How long does a whole house carbon water filter last?

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The life of the house carbon water filter depends on the water quality in your region. The amount of impurities in the water makes it difficult for the filter to clean the micro substances. In most cases, the tiny particles get trapped under the water filter. Over the period, the carbon filter will be covered with dust and dirt particles making the filtration process difficult.

You can experience low pressure on the filter when there is blockage around the carbon filter. The reverse osmosis membranes last about 2 to 5 years. 

You do not need to replace the whole filter if you have purchased a basic system. It would be best if you changed the sediment pre-filter every three months. The tank can be returned after the filtration of around 300,000 gallons of water, which generally takes one year if you regularly use the water filter. And 1,000,000 gallons of filter water, which takes about ten years depending on the use.

Activated carbon water filter:

Changing your carbon filter every six months to one year is recommended. Regular maintenance ensures the water is cleansed and no harmful material passes through the water. In some cases, the house carbon water filter produces clean water, but when the water is tested in the laboratory, it shows small particles still in the water. 

So do not assume that the filtered water is safe for your family. You should not use a carbon filter for more than one year.

The carbon filter loses its ability to clean the micro bacteria and particles after using it for months. It may provide crystal clear water for drinking, but trust us; there will be a lot happening in the water that you will not detect with the naked eye. No replacement of the filter after one year would result in bad taste in the water.

How long does a regular water filter last?

The core part of the water filter is the carbon or any other media used in the filtration process, which decays over time. You have to replace these media to make the filtration process new again. Therefore, the cartridges need replacement from time to time.

Depending on your usage, you can change this after six or twelve months. The duration applies to the house water filter used every day. The outer part of the water filter can last for years without needing the replace the body.

The filter tank where most activity happens will last between three to ten years. If possible, you should go with the large-size tank because they last longer than the mid-size tank. 

Change the Filters:

The whole house carbon water filter serves your entire family throughout the year. It is designed to provide you with clean water. In some regions where the water quality is not as per the standard, it needs more filtration before it passes the water. In such harsh conditions, the water filter works hard to keep the dirt and dust particles aside while cleaning the water.

The Carbon filter is specially used for killing germs and harmful bacteria. Using the carbon filter reduces the water filter’s effectiveness over the period. As a result, the contaminated water enters the home and makes the person who drinks the water ill. 

Contaminated water is the biggest reason for the health problem. Therefore, keeping your water filter clean and in good condition is essential. Modern filters are susceptible to contaminated water. It prevents dust, dirt, small rocks, silt, rust, and sediment from entering your water supply line. Some filters can reduce water’s chlorine, lead, and harmful particles.

The advanced filter uses multiple layers.

The advanced filter uses multiple layers to clean the water and stores the particles at the bottom of the tank, which you can easily remove from the tank while backwashing.

The dirt passing through your water filter would move into your pipes and enter your faucets and home appliances, which require a water supply. The contaminated water could damage the lifespan of your plumbing and the instruments. 

Additionally, drinking water quality will also be compromised, which will lead to health problems in the long run. The contaminated water will have a bad odor. The foul odor can be noticeable. It is a sign of the bacteria in the water, making the drinkable water chemical-rich.

In the worst situation, the contaminated water may contain a virus or disease that may damage your organs. The side effect may not be visible directly, but you will start experiencing a health problems over time.

How Many Filters Does My System Have?

The filter layers depend on the size and type of the filter. The more advance the filter, the more layers you find in the filtration process. The local water filter does not require many filtration layers as it is mainly installed in the home.

The industry-based water filters contain more than 3 to 4 layers with different media. The local water condition would not require much cleaning as the state government also cleans the water before transporting it to household use. 

If we talk about replaceable filters, the filter with the sediment pre-filter process and the sub-micron post-filter generally provide the replaceable component. Most of the whole house filters come with the primary filtration mechanism, such as mineral stone filters, salt-free water softeners, UV filters, Carbon filters, etc.

These filters will have a non-replaceable component. Buying a new filter after a few years is the only replacement option. These types of filters only replace or maintain by experts. You cannot remove the parts easily or install the replacement.


The whole house carbon water filter’s lifespan ultimately depends on several factors, such as the water quality, the amount of water it cleans regularly, and the filtration process it uses.

You should consult the product manufacturer’s customer support team to understand the suitable water filter for your home. 

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