How to change Brita stream filter ? (Complete guide)

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Begin with washing your hand with soap. Wash the pitcher and then rinse the filter under the running water. Twist the filter cage tightly on the lid. Fix the filter in the cage until you hear the click. After that, reset the indicator to set a new replacement timer. Fill the water in the pitcher.

Step by step guide to change the Brita Stream Filter

Step 01: Wash your hand

It is essential to wash your hand before you touch the new filter.

This is because the gems available on the hand may pass to the filter and contaminate it.

In addition, the filter comes with a soft layer with tiny holes that may become the home of the bacteria if not carefully handled. 

Step 02: Remove the old filter 

Remove the old filter by the press and twisting anti-clockwise. Then, separate the filter and move to the next step.

Step 03: Clean the picture

During the replacement of the filter, you have the opportunity to clean the picture with soap water. So use decent soap, not harmful for the drinking water container.

Clean the pitcher thoroughly. Soak it up with a soft dry cloth before attaching the filter.

Step 04: Rinse the filter.

Brita stream filter goes through several manufacturing processes. As a result, there are possibilities that the filter might have dust or material trapped on the surface. If you put the filter without cleaning, the particles may enter the water. 

Hence, it would be best to rinse under running water to ensure the filter is clean and safe to use.

Rinse the filter for 15 seconds and see if any particles are visible on the surface of the filter. Remove them with your hand if you found any.

Step 05: Insert to filter cage.

After that, insert the filter into the filter cage. And firmly press it until you hear the click sound. The locking mechanism put the filter in place. 

Step 06: Connect to the Spigot.

Firmly connect the filter to the Spigot and twist it to lock the filter to the Spigot. 

Step 07: Insert the Spigot into the tank

Now once you have the filter ready, insert the Spigot into the tank, and move the Spigot clockwise to fix the filter at the place.

Step 08: Activate the smart light.

To activate the smart light the first time, pull down the handle and press the reset button place at the back of the tab three times. Then, put the holder back to its position. 

The smart light will get reset in few seconds, and your filter will be ready to use. The indicator will auto-reset and set the new timeline for the next replacement.

Step 09: Attach the lid

Now put the lid back in place. Ensure you follow the three dots at the top of the cover, indicating the right way to fix it on the filter. 

Step 10: Rinse the filter again

Now in the final step, thoroughly rinse the filter with fresh water. Throw the first two filtered water and then start using it. Now you are done with the replacement of the Brita Stream filter.

Watch this video tutorial to get more ideas about the working process of the filter. 

When should I change my Brita stream filter?

The average life of the Brita stream filter is about two months. Generally, the Brita stream filter can clean around 40 gallons of water; however, it is advisable to keep an eye on the water condition when you drink the water. 

If it looks dirty or tastes bad, there is something wrong with the filter. If you have recently change the filter, then see if your water connection is having a problem. 

Do not rely entirely on the indicator. The indicator is designed to check the number of gallons used in the filter. It may not accurately guess the water condition. 

If you live in the region where hard water is most common, your filter might have to work hard to clean the water; hence, it will quickly run out of service. Use your taste buds and observation to find out the status of your filter. 

When the water starts tasting bad, it is time to change the filter. But, first, consult with the customer care team of the Brita filter and share the information about the water condition in your area.

If they have any unique solution, the team will guide you and help you resolve the alternate solution.

How to replace Brita stream dispenser filter?

Replacement of the Brita stream dispenser filter is relatively easy. Follow the guide and get your filter replaced in minutes.

1) Wash your hand with the soap.

2) Unpack the new filter.

3) Take out the Spigot by twisting it anti-clockwise.

4) Remove the filter attach to the Spigot by firmly twisting it.

5) Now rinse the new filter under the running tap water.

6) Connect the filter to the Spigot and put it back in the container.

7) Reset the indicator by pressing the button available at the back of the tab. 

8) Put the lid on and pour the water into the container.

9) Throw first to filter water.

10) You are done with the replacement of the Brita stream dispenser filter. 

Why are Brita stream filters out of stock?

The Brita stream filter is widely used and popular in many regions. The demand for the filter has significantly increased. Due to the pandemic, the manufacturer is running at its lowest capacity.

Hence they are not able to produce a sufficient amount of the filter to meet the demand. 

As soon as the new lots are made available on the site, you will see the buy button on the e-commerce website and official site to purchase the Brita stream filters.

So keep checking and stay alert for a new update. 

Check for all available options online to get the Brita stream filter.

Buy Now Brita stream filter

Then, you can raise the query to the customer support team, asking about the tentative delivery time for the new filter. 

They will provide YOU the information about the current status in your region.

If they have a filter in the stock, the company will directly ship the filter to your home address after paying the price for the product.

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