Will Bottled Water Explode In Checked Luggage ?

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Water is indeed the basic necessity of life, and traveling from one country or place to another may get a little more thirsty than normal. However, air hostesses provide you with everything, including water. But some people like to keep their liquids with them. However, while doing something like this, you might be curious whether bottled water will explode in checked luggage or not. That’s all we’ll discuss today!

Can You Keep Bottled Water In Your Checked Luggage?

Water is not harmful; neither does it contains anything toxic that may result in burning fire or any other danger.

That’s why most Airline Authorities, including Domestic and International ones, allow you to keep water bottles with you.

But this bottled water must be in your checked luggage or baggage that goes into the cargo hold of your plane.

However, the idea of having water in the checked luggage is only when you take it in more quantity.

It could be like transferring water bottles from one country or space to another.

Yet, most people get concerned when they hear something like exploding water bottles on the plane inside the checked luggage.

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Will Bottled Water Explode In Checked Luggage Or Not?

Exploding or carrying liquids rules on the plane in your checked luggage apply differently to different beverages, cans, or bottles. But for the water, it is simple,

If placed properly, the bottled water will never explode on the plane in your checked luggage. Make sure where you have placed your checked luggage in the cargo; there shall be no pressure or a heavyweight item above it. These water bottles should be appropriately managed, and you will never have any signs of exploding.

That’s why most people can stack water in their checked luggage and bring it with them while leaving their homeland or shifting to another country.

Why Would You Like To Keep Water Bottles In Checked Luggage?

The reasons behind having water bottles in the checked luggage could be any. Some might have a water business in another country where there is no way of filtering water.

Or some might want to take it with himself just because he is addicted to drinking water from their own town or country.

However, I usually export these water bottles from California to Alaska. That’s part of my business; I often use checked luggage in cargo.

It works very well as there comes no exploding, and these bottles safely reach their destination!

For What Reasons Your Water May Explode In The Checked Luggage?

We can say that it is 100% confirmed that water bottles or bottled water will never explode on a plane when you are in the air at almost 8000 feet above the ground.

But they can if we don’t take care of some things while boarding them on the cargo.

Therefore, below are some specific reasons your bottled water may explode on the plane in your checked luggage.

Water Storage In An Improper Way:

The basic and one prominent reason for this exploding (if it happens) will be the mismanagement of the water bottles in the luggage.

The loaders or workers on cargo don’t really care what is inside your baggage and just load it on the cargo anyway.

So, it must be you who should take care of these things.

Therefore, there could be the following reasons for improper balancing or water bottle placement in the baggage, due to which they explode.

  • It depends on how the luggage gets handled.
  • It also depends on the place where you put your bag in the cargo
  • Moreover, it depends on the exact position or style in which you have backpacked these water bottles.

For instance, if you pack your water bottles in checked luggage in which you do have your suits and shirts.

When these bottles get placed at the bottom, they may explode due to pressure caused by the extra weight of the clothes.

Suppose there is something that has been placed over your suitcase or luggage. In that case, the chances of these water bottles exploding because of overtightening above them are higher.

Bottled Water Exploding Due To Pressure Differences:

Another reason this explosion inside your water bottles on the plane is the pressure differences.

Sometimes, when careless behavior and improper management are careless, we like to keep full and half water bottles in the checked luggage.

Half water bottles have air that usually expands when the plane reaches a certain atmospheric height. We call it the pressure-changing fact with height.

Changing this pressure results in the air in water bottles expanding, and since these bottles are sealed and packed, the air won’t be able to escape. Ultimately, the water bottles will explode.

Moreover, you may also experience some leakages issues of the water bottles even if nothing happened due to pressure changing.

It is because you didn’t seal or tighten the cap of a water bottle properly. Therefore, always ensure to seal those water bottles properly.

How Much Liquid Can You Take On A Plane In A Checked Baggage 2022?

According to TSA, all passengers must follow the 3-1-1 liquid rules while bringing liquids on the plane.

However, TSA recommends bringing liquids in the following capacity on the plane inside your checked luggage for checked baggage.

  • All types of liquids, gels, and aerosol cans are allowed to bring on the plane in checked luggage.
  • In a single container, the quantity must be higher than 3.4 ounces as well as 100 milliliters. This goes into the checked luggage.
  • There shall be a 1-quart size bag either of clear, plastic, or a zip-top bag in which all of your liquids must easily fit. This is for carry-on luggage.
  • And one passenger is allowed to bring one bag only. (only for carry-on luggage)

These TSA liquid rules for checked baggage in 2022 are applicable in almost all airports and airlines in the United States Of America.

However, It could be different in different parts of the world according to specific airline or airport rules and regulations!

How To Keep Bottled Water Safe From Exploding?

Suppose you are scared of seeing those water bottles exploding into the planes.

In that case, you must apply some techniques and methods to help you take these liquids or water bottles to their desired destination without leaking or exploding.

Below are some of the best practices you can apply to help your water bottles or bottled water safely reach the next airport.

Airlines Must Avoid Pressure:

It should be recommended to most airlines to pressurize the compartment where you will place your checked luggage.

Only then the pressure inside that compartment will always remain the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are above sea level or at sea level; it will not result in exploding those half-filled water bottles.

However, not all airlines consider this option because of the lack of facilities and necessary equipment.

Bottles Must Be Full Of Water:

Always consider that bottled water is fully filled in a bottle, and there shall be no air to escape from it, even if the pressure changes at a certain height.

Therefore, you must cap these water bottles tightly when they are full and only then put them in checked luggage.

Try Using Zip Lock Bags:

Even if the water bottle explodes or leaks inside your luggage, there will be less mess between your clothes if packed in a Ziploc bag.

Although these bags are not fully secured to keep water bottles from exploding. But the extra spreading of water after an explosion (only if it happens) will not be a problem when the bottle is in a bag like this.

Secure Water Bottles Mouth With Polythene Wrapping:

Even if the water bottle caps have been tightened enough, they may still start leaking water. But how to prevent this? Fairly simple.

You can use some Polythene Wrapping around the mouths of these water bottles. It will ensure the bottles won’t leak and stay safe during that long journey.

Place Your Checked Luggage Properly:

How secure you have put or kept those water bottles in the checked luggage doesn’t matter.

They may still explode if the luggage is not cared for or placed correctly. As stated earlier, if there is any heavyweight luggage above your luggage has been placed, chances are that water bottles may explode due to extra weight.

While loading it, you must be aware of the cargo guys to secure your checked luggage, and no weight will come above it. If it travels free and alone, no liquid will explode inside it.

Final Thoughts:

Since nothing can explode your water bottles in checked luggage while being on the plane until and unless there is a pressure changing effect or mismanagement of the luggage, I believe that your question about “will bottled water explode in checked luggage” has been answered properly. You can explore this website to read more about water, bottled water, and its relevant products.

But thanks for being here. Your queries and suggestions are welcome. Drink healthy, and travel safely!


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