Kinetico Water Softener Filters

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Are you planning to repair or change Kinetico water softer filters? Do you know the right time when to change filters? If not, this post is for you.

There you will know about how to maintain system performance for the long run, and also, we will discuss in-depth about when your filters need to be changed and lots more. So, without further ado, let us get started.

The basics of Kinetico water softener filters

Undeniably, Kinetico water softener filters are one of the best sources to enhance water quality that significantly increase the quality of life. To identify whether the filters need to be changed or not, you should check the filter capacity.

For instance, you are using a K5 drinking water station, so check its blue gauge that indicates the capacity of filters. If you find the gauge is above the limitations or it is going to be full, that’s a sign of changing the filters to improve the life of water

In Kinetico, the filters cartridges are specifically designed to contain 500 gallons of water. So, if capacity is beyond limitation, the filters should be changed. However, if you’re still unable to access then read more signs. 

Signs that indicate the change of kinetic water softener filters

If you are thinking of replacement, we suggest replacement as it is good to enhance the life of water. Here are a few signs: 

  1. Keep checking filters frequently, be it a month or a week. Ensure the blue gauge is in its ratio, not full of capacity. If you see it is near the limit or already full, change the filters immediately since it slows the flow of water.
  2. If you need to change the filters, stop until the water flow does not stop at the faucet. However, to ensure whether the filter change is needed find PureMometer. This assists you better.

Remember, when you find Kinetico water softener filters to be changed, always call professionals to get quality service.

How to change Kinetico (K5) Filters?

Changing filters is part of the normal maintenance of Kinetico, as it needs to be checked periodically to keep things operational. So, here are the steps to change filters efficiently. 

Check the Puremometer

Puremometer is a good way to identify the quality of drinking water. See if the gauge is below the window the filters need to change. Despite that, if the water faucet is slow or stopped, then you have to change the filters. 

Sanitize System

Once you are ready to change the filters, the second important step is to sanitize the whole system to ensure the system is disinfected. To do this, wash your hands and do not touch any mechanism with naked hands. Next, follow the proper instructions given on sanitization to disinfect the system. 

Change the softener filters

To start with the process, you will need to perform the given steps. 

Step 1- find the on/off valve which operates the whole functioning of the Kinetico water softener. So, turn off the valve as if you missed to stop it there will be wet. 

Step 2- Next, drain the faucet and wait until the water faucet is not empty or you see the drop is coming only. Then turn off the faucet. 

Step 3- Now, locate the side panel and open it and find the filter cartilages in the Kinetico water system. Then check the cartilages model and identify you have the same model for replacement. Please note when you’re replacing filters, the whole process will be done at the same time as you need to change the membrane (osmosis) while changing filters.

So, next, you will find the guide of the side panel that assists in how you can replace it. So read and do things accordingly.


Step 4- On the cartilage system clockwise (counter) up to half turn. However, you need to turn the cartilage at a good amount, so it turns to an open ridge (top of the cartridge). When it happens, ensure the cartridge has full of water, and the system is dribbling little water. Perform this step on each while replacing filters. 

Step 5- Once the filters have changed, then replace the side panel. Also, make sure the side panels are aligned perfectly. 

Step 6- Now go back and turn on the valve. And do check the filters; they do not leak. If you see any leak, then shut off the valve ad tighten the screws, or check defaults. Before turning on the valve, make sure everything is fine.

Step 7- Once you are satisfied and sanitizing process is completed, it is crucial to check water storage tank is running through the unit as it disposes all waste from the tank. Again check all the things and then get turned on the system. 

The process seems complicated as you need to care for every step. Thus, it is best to hire an expert for the job. Well, if you have the caliber, then do it on your own and enjoy the freshwater. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much do Kinetico Water softener filters cost?

The cost of changing or replacing filters often depends on the Kinetico model and parts you need. Also, you can’t buy the Kinetico system directly from the Kinetico; you have to take the assistance of a specialist that helps you choose the right system and give you quality results. 

On average, the replacement cost can range from $200 to $400. It can be increased, depending on the requirements of the system.

Q2. How often do you change a Kinetico water filter?

According to experts, the rule is to change filters after every 3-6 months. However, most of it depends on the usage and capacity of filters. Keep checking on filters and ensure they are not clogged. 

Q3. How long do Kinetico water filters last?

The life of Kinetico water filters is up to 10-20 years. Basically, it depends on the maintenance and quality you buy. 

The Bottom Line

So, we hope with the above discussion you got to know everything related to Kinetico water softener filters replacement still, if you have doubt write to us. 

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