, washing your hand before touching the filter would protect it from transferring the bacteria to the filter. 

Step 02: Clean the container

Put the container out from the box. Remove the lid and clean the container where the water generally resides with the clean water. Use the soap if required. 

Step 03: Insert the storage reservoir.

Once you have done cleaning, put the storage reservoir in the container and fix it as per the instruction given by the manufacturer. Check the manual if you are having trouble understanding the locking mechanism. 

Step 04: Set the filter

Now take the filter and lineup to fit perfectly in the container. Firmly press and make sure that the filter is correctly assembled. It should not move when you put the container upside down.

Step 05: Put the Lid

Once you are done with the filter installation, put the lid on top of the filter and start pouring the water. Always go with the cold water, and check the max fill line mention on the top of the lid. Do not go over the max fill line indicator.

Step 06: Dispose of water at the beginning.

When you are activating the new filter, dispose of the water three times. It will remove any harmful material and dust trapped in the filter. It will also remove the chemical smell trapped during the manufacturing of the filter. 

Now your water is safe to drink and use in everyday cooking.

If you prefer the watch the video instruction, then please visit this link:

Do you need to soak Brita Longlast filters?

No pre-soak is required in the Brita Longlast filter. It is made of fine meshes, fibrous matrix, absorbents that do not require water soaking before using.

You can connect the filter and start using it instantly.

However, it is recommended to dispose of water at least three times before you start using it for drinking water.

When should I replace my Brita Longlast filter?

The replacement of your Brita filter should depend on the amount of water you filter through the device. Long last filters are designed to treat 120 gallons of water during their lifetime.

In addition, every filter comes with an electronic indicator that alerts you when the filter needs replacement. 

Understand the mechanism of your filter before you start the replacement. Every filter is different and requires special attention when you disassemble and assemble the component.

For example, Brita’s long last filter needs replacement after processing 120 gallons of water, which may run approximately six months. 

Remember, many other things affect the Brita filter efficiency. People who live in a region where hard water is the most common thing, the Brita filter may get exhausted in few months.

You may have to replace the filter within few months. 

Follow the instruction given in the manual and replace the filter and the indicator from time to time. Both are essential for keeping your family safe and provide safe drinkable water.

Why is my Brita Longlast filter so fast?

The most common reason for the fast processing of the water in the filter is related to the fitting of the filter.

You might not have placed the filter in the position. The gap between the filter and the holding device may drop the water directly to the bottom container. 

Remove the filter and snapped the filter into place again.

Check if you can see any gap between the two components. Hold the filter tight and turn it as per the instruction given in the manual to lock the filter in place. 

You will be able to feel the lock with the sound or vibration. The slots at the bottom should be interlocked appropriately with each other.

When things are properly aligned, you will never have a problem with your Brita filter. 

Moreover, for the safer side, check if the filter is damaged.

There are chances that while cleaning the filter, you might have bumped the bottom of the filter somewhere, or It might have fallen from the height. 

Such an accident may cause the filter to break or create a dent at the bottom from where the water starts flowing rapidly.

Open the filter and run the inspection to find the damage. 

If the filter is damaged, then you have to change the entire unit. You cannot replace a particular component.

You have to buy an entirely new unit to use the filter for cleaning the water. 

Why do you need to change the Brita longlast filter?

The Brita filter comes with a limited lifespan. As soon as the filter gets exhausted, the water in the container will become dirty. It will not efficiently perform the purification process.

As a result, the Brita filter will not be able to clean the water. 

Some filters stop processing the water, and they will be no water at the bottom container to use.

So until you replace the filter with the new unit, the filter will not be in use. 

Changing the filter is essential because the bacteria and dust particles will start developing in the water, making it contaminated over time.

Also, the membrane gets the dirt particles that create clogging inside the filter.

As a result, the water will not pass from the filter. Therefore, it is important to replace the filter when needed and safeguard your family’s health.


Brita’s long last filter is developed to offer a long-duration filtration facility. The average lifespan of the filter is 6 months.

Some filters may last longer than six months, but it depends on the type of filter you are using and the water condition in your region. 

Your filter needs regular maintenance to stay active. So follow the instruction given by the manufacture.

Then, give your filter a new life with the cleaning.

The dirt and dust particles should be removed from the membrane to keep it contaminated-free. 

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