Kinetico Water Softener Parts

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If you’re looking to buy Kinetico water softener parts, this post is for you. Here you will find the Kinetico Water Softener Parts list, including its price, usage, and more. Before moving on to the parts, one needs to check with the Kinetico specialist first in order to get quality products in the market.

However, online portals will make you able to obtain the best parts, but calling an expert always gives worth. So, without further ado, let us get started. 

Water Softener Parts

The given table will show you different parts including its price. 

Kinetico Water Softener PartsAverage Price
Nelsen Salt 18 Grid plate$34-$39
Aquasure signature series$1214.99-$1614.99
ABCwaters built Fleck$1249.99
Kinetico water softener parts$79.75
Kinetico water softener main base seal$36.95
Kinetico water softener control valve and cone seal$36.95
Level 1 Seal gasket$36.95-$39.99
Drain valves$225
Kinetico venture throat$39.99

Besides, there are many more parts you should look into. Here are the details.

Tablet salt retainerBest for customers who do not want to use block salt$23.00
Salt lid hingesUse to modify to take a new style hinges$10.16
Noryl ¾ BSP males in/outsBest for all water softeners$29.82
Brine float valve 2020c & mini-B & Aqua-bluBest for giving support plate$69.41
Bss brine valve conversion kitGood to assemble with blue resin tanks$107.9
Kinetico 2020c HE level AssemblySuitable for HE water softeners$235.87
Pawl setInclude complete set of pawls and springs$25.76
Actuator and sealPerform manual regeneration$10.84
Hose washerFit for inlet and outlet$4.74

Kinetico Water Softener Parts Diagram With Guide

With the given diagram of softener bypass valve operation, you can easily understand its installation and working process. 

The water softener bypass valve is the particularly normal part that includes the part of the control valve, which is on the top of the water tank. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Turn on the water softener 
  2. Autorol the water conditioner bypass
  3. Culling the push bypass valve
  4. Fleck bypass valve
  5. Lever bypass valve
  6. Manual water softener valve
  7. Rotating bypass valve
  8. Leaky bypass valve
  9. Return water softener operations
  10. Piping arrangement 
  11. Location bypass valve
  12. Turn off the water softener

Now, let us move to the next diagram that indicates several parts. 

With the given image, you can easily identify the parts, such as on the top of right side there is regen start pawl then next meter pawl and next position indicator. Now moving to the left side of the picture, there is no black pawl which is next to regen drive pawl. 

How long does a water softener last? 

By consulting with experts, water softeners can last up to 10-12 years based on the quality and brand you buy. On average, the single electric water container can last for 12 years. However, the Kinetico system can last 20 years. 

What are the best tips to increase the life of parts?

The experts have recommended some important tips to increase the life of parts such as:

  • Changing filters frequently can help you enjoy a healthy life. 
  • Keep adding regenerant, thus it will not run out from the stock.
  • Do not replenish the salt supply
  • Do not use softener harshly
  • Check hardness of salt

It is true maintenance is very important if you want to increase the life of water softener. Thus, you can enjoy the life of water softener, and naturally, you can cut the cost. Most often, we recommend you choose the right softener. Remember, a single tank electric system may need higher time to provide quality results.


How much does it cost to replace the resin water softener?

Basically, a resin water softener can cost up to $200-$400. However, the actual cost depends on the brand and quality you have opted for. All you are suggested to choose the quality water softener that gives worth. 

How do you check the water softener?

The given steps can help you, so have a look.

  1. Find the water is still easy to lather 
  2. Offer high-quality output
  3. Clean faucets, pipes, tiles, and sinks.
  4. Less pressure
  5. Taste of the water
  6. No regeneration cycles 
  7. Leakages 
  8. Internal problems

Which is the best salt for Kinetico water softener?

To get the most out of water softener, you have to check its maintenance and also use quality salt evaporated salt. It is good quality salt that often works best with sodium chloride, a common compound to use a water softening system. 

The Bottom Line

So, with the above discussion, we hope you got to know the Kinetico water softener parts. Whether you’re planning to replace or buy new parts, always check with a specialist. Good luck!

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