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Written By John Roe Stephen

Some people prefer to drink bottled water which comes packed in glass bottles. However, you cannot always know which brand of water comes in glass and which brand gives water in a plastic bottle. Some even give water inboxes as well. However, there are a good variety of reputable brands that sell safe and refreshing glass bottled water.

We have compiled a list of top brands of water that present water in glass bottles. We will also discuss the different water brands through the years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively. We will also talk about the different glass bottled water brands in the US, UK, and Australia as well.

Keep on reading below to know more about which glass bottled water brand is for you.

Top 10 List of Glass bottled water Brands through 2019 to 2022 

Glass bottled water brands are some of the most popular brands there are. However, we have arranged them in a ranking manner according to several online surveys.

Let us talk about the glass bottled water brands according to the years and see what top 10 glass bottled water brands of the year 2019.

BrandTypeNotesTasteSaratogaSpringwaterThey have an iconic cobalt blue glass bottleCrispSan PellegrinoNatural mineral waterThey use green glass bottles and sparkling mineral water.Sweet
Mountain valley waterSpringwaterThey use hand-blown glass bottlesCrisp
Evian SpringwaterThey source water from the French Alps in glass bottles of 330 ml and 700mlCrisp and clean
AntipodesStill and sparkling waterThey have two flavors for glass bottles; still and sparkling.CrispAcqua Panna waterSpring waterThe acqua Panna spring water bottles have the most elegant kinds of glass bottles which are Vichy-shaped and have artistic graphics.Clean and crispPerrier Glass bottled waterSparkling waterIt comes in a stylish green colored glass bottleSmooth and sweetStarkey SpringwaterIt comes in a clear glass bottle in the USACrispHildon Glass bottled Natural mineral waterThis is an award-winning brand of mineral water with a neutral pH and clear glass bottle.sweet
Voss Artesian Glass bottledArtesian WaterIt is sourced from the underground aquifer in Norway.Crisp and smooth


Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2020

Mountain valley waterSpringwaterThe water is sourced from the Ouachita Mountains in Oklahoma, USACrisp
EvianSpringwaterThe water has a crisp taste as it comes down from the French AlpsCrisp and clean
SaratogaSpringwaterSaratoga presents sparkling spring water which is carbonated yet sodium-freecrisp
Acqua Panna waterSpringwaterIt is a world-class brand when it comes to glass bottles and using natural spring waterCrisp and clean
AntipodesSparkling and still waterTheir bottles maintain the original taste of the water.Crisp
San PellegrinoNatural mineral waterThey give sparkling mineral water in the green glass water bottleSweet
Perrier Glass bottled waterSparkling waterCarbonated mineral water is packed in a green glass bottle.Smooth and sweet
Voss Artesian Glass bottledArtesian waterIt comes under elegant glass bottles to show off their premiums.Crisp and smoothStarkeySpringwaterThe water is sourced from a geothermal spring in Idaho, USACrispHildon Glass bottledNatural mineral waterIt is packed in clear glass bottles with eye-catching creative graphicssweet

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2021

Hildon Glass bottledNatural mineral waterThe water contains naturally occurring minerals and has a low amount of sodium.sweet
San PellegrinoNatural mineral waterThey present water in premium green glass bottles to give it a classy lookSweet
AntipodesSparkling and still waterTheir bottled water is unadulterated.CrispAcqua Panna waterSpring waterThe water is packed in Vichy-shaped bottles with creative  graphicsCrisp and cleanSaratogaSpringwaterThe source of water is located at Saratoga Springs in New YorkcrispPerrier Glass bottled waterSparkling waterThe water has zero calories and has sugar-free mineralsSmooth and sweetEvianSpringwaterThey give water in iconic glass bottles in 330ml and 700 ml bottles.Crisp and clean
Voss Artesian Glass bottledArtesian waterIt originates from the underground aquifer in Southern Norway.Crisp and smooth
StarkeySpringwaterThe water goes through ultraviolet a ray that helps in the purification of water.CrispMountain valley waterSpringwaterThey use hand-blown glasses to give spring water from the heart of the Ouachita MountainCrisp

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2022.

Acqua Panna waterSpringwaterThe brand is elegant and convenient in its design of glass bottlesCrisp and clean
EvianSpringwaterThey source water from the French Alps.Crisp and cleanSan PellegrinoNatural mineral waterIt sources water from a natural spring in San Pellegrino Terme, Val BrembanaSweetVoss Artesian Artesian waterIt is a high-quality Norway water brand that comes in elegant glass bottles.Crisp and smooth
Hildon Glass bottledNatural mineral waterThe water’s pH is neutral and is a great accompaniment with food and wine.Sweet
SaratogaSpringwaterIt is an American brand that sources water from Saratoga spring and in a cobalt blue glass bottle.Crisp
AntipodesSparkling and still waterThey sell still and sparkling water in glass bottles. Crisp
Perrier Glass bottled waterSparkling waterThe brand is from the south of FranceSmooth and sweet
Mountain valley waterSpringwaterThey are famous for exceptional water qualityCrisp
StarkeySpringwaterWater is sourced from a geothermal spring in Idaho which is known to be 11,000 years old. Crisp

Top 10 List of Glass bottled water Brands of USA/UK/Australia 

Now, we are going to list about 10 brands that are famous in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia; even though the brand may have a different origin country. The list of top listed brands of bottled water in the USA is as follows:

Brands of USABrands of UKBrands of Australia 
Evian SpringwaterActiPHAntipodes
Antipodes Glass bottled waterAqua CarpaticaFIJI
Acqua Panna glass bottled waterVOSS UKSan Pellegrino
Perrier glass bottled waterKingsdown waterJustWater
Starkey spring waterThirsty planetVOSS
Hildon glass bottleSan pellegrinoSaratoga
Voss artesian glass bottled waterHildonEvian spring water
Saratoga spring waterWig wig spring waterAcqua Panna spring water
Mountain valley waterEvianPerrier glass bottled water
San Pellegrino waterPerrierMountain valley water

Top Glass Bottled Water Brands of all time

Saratoga Water

The Saratoga water derives in stunning blue bottle that gives an aesthetic feel as well as presents a level of sophistication and taste. Their source of water is Saratoga springs in New York. They have two crucial flavors namely sparkling and still.

pH Level7
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters12 oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNeutral pH, naturally occurring minerals, and electrolytes
ProsBPA free, 
Safety InformationBPA free, neutral pH
Legal DisclaimerNA

San Pellegrino

The San Pellegrino bottled water is presented in a superior green bottle that has gracefulshadow shape. They also provide water that is filled with natural salts. Further, they give glistening mineral water. The water is sourced from the Italian Alps.

pH Level7.6
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters750 ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNatural occurring electrolytes
ProsBPA free
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNA

Starkey glass bottle

It comes in clear glass bottles where each bottle can contain 16.9 FL oz of water which is derived from a geothermal spring of Idaho, USA. The water passes through ultraviolet rays that purify the water going through it and neutralize the pH of the water to 9.2.

pH Level9.2
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters16.9 oz, 33.8 oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNaturally alkaline
ProsBPA free
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone

Mountain Valley Water

The Mountain Valley Natural Spring water is presented in super cool glass bottles for a pure and authentic taste. The water is obtained from the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and is known for its exceptional taste and quality.

pH Level7.8
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters330ml, 16.9 oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsAll natural minerals and electrolytes
ProsNSF certified
Safety InformationNSF certification
Legal DisclaimerNone

Evian Springwater

The Evian sell their spring water commencing through French Alps in standard glass bottles that have two modifications such as 330ml &700 ml bottles. Their water has natural minerals and electrolytes present that give a crispy feel. They are the perfect sources to stay hydrated.

pH Level7.2
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters330ml,700ml,500ml,1 ltr.,1.5ltr.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsAll-natural minerals and electrolytes
ProsTastes better at room temperature, BPA free
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone

Antipodes glass bottled water

Antipodes sell water in glass bottles that come in two flavors which are still and sparkling. Both of them have 16.9 FL oz & 33.8 FL oz sizes. They source their water from the profoundaquifer from the Bay of Plenty in the New Zealand.

pH Level6.9
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1ltr, 500ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsCarbonated mineral water, added electrolyes
ProsBPA free
Safety InformationNone
Legal DisclaimerN.A

Acqua Panna glass bottled water

It is a top-brand of the world which is famous for the still spring water it sells. They have elegant glass bottles and the bottle is Vichy-shaped with artistic graphics. Their water is sourced from the Mugello region of Tuscany, which is why it is so expensive.

pH Level8
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1 ltr.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsCalcium, bicarbonate,sulfate
ProsCompletes 3% of the daily calcium requirement
ConsExpensive for a water bottle
Safety InformationNot available
Legal DisclaimerNone

Voss Artesian Glass Bottled water

It is sourced from an underground aquifer located in the south of Norway. The quality of the glass bottles is high and elegant as well. They also have water of different flavors.

Cost$2.4 – $3
pH Level6
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters375ml, 850ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsMinerals, naturals occurring electrolyte
ProsBPA free, mineral-rich
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which bottled water comes in a glass bottle?

The mountain valley spring water comes in a glass bottle. The mountain valley has been bottled since 1871.

Q2. Which bottled water brand is the safest?

Just water, Deer park, Evamor are some of the best brands of bottled water as their pH level and fluoride levels are safe for consumption.

Q3. Which is the healthiest water to drink?

If you store and source safely, spring waters are the safest and healthiest form of water that you can drink as they are rich in minerals and electrolytes as well as have the most balanced pH levels.

The Bottom Line

Glass is fragile yet durable, and it also maintains water within its purest form. It also makes the water taste better than it would otherwise in any other packaging. Some water brands pack them in boxes, plastics, or BPA-free material, but Glass stands out the best. 

Glass is also an eco-friendly option if compared with any other material. Any other material used like stainless steel or plastic would be a polluting factor than Glass. Glass also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the bottle as well. Giving it new colours and a graphical presentation makes it look even more attractive.

You can easily reuse the bottle, and it becomes economical too. The bottom line is that you should not hesitate when buying a glass of bottled water as it will only add to your benefits with just some bucks. Therefore, we can conclude that glass bottled water is the best material and the safest form of material too. They also look classy and elegant and even make you look better holding it.

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