How long should you keep a water bottle?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

The current market offers the peerless choice of the water bottle.  Thus most people who stimulate bottled water are absolutely virtuous & safe options for them.

Whether reusable or normal plastic, “How long should you keep a water bottle”?  This question is burning out now.

Fortunately, our write-up is on this topic.  Continue reading if you ponder water bottles lasting time; it expires concern, when should you throw away water bottles, & so many regards.

How long should you keep Plastic water bottles?

Without having high excellence about health, you may reload boundlessly.  But we suggest stopping using plastic water bottles over 3-4 weeks, be safe.  Please choose a reusable one as the best pick for you.

Different controversial statistics express that without PP, any type is quite unsafe for longer.  Endocrine disruptions, cancer, or different sorts of contaminated diseases may arise.

The chance, definitely, is quite short but yet frolic counter with a plastic one.

How many days should a plastic bottle is used?

Though the producers fabricate plastic bottles only for use once; you can reuse them conservatively; consider if they have no weathering and damage.

Stainless steel bottles will be a permanent solution if you want to switch your plastic ones; they are superior for both ecology & you.

Do water bottles expire?

No, there is no way to water expires!  But why the bottled water includes an expiry date?

Hence, there lies a different cause behind this expiry date.  Let’s see what is there!

Government officialdom:

The government has implemented a compulsory rule for all companies to enlist the ingredients & nutritional value and expiration date for filled food, beverages, or food.

Basically, this process is a part of the packaging and saves water quality from any harmful environmental effects.

Absorptive plastic:

Typically, the plastic of bottled water is absorbent in nature.  If you or any storekeeper or anyone stores this for a long time, it may raise bad tastes, smells, or even bacteria.

Please confirm a dark & crisp place to store plastic bottles in case of reusing it.

Chemical section:

If bottled water is placed below the sunlight straightly, leaching plastic chemicals in the water arises.

Don’t worry about the toxicity; this may only change the water taste?

Chemical section such as BPA is responsible for hormone disruptor, enhances the possibility of breast cancer, men infertility injures your brain lining, or may create heart diseases.

How long does a reusable water bottle last?

According to the scientist declaration, it is anticipated that users’ water bottles made from stainless steel can last almost 12 years on average.  Naturally, stainless steel is durable enough to last long without expressing any mark of ablation.

Besides, aluminum bottles are also a reusable & popular option for having portable nature & high capacity.  Without burdening you overweight, it helps you to hydrate for a long time.

These types of bottles are so reasonable, customized & safe.  Though there is no chance of acidic liquids transmission, unfortunately, it has an epoxy layer in the inner side- hold BPA.  Thus it can be harmful at the end of the day.

When should you throw away water bottles?

Whether you are using plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum water bottles over a period, they need to change.  But when should you throw away water bottles?  This concern relies on what type of bottles you are using.

Plastic bottles need to throw away at least once a year; if you use them constantly.  In spite of having a long life, Glass bottles have a chance of easily breaking down.  You need to throw away these bottles if they break down; they are not fit for people with an active lifestyle.

In the case of aluminum & Stainless steel, follow the standards we’ve stated below:

Color effect:

When you discover that your water bottles become discolored, looking ugly because of continuous use, just throw them away.

Metallic taste while drinking:

Don’t think this problem is so serious; apply water & white vinegar to fix it.

For aluminum & stainless steel bottles, white vinegar works appreciably while cleaning.

Stinky smells of water:

In this case, don’t throw away bottles, just perfectly clean them.

Creak mark:

If you experience any creak mark, leakage then discards water bottles.

Crust problem:

Because of hard water metal deposits, the problem arises.  Instead of discarding bottles, clean them with baking soda, steaming water & white vinegar.  Or you can apply baking soda with steaming water.

Caring tips:

Here are a few practices, tips to enhance the life of reusable water bottles.

  • Try to circumvent fall down.
  • Don’t microwave or freeze reusable bottles.
  • At least once cleaning per day.
  • Don’t forget to scrub the bottle’s lid or cap.
  • Let it dry once the cleaning is done.

Bottom line:

Actually, no fixed time duration exists regarding how long you should keep a water bottle?  This concern mostly relies on its made type & your treat.  So make a wish pick relying on your lifestyle & need rather than selecting a reusable one considering how long it will last.

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