Animal Crossing Water Bottle (Unlimited Guide)

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This week has been the peak of Animal Crossing mania. We gave New Horizons a 10/10 rating earlier this week, and the game’s release is scheduled for later this month or early next year. Animal Crossing products are a strange reaction to the growing interest in island-based life-sim games.

Controller Gear has an officially approved 17 oz. Metal water bottle for Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 17 oz. It was priced at $20 when it originally went up on Amazon. After a few days, it shot up to $26.97 and quickly spiraled upwards.

Currently, the lowest Amazon price for the bottle is $10,932.64. It is $12,025.90 if you are truly fed up with your money or want it.

Because the bottle will not be available until April 15th, there is still time to save up if this is something you are interested in. Alternatively, you could wait for the price to recover to more typical levels as supply outstrips demand.

Best Animal Crossing Water Bottle

ModelsizeMade ofPrice
Animal Crossing, Teal500 MLstainless steel$20.00
Controller Gear Animal Crossing500 MLstainless steel$19.99
Paladone Animal Crossing  500 MLmetal water bottle$16.99
Controller Gear Animal Crossing500 MLstainless steel$19.99
  Controller Gear Animal500 MLPremium stainless steel $36.41

Animal Crossing, Teal

Double-wall insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours in this quality stainless steel water bottle. This BPA-free, food-grade water bottle does not sweat and does not transmit flavors.

Controller Gear Animal Crossing

Grip with a non-slip matte coating. With a wide opening, this container is ideal for ice. The perfect size for a busy lifestyle. This BPA-free meal water bottle does not sweat and does not transmit flavors.

Paladone Animal Crossing 

With a leak-proof top, this water bottle may be slid into your luggage, backpack, or cup holder in the vehicle and keep your drink fresh. We are thrilled to provide top-selling toys, mugs, collectibles, & gifts that make people happy for those seeking fun products and geeky, wacky, and unusual.

Controller Gear Animal Crossing

Stainless steel with a double wall keeps your bottle sweat-free and consistently heated or cold for hours. Animal Crossing stainless bottles make ideal for everyday use and can be transported everywhere – hiking, biking, camping, the beach, the gym, school, or a picnic! Keep hydrated everywhere you go with this handy bottle!

Controller Gear Animal

Acrylic fibers are ultra-premium and unbelievably soft. You won’t want to take off this Animals Crossing Tom Nook racoon cap! Make yourself comfortable and proud of your fandom while doing so.

Benefits Of Using Animal Crossing Water Bottle

Everywhere You Go, Carry an Animal Crossing Water Bottle

Plastic, as we all know, is made up of chemicals. Disposable bottles leak poisons when broken, old, or exposed to high temperatures, even though they are safe to use while fresh.

One reason not to reuse a solitary water bottle is this: Infertility, hormonal imbalance, and cardio-metabolic illnesses have previously been connected to chemicals like BPA.

However, the degree to which plastic water bottles are to blame for health difficulties is still up for debate. While most people are aware that BPA should be avoided, many are still ignorant that several popular mineral water brands contain high quantities of microplastic.

To Enhance Your General Well-being

Additionally, you will be reminded to stay hydrated by carrying about an Animal Crossing Water Bottle. As long as you have an Animal Crossing Water Bottle in your backpack, there is no need to go out and buy water every time you become thirsty.

Hydration levels are much more likely to be maintained while carrying a water bottle with the Animal Crossing logo on it, according to research.

Your mental and physical health may benefit from being hydrated, improving your attention and digestion, minimizing your headaches, cleaning your skin, and more.

To Keep Tabs on Your Drinking Habits

Animal Crossing Water Bottles motivate you to increase your water intake, allowing you to keep track of how much you are regularly drinking.

To meet your goal of drinking two liters of water each day, you need to refill a 500 ml bottle of water four times and record each time.

The right-sized Animal Crossing Water Bottle may also protect you from over or under hydrating during or after exercise. When you drink from a bottle instead of a glass, it is much simpler to track how much water you consume each day.

Choose The Bottle That Most Closely Matches Your Needs

Because of this, carrying a water bottle from Animal Crossing is advantageous: you may choose the bottle that best suits your requirements. Consider your daily needs and personal preferences before buying throwaway water bottles and coffee mugs on the fly.

Some individuals, for example, enjoy the taste of drinks served in a glass, including not just water but also coffee, juice, or smoothes. Many hikers choose to keep a cup of coffee hot for long periods in a stainless steel insulated mug or carry a cooler of water.

Having the ideal bottle by your side will make keeping hydrated and enjoying your favorite drinks throughout the day more fun.


These benefits should have persuaded you to invest in an Animal Crossing water bottle and carry it with you. Animal Crossing Water Bottles provide several advantages over disposable water bottles, whether you’re concerned about the environment, health, financial savings, or want something more fashionable for your workplace desk.

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