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Bottled water is just drinkable water packed in either a glass or a plastic bottle and is available in a variety of sizes. You can find such bottles everywhere, right from an airport to a grocery store. Bottled water brands also care for natural resources and are also responsible for protecting them. 

All of these water bottle brands are not only focused on providing portable water bottles but also sustaining, recharging, and protecting all water sources.

The consumption of these bottles has increased drastically as it has become of great use and people carry them to various places such as offices, to sports areas, etc.

People may also carry it while traveling in buses, metros, etc.

Let us see in the article below that which is the most popular water bottle brand that uses spring water.

Top 10 List of Spring Water bottles Brands through 2019 to 2022 

Spring waters have been used since the 18th century to be a particular source for water brands to extract the water and sell them. Bottled water was introduced so that it is sustainable and a portable way of carrying water from one place to another.

It was made to add a convenient touch to having water with you at all times. However, the most important factor was that the water should not waste, and no natural material should be harmed while this project was being taken on.

Let us separate the water bottle brands according to the years and see what top 10 springs bottled water brands of the year 2019.

Aqua PannaSpringwaterThe water is taken from Aqua Panna, Italy Glass bottleLittle sweet in taste and very light
Deer ParkSpringwaterMultiple sources in FLPlain
EternalSpringwaterIt is taken from the Smokey Mountains, TN Naturally Balanced waterPlain
EvianSpringwaterIt originates from the French AlpsMineral in taste
Icelandic GlacialSpringwaterIt originates in Iceland, bottles are designed to look like an IcebergHas an aftertaste
Just waterSpringwaterThe source of this lies in Glen falls, New York. It comes in either boxes or paper bottles. The main purpose was to introduce a sustainable bottle that is good for the environment.Plain
The mountain valleySpring sparkling waterIt originates from the Ouachita mountains. It comes in a glass bottleTart
Poland SpringSpringwaterIt originates from Maines, Poland, and is being used since 1845Plain
Ice MountainSpringwaterIt is 100% spring water that comes from the Midwest, more probably from  three springs around MichiganCrisp
EthosSpringwaterThey donate 5% of the sale of the bottle to children across the globe to help them drink clean water.Crisp, high quality


Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2020

JUST water spring waterIt is unadulterated water that is taken from an alkaline spring in Adirondack Mountain in New YorkCrisp but sweet
Poland Springspring waterTaken from a natural spring in Maine, Poland. The spring is surrounded by pine trees.Refreshing, crispier
Icelandic Glacialspring waterSourced from Iceland’s Olfus springNatural taste
Glaceau Smart Waterspring waterIt is sourced at a spring in the United KingdomSweet taste
ArrowheadMountain spring waterSourced from the mountains of ArrowheadSweet and crispy
Evianspring waterIt is sourced from the french alpsTastes like minerals
Ethosspring waterA 100% natural spring waterCrisp and smooth
Ice mountainspring waterIt is sourced from three springs of Michigan in the Midwestcrisp
Aqua Pannaspring waterIt is sourced from Aqua Panna, ItalySweet but light
The mountain valleyspring waterIt is sourced from the Ouachita MountainsTarty in taste

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2021

Evianspring waterThe water is derived from the French alpsCrisp
Poland springspring waterTaken from a spring covered with pine trees in Maine, Poland.Sweet
Acqua pannaspring waterThe water is taken from a spring in Aqua Panna of ItalyCrisp and sweet
Icelandicspring waterThe water is sourced from a spring known as the legendary Olfus spring,Neutral
Ice mountainspring waterThe spring is located in the Midwest in Michigan. Water is sourced from three springs,Crispy and sweet
GlaceauSmartWaterspring waterThe water is derived from a spring in the UKSweet
JUST waterspring waterIt is sourced from Adirondack mountain in New York. The spring is known to be alkalineNeutral
Ethosspring waterIt is natural spring waterSweet
The mountain valleyspring waterThe water is taken from the Ouachita MountainsSweet and light
Deer parkspring waterMultiple sources around FloridaPlain

Let us see the top 10 brands for the year 2022.

The Mountain Valleyspring waterSourced from the Ouachita MountainsLight
Acqua Pannaspring waterSourced in Aqua Panna of ItalyCrisp and clean
Poland springspring waterMaine, Polandsweet
Evianspring waterSourced from a glacial plateau of the French Alps.Clean and crisp
Ethosspring waterIt is sourced from the ethos mountaincrisp
Deer parkspring waterIt is sourced from Deer park which is across the eastern seaboard.Clean and crisp
Ice mountainspring waterSourced from the Midwest spring in Michigancrispy
GlaceauSmartWaterspring waterSpring in the United KingdomSlight sweet
Icelandicspring waterThe legendary Olfus spring is the main source of this water brand.natural
JUST waterspring waterTaken from the Adirondack mountain of New York which is known to be alkaline. Alkaline in taste

Top 10 List of Spring Water bottles Brands of USA/UK/Australia

The list of spring water bottle brands is made in such a way that we have mentioned all those brands that are famous in the US, the UK, and Australia only; the brand may have been a different place altogether. The list of top listed brands of bottled water in the USA is as follows:

Brands of USABrands of UKBrands of Australia 
DanoneBerringtonSpringwaterMout Seaview spring water
GlaceauSmartwaterAshbrook mountain springCascade spring
Poland SpringAshdon SpringCrystal spring
EvianAston Manor Malvern springNeverfail spring water
Acqua PannaBurnbrae springAustralian spring
EthosCaledonian springHuron Valley spring
The Mountain valleyMaple springWinifred springs
IcelandicLakeland spring waterTasmanian spring waters
JUST waterPerthshire spring waterDeep spring
Deer parkRockwell springWattle springs

Top Spring Water Brands of all time


It is one of the most popular bottled water brands that source water from the French Alps. Because the water is sourced from the French alps, it naturally has a high amount of electrolytes and a unique blend of minerals as well.

Cost$14 – $35
pH Level7,2
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters330ml, 500ml, 700ml, 1ltr, 1.5ltr.
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNaturally occurring electrolytes and minerals
ProsTastes delicious at room temp., BPA free and neutral pH levels
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal Disclaimernone

JUST water

It is 100% sourced from a mountain spring from Montana. It is also sustainably resourced. JUST water is owned by Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. He started it when he was barely a teenager.

Cost$1 to $17 for a 17 oz carton
pH Level8
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters500ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsPure and naturally occurring electrolytes in the spring water.
ProsRecyclable boxes, BPA free, and plant-based bottles
ConsBottles might perish on delivery
Safety InformationPlant-based, BPA free
Legal Disclaimernone


It is an American brand of bottled water that is on a social mission of “helping the children get clean water”. This is founded by the Starbucks company along with its franchise of beverages and food. This was founded solely in the favour of helping the children get a fresh and clean mode of water.

pH Level5.5
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters23.7 fl oz
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsBalanced amount of naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals
Pros5% of its money is donated for the children across the globe by Starbucks
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal DisclaimerNone

Poland Spring

It is named after the spring located in the town of Poland. The springs bring water that has a mineral taste and a little chalky taste as well. The town where the spring is used is Maines.

CostUSD 7 – USD 20
pH Level7.2
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1 ltr, 1.5 ltr., 700ml, 
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsElectrolytes and mineral present occur naturally
ProsRich with electrolytes, 100% natural spring water, BPA free
Safety InformationFDA classified
Legal Disclaimernone

The mountain valley

Mountain valley spring water is a real American brand that sources spring water from the hot springs of Arkansas. They have been bottling since 1871 and are owned by the Clear Mountain Spring water company of little rock, Arkansas.

pH Level7.8
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters16.9 fl oz, 333ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNaturally occurring electrolyte
ProsNSF certified
Safety InformationNSF certified
Legal DisclaimerNone

Acqua Panna

It is natural spring water which is light to the taste and is also soft on your palette. It is also FDA-approved as it meets their stringent standards of quality. This is one of the most expensive kinds of water brands as 1 litre of the Aqua Panna bottle is worth USD 490.

pH Level8
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters1ltr
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsBicarbonate, calcium, sulfate
ProsCompletes 3% of your daily calcium needs
Safety InformationN.A.
Legal DisclaimerNone


The Icelandic is sourced from the glaciers of Iceland which is why it is clean and crisp and is filled with so many minerals.

pH Level8.4
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters62mg/l
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSulphate, calcium, potassium
Pros62 ppm purity
Safety Information62 ppm purity, 
Legal Disclaimernone


This was introduced in 1996 by the Energy brands. It not only hydrates but is also filled with naturally occurring electrolytes.

pH Level9pH
Fluid Ounces to Millimeters330ml, 700ml
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSodium, potassium, and other electrolytes were added for taste
Pros Balanced electrolytes, natural spring water
Safety InformationVapor distilled water
Legal DisclaimerNone

Frequently asked questions

Aqua Panna, The mountain Valley, Poland spring are some of the most famous brands of bottled water.

Volvic is the leading water brand in the United Kingdom in terms of its sales. They garnered up to 128.4 million sales.

Q3. Is Evian the best water?

Evian is considered the best choice as the water is clean and safe to use, and filled with ample minerals. Children could be vulnerable to changes in water which is why you could always drink Evian to keep them healthy and safe.

Q4. Why is Evian expensive?

Evian water is expensive because it has a high mineral content which is healthy for the body. Since its brand name has become very popular, the prices soar high as well.

The Bottom Line

We tried to make a comparative article over some of the most popular bottled water brands that use spring water as the main source. However, when you do read about it, you will see that there is a very minute difference in the water brands and their popularity, but those differences speak a lot when you do differentiate them.

People across the globe enjoy bottled water every day in all walks of life. This is downright the most healthy beverage you will ever use; drinking it will only add to your life and not take anything from it. Similarly, all these big water brands aim to sustain, protect and add to their customers’ lives.

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