How long do Brita, Berkey, zero water, our filters last ?

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These filters are designed to last approx six months or 120 gallons of water. Compared to the carbon-based filter, it offers long-duration water safety. Improved technology is used to keep contamination away, and metal, tiny material, bacteria, and harmful substances are removed.

How long do Brita filters last?

Brita filters come in a different version. The standard filter lasts about 40 gallons or two months of water supply, whichever comes first. The Brita long last filter (Blue) gives you an extended life warranty of about 120 gallons of water or six months of use compared to the stock filter.

Depending on the size of the family and usage of the drinking water, you can choose the type of Brita filter

The long-lasting filters are good because they do not require frequent replacement of the filter. Once the filter is contaminated, it starts producing dirty water.

The smell of the drinking water would be annoying. Also, drinking contaminated water could lead to health issues. Thus, you should not use an expired Brita water filter. 

Read more about the Brita filter lifespan chart with Brita filter product and replacement guide by visiting the below link.

How long do Brita filters last

How Long do Berkey filters last?

The Berkey filter’s life span depends on two factors: the Berkery filter type in use and the maintenance. There is a wide range of options offered by the company to the users.

You can choose the Berkey filters that last only for two months, and there is also a product that gives you five years of life span. 

However, not all the filters last that long. The company’s claim depends on how you use the filter and water quality in your region. Five years life span is only possible when you treat your filter correctly and conduct regular maintenance to promote long life. 

Cleaning, washing, rinsing, and cold storage such as storing in the refrigerator is essential to increase the life of the water filter. If you can manage all these factors carefully, you will be able to extend the life of your water filter. 

There will be a time when some of the filter parts may need replacement, such as the reservoir and lid. They might become contaminated over time; also, there is much possibility that the plastic made container would break due to rough use. 

It would be best if you considered all these factors with the life span of the filter. Things you generally use regularly could get damaged easily, especially the kitchen appliances that need frequent use, making them vulnerable to damage due to accidents.

How Long do Zero water filters last?

The Zerowater filter has a life of 2 to 4 months. However, many other factors could reduce the lifespan of the filter.

Significantly, the amount of the solids and harmful contamination in the water would give it a hard time to the filter and make it last for a few months and need replacement. 

The filtration process goes through various stages. During this process, the tiny metals, bacteria, dirt, and dust gets trapped in the filter and create the layer inside the filter. 

The material stays in the filter blocking the water supply through the filter. When the contamination reaches a level where it can not hold much of these materials, the blockage will develop in the filter.

After that, the filter will no longer be in use. 

You cannot clean this blockage. The filters are generally made of a complete plastic seal that is not allowed to open. Once the filter is jammed, you can no longer use the filter to clean the water, and you have to go through filter replacement. 

How long do Pur filters last?

The Pur filters have the capacity of filtering 100 gallons of water in one life cycle. It generally lasts for three months and needs replacement after extensive use.

Pur filter comes with a digital indicator where lights flash red when it is time to replace the filter. The hand makes it easy to know when to replace the filter. 

Also, consider the other factors, such as the water condition in your region and harmful substances found in the water. The water filter may not survive long in the village where the water condition is generally low quality.

Hard water filtration needs more effort, and the ordinary filter could not survive in this kind of water supply. 

Hence, you may need to replace the filter every month to keep it functioning. Hard water contains various tiny materials, harmful substances, and bacteria that occupy the filter’s space. As the contamination in the filter grows over time, the blockage will get created.

How long does a faucet water filter last?

In many cases, the faucet water filter lasts for about 6 to 12 months, and you do not need a replacement before this period is over. However, you should consider other factors as well when you calculate the lifespan of the filter. 

The faucet filter comes with easy-to-clean facilities that detach the significant component and easily clean the internal compartment. The primary filter where the contamination gets trapped would not be possible to clean. 

It requires replacement whenever the filter stops working. Follow the replacement indicator to ensure that the filter is not alerting to relief. You should consider replacement as early as possible. 

Once the filter has reached its lifespan, it would not be safe to drink the water. Drinking water that comes directly from the faucet would have lead and tiny metal that would have a lethal impact on your health.

How do I know if my water filter is working?

 A modern water filter comes with an indicator alerting the users when it is time to replace it. Most of the filters would have two different hands, and the first indicator would alert you about the expiry of the filter. 

Once the light turns red, the filter is no longer in use. At that moment, you should place the order to get the new filter. Drinking water from the filter that is expired would develop health issues.

Here are other ways you can determine whether your water filter is working

  • Taste the water and see if it feels foul. In most cases, when the filter expires, the water will have a bad smell. Also, you will feel the water taste like mud because of the high amount of dirt and dust passing through the filter.
  • The water’s smell is also a powerful indicator that tells you if it changes its quality.
  • The color of the water would be another indicator that will tell you about the quality. The pale yellow color is a sign of contamination.
  • Tiny particles left in the water could be a sign of the failure of the filter.
  • The blockage causes reduced water supply in the filter. The more the blockage, the more the water supply will drop.

Do water filters have an expiration date?

There are two ways to assess this question. One filter kept on the shelf in packaging would not have an expiration date, and it will last forever. Once it is open and connected to the water supply, the water filter will have a standard expiration date suggestion by the manufacturer.

You need the replacement of the water filter as soon as it expires. 

Once the water passes through the filter, the internal compartment becomes wet and develops moisture in it. The moisture compartment with the dark area is the perfect condition for the development of the bacteria.

If you keep the filter as it is after use, the moisture and air trapped in the water will allow the bacteria to reproduce and start multiplying quickly. 

Therefore, the manufacturer recommends storing the filter in the refrigerator or cool temperature to stop contamination from spreading. The cold temperature kills the harmful bacteria and prevents their growth which extends the life of the filter.

What happens if you don’t change the filter?

The expected result of not changing the filter is bad taste. Water filters left on the table for too long without changing the filter could allow the development of harmful bacteria. These bacterias would start multiplying quickly and spread in the filter entirely.

When the water passes through the contaminated filter, it will fall to the reservoir and be visible.

Also, a filter would have trapped metal and lead, which generate clogging. As the clogging thickens, the water supply reduces, and you no longer get the water from the filter.

Clogging in the electric filter will increase the energy bills, and your filter will consume more electricity and provide a small amount of water.

Is it bad to run hot water through a filter?

Hot water should not be used in the filter as it will reduce the filter life span. Also, host water decreases the water supply to a great extend.

The filter is made of a membrane that gets disturbed when hot water is passed through it, and a membrane may shrink and reduce the water supply from the filter.

When to change the faucet filter?

The faucet filter comes with a replacement indicator that alerts the users when it is time to change it. Follow the instruction of the manufacturer to know when to replace the filter.

It is essential to understand that the faucet filter may not be lost longer if your region’s water condition is terrible. You may need frequency replacement to prevent the faucet filter from producing lousy water.

How to change the water filter?

The water filter comes with the different plats that are attached to the locking system. Every filter will have a unique function to fix the component with each other.

When the water filter needs replacement, you have to detach those components and remove the filter. Attach the new filter, and you are ready to use the water filter again.

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