Are Brita filters recyclable?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Brita trusts in a better world having better water. Definitely, all of us demand a water filter to purify our drinking water. In this regard “Brita water filters” can be the best option to offer you clean water.

But sadly, Brita filters cannot exist for long; it is suggested to change your Brita filters at least after two months using. Thus it is a knotty question- Are Brita filters recyclable?

This write-up will present you with many questions answered regarding recycling the Brita filters, tips on recycling, and extra info about this concern.

Let’s Dive in to see what more is waiting for you!

Are Brita filters really recyclable?

Of course, it is quite possible to get cling while selecting to scarping your Brita water filters.

As most water filters are produced from hard plastic, their recycling possibilities are now millions of dollars in question.

Basically, producers use type ‘5’ plastic & many companies refuse to recycle this type of plastic. Besides, filters cause a lot of contaminants and impurities, making them hard to recycle.

Hence, the glad tiding is that now recycling your Brita water filters is possible enough. Brita water filters producers are also doing great besides TerraCycle to recover filters. 

TerraCycle company accepted these challenging recycling plastic products. Thankfully you must concern about recycling your old one while having a chance to the new one!

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Are Brita filters recyclable in Canada?

Yup! Making the fellowship with Terracycle, Brita has made it simple for all Canadian-conscious consumers to recycle Brita filters! Here are steps to do:

  • Create an account of TerraCycle first; go to to take part in the free Brita Recycling scheme.

  • Gather all of your Brita used products, package them, and place them into a box.

  • Take your UPS shipping label tape it perfectly onto your box.

  • Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 to ship the box, or you can drop off your box at your nearest UPS location.

  • Over 1 lb weighing will get 100 TerraCycle points per pound.

  • You can donate this point to any school or non-profit organization.

Are Brita filters recyclable in Ontario?

Obviously, as all the Canadian consumers of Brita filters is under the fellowship of Terracycle & Brita, all the Ontario consumers can recycle their filters!

Are Brita filters recyclable in the USA?

Brita has collaborated with Terracycle; hence it is quite simple for all American clients to recycle Brita filters! Also, enjoy Brita Reward points too!

Here are steps to do:

  • Gather around 5 pounds of products of Brita if you intend to recycle.

  • Apply a plastic grocery bag to wrap them, then pack them in a box

  • lastly, Mail the box; contribute your outstanding part to demolish plastic load on the planet!

Are Brita filters the recyclable UK or Ireland?

Brita has apprenticed, with several high street distributors, to offer a BRITA Retail Recycling scheme all over the UK.

These partnerships make it effortless to recycle your Brita filters! You only drift off the filter at assisting distributors stores with Boots and Argos.

Here are steps to do:

  • Search for the Brita recycle box (blue color).

  • Dial 0844 742 4800 to contact with BRITACare.

  • Or press your zip-code into this recycling locator.

  • Are Brita filters recyclable in South Africa?

  • Sadly, I could not get any options. If you have any knowledge, please leave information for us below!

Are Brita water bottles recyclable?

Here is great news to the estate that together, Brita has offset 1.3B one-use bottles from launching into the landfill the previous year alone.

They continue recycling programmers to give us a better world. They also encourage all the consumers to help with their recycling program.

Are Brita Pitchers recyclable?

Most bottles and pitchers are made of #1 plastic (PET) or #2 plastic (HDPE); they are warmly accepted by recycling programs.

Give a new life to your Brita pitcher, sending it to Preserve; several recycling companies can turn it into cups, a toothbrush, or a cutting board.

Recycler turns Brita pitcher filters into tableware and kitchenware or personal care. There is another opportunity to donate your Brita pitcher for recycling.

Are Brita Cartridges recyclable?

At Brita, all things are done concentrating on natural resources and from the special responsibility to the environment. 

A statistic shows that In the UK, in 2011, Brita almost recycled more than 1.2 million filter cartridges, pointing out to enhance that figure in the future most prominently. The repression & recycling of all the parts of Brita Cartridges is absolutely possible.

Don’t think tiresome the returning process of your used cartridges; only go to a recycling center near you to leave your old Brita cartridges. Search on ‘Recycling Locator’ to get out of your nearest store. Remind that searching for Brita Recycling Logo helps to find out fast.

Are Brita Water jugs recyclable?

Yes! Brita Water jugs are also recyclable, as all components of the Brita filter can be crushed & recycled.

Are Brita Maxtra filters recyclable?

Proudly! Brita has instigated a recycling scheme for its MAXTRA+ filters. Give a second life to your Maxtra filters, sending them to the TerraCycle recycling program.

For your kind consideration, please gather at least nine used Brita Maxtra filters before sending them to TerraCycle. Remind that shipments below 1kg will not give you any TerraCycle Points. 

To join this scheme simply follow these easy steps: 

Here are steps to do:

  • “Login” your TerraCycle account then click top right of the page; connect the free Brita Maxtra filters recycling scheme. 

  • Gather at your used Maxtra filters; please dry them and seat them into a box.

  • A crucial point to be noted only Brita Maxtra filters will be taken here.

  • Make a box, label it, drop the box at your nearest Post office for free shipping. 

Are Brita Containers recyclable?

Although most recyclers reject plastic ‘5’ materials for recycling, there exists a grand opportunity offered by Brita bottles. Collaborating with TerraCycle, Brita has launched a recycling program for all of its plastic products.

You can recycle Brita containers, filters, dispensers, pitchers, bottles, as well as packaging with the chance to raise charity trust with the national recycling program by Brita & TerraCycle.

Steps guide to recycles your Brita Filters:

Hence, you are now concerned regarding recycling Brita filters applying multiple options.

You can choose a native recycling source or TerraCycle program; follow our simple ways to know every detail.

Firstly, fit the filter for reusing following the stated steps:

1. Arrange your filter:

  • Let Brita filter to dry at least 3-6 days:
  • Ensure proper cleaning of your items with water.
  • Afterward, keep them in light to dry exhaustively for 3-6 days.
  • The best easy option is to apply hand dry, but it is risky & unsafe for contamination.

2. Remove the mud or dirt:

  • Wipe off your filter surface by applying a polished & wizened fabric.
  • This step will prevent contaminants affected while recycling.
  • Don’t choose any damp material.

3. Use a fictile bag:

While completing cleaning & removing dirt, place it in a plastic bag;  also, tie up the fictile bag mouth you take.

4. Sending to TerraCycle:

There lies a chance to get a reward from the plastic bag. So send it to ship for TerraCycle’s recycling scheme.

Actions of TerraCycle recycling:

Just in four steps.

Sign in: 

Go to Brita’s recycling webpage; generate a Brita account; register with your details; entirely free to have a reward. Or directly send your items to TerraCycle no Brita account needed.


Pick a freighting box & keep the filter, then close it.

Freighting tag: 

After logging in with your account, you will find a freighting tag in the mail.

UPS driving out:

Attach your freighting tag to your box after printing out it. Then drop your box at the nearest UPS store.

Steps to recycle Brita filters with additional reclaimers:

Recycling with TerraCycle’s or Brita is not a mandatory option. You can choose different plants for recycling. Follow the painless steps below-

  • Firstly check out your Brita if it is made of using type ‘5’ plastic.
  • Look for the nearest recycling plants online.
  • Make contact with them, ensuring the filter is plastic-type. If they accept, handle it for recycling free to you.

How to cast out Brita Filters?

With a stubby duration it is suggested you to utterly two months use. Then, How to cast out Brita Filters? Consider our safe options below.

1.  Recycle:

Perhaps, it is the cheapest, safest, and eco-friendly option. Participate Brita with TerraCycle recycling program also get rewards & incentives.

2. Contribute to Plastic manufacturer:

If you don’t want to go recycling option, think about granting it out. The plastic manufacturer will mortify the filters to make different things.

3. Trash it:

Surely, it is the ending choice to throw filter in the rubbish. While trashing, pick a fictile carrier, make its mouth seal, and place it in any garbage container.

Final verdict:

Be a wise citizen; consider your environment before intending anything to do. This will be excellent practice if you recycle your Brita filters.

Follow our steps; contribute to a recycling program to keep your environment safe.

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