How do Brita water filters know when to be changed ?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

So, you are concerned about your Brita filter, well, that’s great! Usually, Brita water filters come with electronic indicators that let your Brita filters know when to be changed.

If the lifespan of your Brita filter is full, it will show green light flashing on all four bars when you are pressing the start button. However, you will see the disappearance of a bar every 2 weeks which will be gone completely in just 2 months.

Changing your Brita water filter is necessary if you want to keep your filtered water pure and also want to prevent the buildup of scales and other contaminants inside it. So, it can retain the optimal performance of your filter.

Therefore, considering the above-mentioned fact, in this article, I will provide with you some in-detail and also useful information related to the topic- How do Brita water filters know when to be changed? and, will provide some other information as well.

Hopefully, after reading the whole article you will know a lot better about this, so let’s go through the article!

How long does your Brita filter really last?

Brita filters come with different models and generally, how long Brita filters really last depends on its models. However, usually, if you have a Brita Standard (white) or Stream (gray) filter, it will last about 2 months and thus you need to replace it for every 40-gallons.

Yet, if the model is Brita Longlast (blue) water filter, it will last for about 6 months and needs to be changed for every 120-gallon.

So, if you want to know about- how long do your Brita water filters last? – Check your filter model first and depending on the model, either use a cling calendar or actuate the filter’s electronic change indicator. It will let you know when you need to change the filter and install a new one.

Well, to let you know about the Brita filter’s lifespan, I have compiled a list according to various filter models. Here, have a look at the table below to know about it.

Brita Filter modelsEstimated Time to ChangeEstimated Gallons (gal) to Change
Brita Dispenser Filters and Pitcher
Brita Standard Filter -(White)About 2 monthsEvery 40 gal.
Brita Longlast Filter -(Blue)About 6 monthsEvery 120 gal.
Brita Stream Filter -(Gray)About 2 monthsEvery 40 gal.
Brita Water Faucet Filters and Bottle Filters
Brita Premium Water Filtering BottlesAbout 2 monthsEvery 40 gal.
Brita Faucet Water Filter-Faucet System Model (OPFF-100)About 4 monthsEvery 94 gal.
Brita Faucet Water Filter-Faucet System Model (SAFF-100)About 4 monthsEvery 100 gal.
Brita Faucet Water Filter-Faucet System Model (FF-100)About 4 monthsEvery 100 gal.

Here, in this table, the time estimation to change the Brita dispensers, pitchers, water faucet filters, bottle filters are typically based on an average number of glasses per day to be used for household purposes which are 11-glasses/day.

However, here, one thing you should remember is that if you run hard water instead of soft water through the Brita water filter, you should change the filter more frequently. Otherwise, you will experience a scale buildup that will ultimately impure the water inside your filter.

Well, the thing is, as you have activated the built-in electronic change filter indicator or in other words the SmartLight change filter indicator, it will show the lifespan status of your Brita filter. Generally, the indicator shows 3 different colors of lights including green, yellow and red.

If you see a green light is blinking from the four bars of the indicator, it means that your filter is in good condition and has a full lifespan. And, every 2 weeks, a bar of the indicator will stop flashing and ultimately will disappear.

Yet, when the indicator shows a yellow blinking light, it indicates that there is remaining only 25% of life the Brita water filter that will typically continue to blink the yellow light until it retains 1% of filter life.  It means that you need to change your Brita water filter as early as possible.

And a red light indicates that your filter retains 0% of life, unfortunately. Well, before your filter shows you this red light indication, you should replace it and install a new filter.

Are Brita filters supposed to be slow?

Brita filters aren’t supposed to be slow that will lead to slow the filtration process, however, they may be slow due to some reasons including tap water’s aeration, air block due to trapped bubbles, too many types of sediment in the running water, delaying the filter change in time, faulty filter installation, etc.

Therefore, to fix this issue, the manufacturer Brita provides a new Brita Stream-(gray) Filter system technology that will make your water filtration process faster.

Not only this but also this filter comes with an activated carbon cartridges filter that will reduce the contaminants of the water such as chlorine, lead, mercury, etc., and also the foul odor of the water so it tastes better.

Besides, you can also fix this slow filtration problem by following some techniques given below-

  • Replace your Brita water filter more often especially if the running water is hard water and also notice your filter’s change indicator to know when to be changed.
  • Force the running water through your filter to modify the water pressure.
  • Tap the Brita water filter mildly to release the trapped bubbles.
  • Remove the high level of sediments as well as debris by running the filter under a sprinkle of water.
  • Ensure the water quality while running through your filter.

Final verdict

Well, finally, I have reached the last section of the article regarding the topic- How do Brita water filters know when to be changed? Well, I’ve tried to clearly explain the filter lifespan issues in detail about how long your Brita water filter will last and when you should replace it.

However, my final recommendation to you is that if you’re really worried about changing or replacing your Brita water filter, pay attention to the filter’s change indicator.

And, surprisingly you won’t have to worry about it as the indicator helps you to know the time when the filter needs to be changed.

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