Kinetico Water Softener Constantly draining? Fixed!

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Undoubtedly, appliances break down easily whether they come with a long-lasting guarantee. Kinetico water softener is one such appliance that requires regular maintenance; otherwise, it often creates issues, especially draining.

Indeed you have a number of tools to ensure the kinetico water softener quality, but sometimes the issues are internal. So, to make up things and avoid complications, one needs to understand the causes and solutions to fix them.

Read on our tips or guide on troubleshooting kinetico water softener problems. 

How do you repair the Kinetico water softener?

At first glance, a water softener may look complex to troubleshoot, but it is often easy to fix. However, there are two core factors you need to consider- identify the problem and the required tools to fix the issue. 

Identify the problem –

When it comes to diagnosis, water softener problems often seem complicated, but you can easily pinpoint the issue and enjoy the effortless approach. 

Required tools to fix –

When you identify the actual cause behind the issue, you can easily find the right tool and accessories that will need to fix the issue. 

What causes Kinetico Water softener drain?

Here we are sharing some of the basic culprits that leak water softener. 

Rotor Valve

If you see the water softener is constantly leaking, one of the common culprits is having a fault in the rotor valve. Valve plays a crucial role in softening water.

So, if your system is running on the older side, then the valve can leak or crack. If you do not find cracks, then there will be a fault in the valve, and you need a professional to fix it since it requires replacement. 

O-rings in bypass valve

It is yet another cause of leaking water softener, as it indicates a fault in O-rings. To maintain the quality of the water softener, one must need to ensure lubrication in the o-rings to keep the softener functional. If this is the case, you need to replace the softener.

Punctured Brine tank

If you see softener is draining, then it can be an issue with the brine tank. It is a crucial place as it holds salt, which is used by softeners for cleaning purposes. Experts often see this as the most common issue among USA homes of leaking water softener.

Thus, you will need to replace it to fix the issue. However, if you’re not good to replace, then calling an expert help can rescue you from the issue. 

So, these are the primary reasons that can cause kinetico water softener draining. Despite that, there are a few more issues like hoses and pipes you need to fix to eradicate the issue. 

Why is water leaking from the drain line? 

If you see the water is leaking from the drain line or even from the top, it will be easy to diagnose and fix. So, this matter can be solved easily by calling an expert who can replace the faulty drain line. Remember, call the expert for this job.

Why is water leaking from the hose?

If you see the water is leaking from the hose, check the connection, which is at the top of the unit. If it seems loose, so tighten it and see the draining. However, the issue still persists, then an expert can help you to fix it by either fixing or replacing it. 

Well, the fixes will be easier if you find the right man for the job. After all, he knows the job very well, including causes and fixes. 

What are the other fixes if the Kinetico water softener is draining?

Well, it does not often happen water keeps draining. However, the issue is not fixed, then resetting the timer can help. Sometimes, prolonged use of power could cause drainage. Thus, restoring the time can rescue you from the issues.

Another thing you can do is find the control panel and put the unit into bypass mode since it will resolve the issue on a temporary basis. If nothing is working, call the technician. 

Besides this, the water softener is constantly draining due to leakages. If there is an internal issue of leakage, the only technician can help you with this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you clean water softener? 

To maintain the quality of softener, cleanliness is important. Hence, following the given methods can help you have the best results. 

  • Change filters
  • Service softener
  • Add Regenerant

Q2. How to service water softener? 

Following are the steps to be followed: 

  • Clean and sanitize the system
  • Optimize the process
  • Maintain components
  • Test water quality 
  • Resin bed cleaning

The Bottom Line

So, with the above discussion, we hope you got to know now how you can resolve the kinetico water softener problems. If everything seems puzzling to you, then nothing is best to call the expert and fix the issue, as he can do his best and offer you stress-free results. Good luck!

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