Can You Use Bottled Water For Cooking ? (Truth)

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Cooking is what those household ladies love, and sometimes we do it at home on weekends. We all know that water is one of the basic elements for baking or cooking anything if it is related to the food being prepared for dinner, lunch, or any other meal. However, can you use bottled water for cooking? Is tap water better than bottled water? What’s the truth? Let’s dig into it and find out which one is better to use!

Can You Really Use Bottled Water For Cooking?

Well, it depends on everyone’s case. You may not like to opt for bottled water in your area because of the excellent supply of filtered water through taps.

Some people find it best to use bottled water even for cooking because they don’t have access to naturally pure water through their pipes or tap systems. In short, you can use bottled water for cooking, and there is nothing wrong with it. The bottled water is pure, clean, safe, and fresh to provide you with all those healthy gradients you may not find in the ordinary water supply. Moreover, using bottled water doesn’t only keep you healthy; it also increases your food taste.

This all states that bottled water is good and worthy to drink and for cooking, if you have the money or budget to afford bottled water for your daily water needs.

You will not get any harm until the water is packed in a BPA-free water bottle and ready to serve the food you cook.

Is It Safe To Use Bottled Water For Cooking?

As far as the safety of bottled water is concerned, you shouldn’t be worried if your water bottle meets the following standards. Please have a look.

  • The water bottle must be made of Heavy Duty HDPE or PET plastic.
  • It must meet all BPA-free standards and be free from all chemicals.
  • The water bottle should be manufactured by a highly reputed brand you know or might have heard of before in your area.
  • Besides, it must meet all those safety water standards built for your country or any particular area.

If the water bottle meets all these rules and regulations, you are getting something healthiest, tasty, purest, and fresh in the form of water to use for cooking.

Never hesitate to use bottled water if you have doubts about your tap or ordinary water coming to your house.

Is It Also Safe To Use Tap Water For Cooking?

You should think twice when that filtered and cleaned bottled water is compared with tap water.

Because there are things that might be lacking inside your tap water if the water supply lines are not what you expect.

Please find some easy differences between tap and bottled water in the table below.

FactorsBottled WaterTap Water
Safety100 % SafeNot Safe
Chemical CompositionVery lowVery High
FiltrationFiltered out at plantsRequired separate filter installation
TasteBetter than tap waterWorse sometimes
BPA MixingZero if Using PET Or HDPE PlasticIt could be at peak
CostsA Little expensive means of waterA little cheaper means of water
Regular CleaningNot required for small bottles but can be done for gallons and other giant containersRequired proper cleaning of pipelines and filtration systems
Differences between tap and bottled water

Can You Use Bottled Water For Cooking

For What Reasons Health Officials’ Do Not Recommend Using Tap Water?

We consider using bottled water these days in almost all of our drinking, cooking, or washing practices.

But should you keep using it and doesn’t opt for tap water? There are certain reasons for it.

The way people may like to opt for tap water and start using filtered water or bottled water is as follows.

Lots Of Chemicals:

The most prominent reason many people like you or me may not want to drink or cook from tap water is that it’s home to many chemicals.

These chemicals, including lead, debris, dust, zinc, magnesium, and some other minerals, may affect your healthy lifestyle.

It’s the water we need in most capacity, and when we do not get it purified or healthiest, we will never make any progress in life.

Therefore, whenever you drink water from the tap, these chemicals enter your body and impact your different body organs.

Regarding this, it is usually recommended always to consider using tap water for washing or cleaning. But they should use filtered and pure water for cooking and drinking.

Water Supply Lines Are Not Cleaned And Have Gone Old:

Many countries or cities like Italy have a huge water supply line system that gets cleaned out regularly.

People don’t have to worry about the quality of water provided to their houses or other sectors. Therefore, they can rely on this water.

But still, it is not guaranteed whether it would be something safe to drink or use. However, they rust in countries where these water pipelines were installed several years ago.

Besides, they have a huge algae growth because they are not cleaned properly, so the water coming through these lines is not worth drinking.

Because even despite being unhealthy, you may find this water tasteless, stinky, and something hard to drink.

No Installation Of Filter:

Even if you have 200 percent trust your government that whatever they provide will be best for your health, you shouldn’t be so careless.

That’s because they don’t really can sometimes prove what they claim. And that’s the same case with the water coming out of these taps and water supply lines.

Like, even if your government or that Official Water Supply Line Company ensures that the water is clean and healthy to drink and cook food, you should not trust it.

And this shall result in having a water filter installation at the mouth of your water tap. Some households or offices keep drinking tap water without any filter installation.

Believe me, that’s the worst thing they would ever do to their healthy living bodies.

Not Recommended For Certain People:

Some people in your house suffer from some diseases, and you might not want to increase their problems.

These people can even get these problems and intensity in the pain level or face a severe condition of their disease when they drink tap water.

Because the bacteria and germs inside tap water will eventually affect the immune system, and that diseased patient will start feeling its impact.

The type of people who may get affected by drinking this type of water is as follows.

  • People who have HIV/ AIDS
  • Those heart transplant patients
  • Pregnant women, due to the safety of their child
  • Children between the age of 6 to 12
  • Any type of person undergoing chemotherapy
  • Any person with a weak immune system or have hepatitis

What’s Better, Bottled Water Or Tap Water For Cooking?

So far, you know why bottled water can be better than tap water.

If the water supply management authority or any other officials in your town, city, or area have recommended that the water reaching your house be clean and pure, you will get it.

Besides, always consider installing a filter inside your tap water. Or in a water cooler from where you drink this water. Only then can tap water be beneficial for you.

Otherwise, rely on bottled water if there is no filtration system. And the water you are getting from the tap is stinky and seems unhealthy.

Which Bottled Water Is Best For Cooking?

Cooking can be done by either using soft water or hard water. But it is highly recommended that one should consider using Reverse Osmosis Water.

This water is efficient at removing more chemicals and containments as well as minerals, as no other water or any other water filtration may be able to do.

Moreover, water usage also ensures that whatever you get cooked, it must be tasty, yummy, and worth eating.

How Is Water Safety Ensured In USA Restaurants To Cook Food?

Every USA restaurant serving people’s daily meals must have a water filtration system installed. And this is ordered and recommended by the Law.

This law also suggests that these restaurants must use those types of water filters that are even better than the filters being used by bottled water companies.

The sole purpose of doing something like this is to save the extra costs they spent on buying bottled water otherwise. And ultimately, increasing the costs of the meal they would be serving!

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, there is nothing wrong with using bottled water for cooking. It is indeed safe, extra healthy, and filtered. But you may have to spend some extra money on it. Therefore, this water usage could be costly for most people with no filtration facility nearby. Hence, I hope your query about “ can you use bottled water for cooking” has been answered properly. If you have some more to ask, please let me know.

But thanks for reading and spending time. Have a healthy cooking day!

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