Most Popular Distilled Water Brands – Unlimited Guide (2022 Updated)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Water is a necessity of life and bottled water is a global industry. It has been growing ever since mankind felt the need to carry a device that could hold water for a longer time without having to look for water everywhere. Bottled water has an established industry that was valued at $185 billion in 2015 alone and is expected to value around $334 billion by the year 2023.

This industry runs on the fact that health and safety should be of priority at some point in time. Instead of drinking tap water, people were influenced to change to bottled water to inculcate a healthy habit and save millions of lives altogether.

Bottled water has a variety of reasons such as bringing portability of drinking water, vitamins, and mineral-rich water fit for drinking and changing one’s lifestyle.

This article will aim to answer certain questions such as “what are the top 10 bottled water brands of years 2019 to 2022?” what are the top brands of the USA, UK, or Australia? The article is written in a way to explain to you how these top brands have come to be and why they are so popular. Keep on reading below to know more about it.

Top 10 List of Distilled Water bottles Brands through 2019 to 2022

Let us bi-furcate according to the years to understand which are the top 10 bottled water brands of the year 2019.

AquafinaPure WaterIt is purified by the process of reverse osmosisPlain
Aqua PannaSpringwaterIt is an Italian brand and comes in a glass bottle.Light & slightly sweet
EvianSpring WaterThe water is derived from the French Alps.minerals
DasaniPurified waterPurified with mineralsSlightly sweet
FijiArtesian waterFrom the Fiji IslandsLittle sweet
Le BleuPure waterProcessed by vapor compression distillationTastes like plastic
VossArtesian waterWater from NorwayPlain
Simple truthDistilled electrolyte waterVapor distilledSweeter than others
Tap waterMunicipal waterKitchen sink; sulfur smellMetallic
San PellegrinoSparkling waterFrom san Pellegrino, ItalyTart in taste

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2020

AquafinaPure waterWichita, KansasDifferent flavor
DasaniPurified watermunicipal water is purified and filtered for bottled useMineral
NestleFiltered water Neutral
DanonePurified waterThe water originates from FranceSweet
Glaceau SmartwaterDistilled waterDistilled and filled with minerals and electrolytesSweet
Poland SpringSpringwaterIt is drawn from the springs of Maine, PolandCrisp and sweet
FIJIArtesian waterTransported from Fiji islandsSlightly sweet
OzarkaSpringwaterIt comes from Texas’s springsSlightly sweet
PerrierMineral waterIt is collected from Vergeze in Gard dept. of FranceMineral
EvianMineral waterThe water originates from Evian-Les-Bains.Mineral in taste

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2021

Essentia Ionized waterIonized waterIt is supercharged with alkaline water and electrolytes.Mineral
AquafinaPurified waterIt goes through 7 step purification process and uses reverse osmosis.Plain
VossArtesian waterIt comes from southern NorwaySlightly sweet
FijiArtesian WaterDirect from the Fijian Island, it collects natural electrolytes and natural silicaSmooth taste
Just WaterSpringwaterIt originates from the Adirondack Mountain in New YorkNeutral
PerrierCarbonated mineral waterIt originates from Vergeze, France’s Gard dept. and is zero calorieSlight sweet
Poland SpringSpringwaterIt comes from the springs of Maine, Poland. It has electrolytes naturally occurring.Slight sweet
IcelandicSpringwaterIt comes directly from Olfus Spring and has low mineral content.Mineral
pHAlkaline waterIt is electrolyte waterNeutral
GlaceauVapor-distilledIt originates from spring water in the United Kingdomneutral

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2022.

VossArtesian waterFrom NorwegiaCrisp taste
Smart WaterVapor distilledFrom Glaceau, Switzerland; Extra electrolytes are added to it.Smooth taste
FIJISpringwaterFrom the Islands of Fiji; contains natural electrolytesSlightly sweet.
PerrierSparkling waterIt comes from natural spring in France. It has more bubbles than others as carbonated waterMineral taste
La CroixSparkling waterCarbonated water with different flavors.Taste according to flavor
Boxed waterMunicipal waterIt goes through an 8 step purification  process; the box is made of paper instead of plasticPlain
Acqua PannaItalian spring waterIt comes from a natural spring and contains some mineralsClean
San PellegrinoSpringwaterIt originates from the Italian Alpsneutral
Mountain Valley SpringwaterSpring sparkling waterThe water is slightly alkaline.Carbonated water
Core HydrationElectrolyte Distilled waterReverse osmosis is done to add electrolytes and minerals back into the water.Mineral in taste

Top 10 List of Distilled Water bottles Brands of USA/UK/Australia

The list of top listed brands of bottled water in the USA is as follows:

Brands of USA


It originates from Wichita, Kansas. It is a brand of bottled water produced by PepsiCo. They use the reverse osmosis process to add back the important electrolytes and minerals that are lost during distillation. The water has a sweet taste.


It originates from Atlanta, Georgia. It is sourced from the local municipal water supply which is then bottled to be sold. It has a plain taste and there is no specialty to it.


It originates from Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Nestle is a known conglomerate with water bottles being sold too. You will find normal purified water being sold. The taste of the water is neutral.


It originates from Paris, France. Danone is a multinational brand that sells food products and bottled water too.

Glaceau Smartwater

It originates from Atlanta, Georgia. They use distilled water, which removes inorganic impurities but lets low boiling-point inorganic water through. Some minerals and electrolytes like calcium and potassium are added back to the water. This is potable distilled water.

Poland Spring

It originates from Elmsford, New York, USA. It is 100% spring water, which is taken from the natural springs of Maine, Poland. It has a crisp and clean taste.


It originates from L.A., California, USA. It is taken from the islands of Fiji. The water comes from an artesian aquifer located in Viti levy. It has a slightly sweet taste.


It originates from Austin, Texas. It is also spring water that originates in Arkansas, Texas, etc.


It originates from Vergeze, Gard, France. It is mineral water bottled from the Vergeze, Gard department of France. It has carbonation naturally present in it.


It originates from Paris, France. In addition, mineral water comes from the Evian-Les-Bians. It also has a half-bodied feel and particularly nothing new for taste.

Brands of UK

  • Highland Spring. They use underground water to get purified and drinkable water. You can get still, sparkling as well as glass water.

  • Buxton Water: they have an extensive filtering process that produces crisp water. They do contain important minerals.

  • Llanllyr Source: the water is taken from an 800-year old spring. It is used extensively in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

  • Deeside: they use spring water with a unique chemical composition. They do not use the water of the wells but from natural pressure water.

  • Berrington: it is also taken from a spring that has superior taste and contains minerals. It comes in still and sparkling form.

  • Speyside Glenlivet: it is one of the most reputed water bottle brands that produce both still and sparkling glasses of water.

  • TY nant: they are found from the springs of Bethania mountains. The water is abundantly filled with minerals. It is unique and refreshing.

  • Aqua Pura: the water is sourced from the Eden Valley I Cumbria. The brand is sustainable in its practices.

  • Wenlock Spring: the water is naturally filtered by limestones and collected from Wenlock Edge. The water is collected from 60 meters below the ground surface.

  • 10 Harrogate Spring Water: it has a stable composition of minerals and is pure from impurities.

Brands of Australia

  • Sana Vittoria: it provides sparkling water, which has a very low sodium content.

  • Mount Franklin: it is known to use the Australian spring’s water. It has a clean and crisp taste.

  • Voss

  • Thank you water: they use their proceeds to help the invalids. They provide safe water to their clients.

  • San Pellegrino

  • JUST water

  • Antipodes: the water tastes crispy and fizzy.

  • Fiji water

  • Pump: there are varieties of flavors such as lemon mango blast and lime. It comes in the shape of a sipper.

  • Balance: it is spring water infused with wildflowers.

Top Distilled Water Brands of all time


It is focused on benefitting the people hence all their proceeds go towards the needed. They specialize in great packaging and refreshing water.

pH Level6.4-7.4 pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1 liter multipack, 1.5 litre, 500 ml, 700 ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsMagnesium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate.
ProsBPA free, more electrolytes
ConsCan get damaged during shipping
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone

JUST water

It uses 100% spring water and is owned by Will Smith and Jaden Smith. It originates from Glenn falls.

Cost$1 for 17oz carton
pH Level8pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters500ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsEnhanced levels of lectrolytes
ProsBPA free, no preservatives
ConsIt is not dent-proof.
Safety InformationPlant-based, BPA free
Legal Disclaimernone


It uses natural and fresh glacial water on the coast of Geneva Lake and tastes pure and crisp.

Cost$13.68 – $35
pH Level7.2 pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters700ml, 500 ml, 330ml, 1 ltr.,1.5ltr.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsBalanced composition of mineral and electrolytes
ProsNeutral pH, Taste delicious at room temp and cold temp.
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerN.A.


They have a perfect blend of alkaline electrolytes that keeps the water ionized. They are free of all kinds of impurities and bacteria.

pH Level9.5pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters500ml, 1.5ltr., 1ltr., 700ml, 20oz,12oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride
ProsBPA free, consistent quality
Safety InformationEPA FDA and BPA free
Legal DisclaimerN.A


It originates from the springs of the FIJI islands. It is artesian water.

They have purified drinking water which is softer in taste as it comes from the Artesian taste.

CostUSD 1.57 – $5.72
pH Level7.7pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters700ml, 500 ml, 330ml, 1 ltr.,1.5ltr.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsCalcium, magnesium, mineral silica, chloride sodium, and potassium
ProsBPA free has high amounts of electrolytes and minerals
ConsExpensive, the bottle could swell up.
Safety InformationBPA free, toxic substance free
Legal DisclaimerHigh levels of arsenic found in 2006

Nestle pure life

The flavor of Perrier water is enhanced by the addition of electrolytes.

Cost$1 to $8
pH Level6.8-7.4 pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters237ml, 500ml, 1 ltr. 1 gallon, 3 gallon.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSodium bicarbonate
ProsCrisp taste, natural electrolytes present
ConsThin bottles
Safety InformationNot for babies under 6 months
Legal Disclaimernone

Poland spring

From Maine, Poland, it has natural minerals and has a fresh and crisp taste.

pH Level7.2 pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1ltr, 1.5 ltr
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsMinerals and electrolytes
ProsSpecial filtration
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone


They filter through reverse osmosis and add back a considerable amount of mineral electrolytes to add to pure and clean water.

CostUSD1.89 – USD 4.28
pH Level5.6pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1lt.,1.5ltr., 16.9oz,12oz,10oz,20oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSalt, potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate
ProsPleasant taste, BPA free, reasonable
ConsThe sour aftertaste, rough.
Safety InformationRecyclable, BPA free
Legal DisclaimerContains carcinogenic compounds like bromate

The Bottom Line

We have compiled a list of the top distilled water bottle brands that you would come across in the USA UK or Australia. This way you can know which has the best selling value and goodwill in the market. Water is a source of life and these brands have made sure to keep it that way.

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