How long do Brita filters last ?

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Brita filter manufacturer recommends replacing the filter after 40 gallons of filtration or every two months, whichever comes first. Brita filter manufacturer has different products with varying lifespans. Brita Longlast Filter comes with a long-lasting lifespan.

The Brita extended last filter (Blue) needs filter replacement after 120 gallons of water filtration. The filter lasts for about six months. 

Moreover, household use also determines the life of the filter. The estimation of the lifespan is based on the 11 glasses of water per day.

If you are using the Brita filter in a house with more than four family members, then the need for water filtration may be more. So, in that case, the filter could run out early, and you may have to replace the filter more often. 

If you are using the Brita Standard Filter which is white in color, then you have to change it after using it every 40 gallons, which is nearly two months.

Then again if you are the user of the Brita Longlast Filter which is blue in color, then you should replace it every 120 gallons, or roughly like in every 6months.

The Brita Stream Filter that is gray in color ought to be changed after every forty gallons, which is near to 2months.

All these decisions are applicable for a family that filters around eleven glasses of water each day.

Therefore if your family filters considerably any less or more than that then  go ahead and change your timetable.

To ensure your water filter is working appropriately and eliminating everything from lead to chlorine to asbestos, you can observe the rules beneath on precisely how frequently to change your Brita filter.

Besides, also figure out how to reuse those old filters and save them from the landfill.

Brita filter product and replacement guide

It is not possible to know the exact duration of the Brita filter replacement time. The filter could last for a few weeks or may need replacement after three months. Depending on the type of filter, the replacement duration is varied. 

The amount of the water filter also affects the lifespan. X gallons would affect the amount of replacement time; thus, you should consider the water capacity with the duration filter will last.

Minimum usage extends the duration, and extensive use decreases the replacement time. 

Therefore, the Brita filter manufacturer comes up with a solution to meet the customer’s needs and provide them with a custom solution. 

Brita filter lifespan chart according to product details

Level of chlorine in Parts Per MillionStandard FilterLong Last FilterBottle FilterFaucet Filter
0 – .540 Gallons or 2 Months120 Gallons or 6 Months40 Gallons or 2 Months100 Gallons or 4 Months
.6 – 1.030 Gallons or 6 Weeks100 Gallons or 5 Months30 Gallons or 6 Weeks80 Gallons or 3 Months
1.1 – 1.520 Gallons or 1 Month60 Gallons or 3 Months15 Gallons or 3 Weeks50 Gallons or 2 Months
1.6 – 2.010 Gallons or 2 Weeks20 Gallons or 1 Month10 Gallons or 2 Weeks25 Gallons or 1 Month

List of the Brita product with their capacity and replacement duration. 

1) Brita Standard Filter

Brita standard filter is designed to serve a small family of 3 or 4 people. It comes in white and needs replacement after every 40 gallons, calculated to 2 months of use. 

A filter is designed to remove chlorine that affects taste and odor, copper, mercury, zinc, and cadmium. The best performance of the filter is achieved in the first month. After 30 days of use, the performance of the filter decreases.

Using the Brita filter regularly would have a positive impact on the environment. It replaces the 300+ 16.9oz plastic water bottles, which could end up in the sea every year.

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2) Brita Longlast filter

Brita’s long-lasting filter is made in blue color. The filter comes with long-lasting use offering the perfect solution to the small size standard filter. It requires replacement after every 120 gallons, which is calculated to the six months of use. 

The manufacturer has advanced the filtration technology to improve the filter’s life span, so the users do not have to worry about frequent replacement. The Brita filter cartridge is 3X efficient compared to the standard model.

The Brita long-lasting filter is designed to remove 99% lead, Asbestos, Chlorine, Cadmium, Benzene, Mercury, and sediment from the water during the filtration. 

Water filtration done through the Brita long-lasting filter is equal to 900+ 16.9oz plastic water bottles. It means that every household using the Brita long-lasting filter improves the environment and makes our earth green again.

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3) Brita Stream Filter

Brita Stream filter comes with the 40 gallons or approx two months of safety period. The first two months will offer you the best tasting water; then, the water quality decreases. 

Also, water conditions affect the lifespan of the filter. In some cases, the water filter may last longer if you maintain it in a good environment.

Stream filters are known for high-performance chlorine filtration. It improves the taste of the water and reduces the odor. It efficiently removes a significant amount of impurity from the water, giving you fresh and tasty water. 

It is estimated that the single use of the Stream filter would allow you to replace 1800 plastic bottles every year from the environment.

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4) Brita Faucet Filter

The faucet filter provides four months or 100 gallons of clean water that taste great. It would need replacement every four months, which is calculated to replace the three times a year. The filter is made of a BPA-free plastic container. 

Its mechanism allows decreasing 99% of lead, particles, Benzene, chlorine, and asbestos. The filter is affordable and replaces 750 Standard plastic water bottles every year.

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5) Brita Bottle Filter

Get filter water quickly on the go. Brita filter comes with a user-friendly mechanism that doesn’t require technical training to use or maintain. 

It has the capacity of filtering 40 gallons or two months of water filtration. It comes with the coconut carbon block that reduces the chlorine smell of the water, lead, odor, sand and sediment, and mercury. 

The quantity of the water also plays a significant role in the performance of the Brita water filter. So keep these factors in mind when you calculate the replacement time of the Brita filter.

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3 major things that affect the Brita filter lifespan

Various things affect the Brita filter lifespan. Keep reading to know what are those things that make Brita filter run out too quickly.

1) The water quality in your region affect directly to the Brita filter lifespan. More the contamination, sooner the water fitter will get run out of the performance.

2) Quantity of the water filter through the Brita is another reason why some Brita filters run out quicker than others. The standard Brita filter is designed to process 40 gallons of water if you are using it extensively; there are high chances that the Brita filter will no longer be helpful, and you may have to replace the filter within a month.

3) Lack of maintenance also affects the filtration process. After every use, you should store the filter in a refrigerator to avoid them to get contaminated. The trap bacteria in the carbon filter will multiple soon at room temperature and reduce the water filter’s efficiency. 

Suppose you put the filter too long in the open space. In that case, the filter will become foul, and it will develop harmful bacteria, which eventually pass through the water and make the water contaminated. In this case, you have to replace the entire filter. Washing it would not solve the problem. 

Brita filter product and replacement guide

It is not possible to know the exact duration of the Brita filter replacement time. The filter could last for a few weeks or may need replacement after three months. Depending on the type of filter, the replacement duration is varied. 

The amount of the water filter also affects the lifespan. X gallons would affect the amount of replacement time; thus, you should consider the water capacity with the duration filter will last.

Minimum usage extends the duration, and extensive use decreases the replacement time. 

Therefore, the Brita filter manufacturer comes up with a solution to meet the customer’s needs and provide them with a custom solution. 

Instructions to Change Brita Filters indicator

It can be done by following several steps-

Step 1: At first you need to find out the LED meter. Now check for the filter level.

If it reaches the highest level then it is your turn to change it. Do not make any delay to do so. The indicators are normally made of different types. Such as – memo, meter, or light. Check which one is yours!

Step 2: If you are using a meter or memo then the bars will show as empty. It is the indicator. This thing signifies that your filter has stopped its filtration process and needs to be changed immediately.

Then again if you are a user of light then the light would turn red from green. It is the indicator.

Step 3: Now it’s time to reset the indicator. As you have read the indication so it is easy for you to follow the next step.

To reset at first press and hold the start button. It is given on the indicator. Do it until all bars on the indicator flash.  It would also reach the screen’s uppermost level.

If you are a user of  LED light then press the light for nearly 10 seconds. Then release it. You would notice that the LED light will wink 3 times the time you release the button.

Step 4: By any chance, if your filter is damaged then it would not work. In that case, it is your responsibility to change it. To do that use a flat screwdriver. Put the screwdriver gently under the memo. After that gently push it up to it. you would notice the popup! Then replace it with the new one.

The whole process is quite easy and not troublesome.

 How do I know if my Brita filter is bad?

If you observe the light blinking green then you can be sure that your filter is in good condition. If you are noticing yellow light then it indicates that the filter ought to be changed soon. Unfortunately, if you observe red , then it demonstrates the filter ought to be supplanted. Filter execution isn’t ensured after it reaches out to 40 gallons.

If you distinguish, an undesirable taste in the water. As well as a bad smell then high chances are there to supplant your water filter. There could likewise be a steady lessening in the pressure of the water that also signifies the requirement for another one.

How do I know when to change the filter in my water jug?

It’s imperative to change your filter routinely for ideal execution. You might have to change filters all the more regularly if you have hard water. Utilize your calendar schedule. You can also actuate your electronic filter change pointer when you introduce another filter to assist keep with the following of your use. Filter substitution relies upon filter and item type.

Pitcher and Dispenser Filters

Brita Standard (White) FilterEvery 40 gallons (about 2 months)
Brita Longlast (Blue) FilterEvery 120 gallons (about 6 months)
Brita Stream (Gray) FilterEvery 40 gallons (about 2 months)

Bottle Filters and Water Faucet Filters

Brita Premium Filtering Water BottlesEvery 40 gallons (about 2 months)
Brita Water Filter Faucet System Model OPFF-100Ever 94 gallons (about 4 months)
Brita Water Filter Faucet System Model SAFF-100Every 100 gallons (about 4 months)
Brita Water Filter Faucet System Model FF-100Every 100 gallons (about 4 months)

What happens if you use a Brita filter too long ?

It is very dangerous for your health if you do not change the filter. You would be surprised to know that the water does not get filtered anymore! You can become severely ill! The germs defile the water.

If you don’t change your Brita water filter the there are a few things that might occur.

Shadiness in the ice and water

By any chance, if you observe that your ice beginning to change its color and became shady, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to replace your Brita filter. While making an ice cube you can observe that the color of the ice cube is not the same as before.

You might even watch that your water is dim and dull. This is anything but a decent sign and should move toward replacing your filter as soon as possible.

A changed flavor and smell of  water.

At the point when your filter is left alone for quite a while, you will see the flavor of your water starts to change. The smell may even be influenced as the minerals and chemicals that your filter was shielding you from come through.

The water becomes filthy.

This obliges the character, smell, and, indeed, all the other things. You have a well-being danger on your hands when you do not filter your water out appropriately. There is such a lot of that gets filtered out of the water like chlorine, lead, pesticides, and then some.

Your water might be dirtier than you understand. By any chance, if you drink it then unfortunately you are ingesting these hurtful things into your body.

The water starts spilling out more leisurely

You might notice that the water isn’t spilling out very as quickly as it used to. That is because every one of the old minerals and bacteria develops on the filter and makes the work of allowing the water to go through harder.

What happens if you drink from An Expired Filter!

By any chance, if your neighborhood tap water has been considered vigorously polluted, you should stay away from proceeding to depend on an expired Brita filter. Drinking from the filter which is expired might not create a problem immediately but in the long run, you would suffer a lot.

More often than not, if your filter recently expired, you can in any case drink from it with little outcome. It is necessary to transform because over the long run bacteria and chemicals do develop.

If you drinking from it for a brief period just after it’s expired then it will not land you in the medical clinic by and large. The termination dates are relative too because it’s difficult to recognize when precisely a filter will expire.

You might be sick!

Have you just thought of your health! Old filters have a ton of pollutants in them which you can’t even imagine. You cannot see them with your open eyes also. Thus, when you don’t replace your water filter it turns into a favorable place for a wide range of bacteria.

Ultimately, your filter will be loaded up with the most extreme limit of bacteria. At the point when you don’t transform it, that load of germs winds up spilling into the progression of water.

By any chance, if your region has a larger number of toxins in the water, you may wind up transforming it more oftentimes than others. In case if you live in a spot with cleaner water, just go somewhat more before supplanting it.

You truly need to be cautious concerning the well-being of your body. If you doubt that something might hamper your health, then I would suggest you stay away from it. Along these lines, if replacing the filter is the cost to pay for keeping up with your great wellbeing, it’s awesome.

Final words

A lot of us believe that our Brita water filters are eliminating foreign substances from our tap water. However by any chance, if you haven’t supplanted the filter in a while it’s likely not filling in just as you might suspect.

You might have to change your Brita filter considerably more frequently if you have hard water, as mineral stores could develop and meddle with the filtration interaction. To keep your well-being in a decent condition do change the filters.

I hope this article helped you to realize the importance of changing this as well as the process. So now without any delay check out your filter and change it if required!

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