How to get spring water without plastic? (DIY)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

“Springwater” is a welcome mode of design water. Naturally, spring water ripples from a below-ground aquifer to the world’s outward. Now the question arises how to get spring water without plastic?

Of course, possible spring water is collected at the start of spring or directly from a sunken borehole. Basically, this water is pre-purified, as it comes via natural filters such as clay, sandstone, & limestone.

Also, you can make spring water on your own. Hence continue our write-up to have more ideas regarding this topic & much more concern.

Can you make your own spring water?

We are very glad to present you with our formula for making your own spring water at home.

Springwater is enriched with different minerals like salts, calcium, magnesium, and various health benefits.

Though you can pick bottled spring water, it’s maybe a little pricey. Luckily you can form spring water at home; only follow our guidelines.

Method-1: Ingredients you need to make oxidize magnesium spring water.

  • Tap water – 1 liter filtered.
  • Baking soda – ⅛ teaspoon.
  • Potassium bicarbonate -⅛ teaspoon.
  • Epsom salts – ⅛ teaspoon.


Take a bowl or a plain container; pour 1 liter of filtered water.

You can prefer a pitcher of any water filter & bottled water instead of normal tap water.


Mix Baking soda – ⅛ teaspoon to the water, and twitch properly until totally incorporated. This will enhance water with mineral sodium.


Add Epsom salts – ⅛ teaspoon to the water; continue twitching to purify the water. These salts are accessible to any drug or grocery stores, also permitted by FDA.


Lastly, mix potassium bicarbonate -⅛ teaspoon into the water; continue stirring until fully blended.


Take the compound water to a glass bottle, then relish; in case of using toneless mineral water, pick an airtight container to pour your homemade spring water.

Method-2: Ingredients you need to make calcium magnesium spring water.

  • Tap water – 1 liter filtered.
  • Epsom salts – ⅛ teaspoon.
  • Calcium chloride – ⅛ teaspoon.


Take a container to pour the filtered water, or a big size bowl will be best to mix all ingredients easily.


Mix Epsom salts – ⅛ teaspoon to the water, constantly twitch until fully incorporated. This element is also called magnesium sulfate & obvious while making commercially spring water.


AddCalcium chloride – ⅛ teaspoon to the mixture blend it well; it will make your bones strong. Please buy it from online retailers or stores.


Take a seltzer bottle to keep the water, asfew organic springs’ waters are mostly carbonated. While transferring your homemade spring water to a seltzer bottle, you can enjoy the same features.

However, while applying toneless mineral water, an airtight container will be the best to keep homemade spring water then and enjoy.

Thus, it is the easiest way to get spring water without plastic.

How do you make tap water taste like spring water?

In the US, tap water is a great consumable beverage. Though every day, billions of gallons are; sometimes, tap water may be polluted with dangerous fabric & potentially carcinogenic.

Again you need to purchase bottled water if your tap water smells & tastes are bad. Hence, don’t waste your money more just finance in a filtration process & try our hacks. The CDC says filtration is a particle way.

Surely, this will offer normal tap water the same as spring water without plastics. Let’s see the simplest way to enhance the tap water taste.

1. Include lemon:

As organic water softeners, lemon will eliminate harsh smells in tap water. Just put some wedges or, while drinking, include slices directly.

2. Include cucumber:

Cucumbers will demolish the chlorine smell, also a stunning root of B vitamins. Drop at least two pieces into your jar & at least 30 minutes previous to taking.

3. Mint freshness:

This is a superb flavor booster; only put a few dry or fresh leaves into your jar, or you can add them before drinking.

4. Insert RO water purifiers:

This filtration system is the most sustainable & expert solution to enjoy the better test of tap water.

This filter system is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. RO water purifiers have the ability to eliminate all-natural or acquired substances.

RO water purifiers ensure fresh & tasty drinking water like spring water. “Reverse osmosis,” usually fixed to your cookhouse faucet, offers you more flexibility.

5. Carbon filters:

These types of water filters use activated carbon; assist in demolishing vast pollutions such as chlorine but leaks of minimizing inorganic materials like sulfates or strong metals minerals.

6. Ceramic filters:

Ceramic filters work through a tough ceramic casing, including little holes, so it is tough for pollution to go through. In most filters, activated carbon is also inserted with a double-stage filtration system.

This is a great system to eliminate bacteria, dirt & viruses, offering you testy drinking water.

What is the alternative to plastic water bottles?

Here we included some eco-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles-

  • Filtering bottles.
  • Stainless Steel bottles.
  • Glass bottles.
  • Reusable bottles of plastic.
  • Aluminum bottles.
  • Boxed water bottles.
  • Ceramic bottles.

Though ceramic & glass are very much vulnerable, all of them are cost-efficient introduced with unique designs. You can pick any of them instead of plastic bottles. Remind that stainless steel is the best & fantastic choice. Professor R. Thomas Zoeller, likes metal or glass rather than plastic water containers

What is the safest container to drink water from?

Recently healthy & safe containers to take water come from the glass, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. But our expert team suggests that stainless steel glass is the best form of water container to use.

Though every one of them has some advantage & disadvantages pick the best one depending your lifestyle & choice.

Is spring water is the best option for a drink?

Yup, in this concern, spring water must be a gainer. This water is best to drink, offering you all vital nutrients to your body.

Final verdict:

Lastly, you may knowledge regarding How to get spring water without plastic? No confusion spring water is the best fount of solid drinking water. You can find this type of water in bottled form or make your own. We suggest you apply a home solution or filtration system instead of getting the bottled one. 

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