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Water is the key to life, and you must drink safe drinking water. Several areas confront issues such as inadequate water conditions and deteriorating water quality in India.

Numerous manufacturers have begun making mineral water in bottles and cans to combat this problem. 

Mineral water is regarded safe and is significantly safer to consume than conventional tap water. If you do not enjoy drinking dangerous water, you may depend on bottled water provided by India’s most significant mineral water firms. Best mineral water brands –

  1. Dasani
  2. Aquafina
  3. Glaceau SmartWater
  4. Evian
  5. Voss
  6. Mountain Valley Spring Water
  7. Fiji Natural Artesian Water
  8. Perfect Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Water
  9. JUST Water Pure Still Spring Water
  10.  Eternal Spring Water

Mineral Water

Bottled water should be chosen based on the following considerations.

Know The Different Types

There is a variety of possibilities for bottled water.

Water With A High Acid Content

To assess the acidity or alkalinity of water, the pH level must be considered. The 7th number on the chromatic scale represents a middle ground. Even yet, most of your food and water supply is very acidic.

As a result, alkaline water is widespread. The pH level of alkaline water is more significant. It helps to keep your body’s acidity levels in check.


Springwater is water that originates from a natural source, such as a spring or even a river. There are several natural advantages to the water’s passage thru the rocks and stones.

The alkaline nature of the drink helps you feel energized and maintains a healthy acid-alkaline balance in your body. However, to ensure the safety of the water, water treatment and filtration firms are in place. Minerals may also be added in certain circumstances.

Look Into The Water To See What’s Living There

Look at the water bottle’s label. Determine whether or not the content is suitable for you. Some drink mixes have a pH that is too low, while others have a too high pH. The following factors influence the potency and flavor of the water:

  • Both alkaline and
  • The acidity of a substance

Verify The Flavor

Various kinds of bottled water are available. Choose bottled water for its superior taste. Some may be abundant in vitamins, and some may be poor in vitamins yet have a significant flavor difference from one kind to the others.

Water may be made more chemically potent by certain businesses. As a result, you can experience new flavors that you do not like.

The Water Supply

Approximately 60-70 percent of consumers value the water quality they drink. Springwater is preferred by around 55% of people. Make sure you know where the water is coming from.

Whether or not the corporation is telling the truth about their water source. A credible source should provide the results of water testing.

Importance of Choosing High-Quality Mineral Water Brands

Pollutants in both surface and aquifer water may create a wide variety of health problems for those who drink them. Knowing what the most common sources of water toxin contamination are may encourage you to switch to healthier water, even if it does not seem urgent. The following are some of the most common causes of water pollution:

Industrial and agricultural residue disposal facilities, even after disinfection, may transfer toxins such as solvents, petroleum, or heavy metals into your water supply, even if you wash your cup in the sink. Pollution from pesticides and fertilizers may also be found in rivers and lakes.

Sewage and septic systems carry human or animal waste microbes into drinking water sources. However, even while water treatment eliminates many contaminants, it may also leave behind harmful metabolic ends, such as lead and copper-based piping, which can constitute a health risk when the waters are not appropriately dispersed.

What Is Mineral Water?

Underground reservoirs provide mineral water. In contrast to ordinary tap water, Mineral water is not subjected to any chemical processing. High concentrations of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and salt, are the hallmarks of mineral water.

Top List Of Mineral Water Brands 2019/2020/2021/2022

2019TDS Level2020TDS Level2021TDS Level2022TDS Level
Aquafina  4Arrowhead120Evian16Voss110
Dasani  28Dasani  116Smartwater  20Mountain Valley Spring Water53
Nestle  53Ice Mountain110Arrowhead50-150ManikchandOxyrich Water  Less Than 300 mg/L
Poland Spring  36-76ManikchandOxyrich  Less Than 300 mg/LOzarka  53C’est Bon  53
Fiji  222Hintbelow 50 mg/literC’est Bon  110Hintbelow 50 mg/liter
Tingyi  53Vedica  170Wahaha  110Ozarka  53
Deer Park  59-230C’est Bon  53Nongfu Spring  53Crystal Geyser120

Top List OfMineral Water Brands In USA/UK/AUSTRALIA

Fiji WaterHighland Spring  phURE Alkaline Water
OzarkaBuxton Water  Fiji water  
Poland SpringLlanllyr Source  JUST Water  
GlaceauSmartwaterDeeside Berrington  San Pellegrino  
DasaniSpeyside Glenlivet  Voss  
AquafinaTY Nant  Mount Franklin  
DanoneWenlock Spring  Santa Vittoria  

Top 10 Mineral Water Brands All The Time

Brand NamePrice
Dasani  $43.45
Aquafina  $96.50
Glaceau SmartWater  $27.49

Evian  $30.25
Voss  $43.45
Mountain Valley Spring Water  $30.25
Fiji Natural Artesian Water  $34.25
Perfect Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Water  $48.68
JUST Water Pure Still Spring Water  $48.68
Eternal Spring Water  $46.45

When we are on the road, bottled water is a must. With the introduction of Aqua guard and cleaners, they should not be used in everyday life but instead come to our aid when we leave home. 

Packaged drinking water may come from any source and must be treated and disinfected before humans consume it. This treatment may include filtration, ultraviolet (UV) or ozone (Ozone) light, or reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. There are no minerals in bottled water.

01. Dasani

If you are still interested in what Coca-Cola’s bottled tap water tastes like, go no further than Dasani’s bottled water line. The Hydro-7 filtering method, like many others employed in renowned bottled water brands, helps make drinking tap water more appealing. Strictly speaking, the process involves reverse osmosis to remove salt and chloride.

While this may seem like a good idea, Dasani had to pull its product from the U.K. because of high levels of bromated, a carcinogenic chemical ingredient, as reported by Business Insider. Even Shane Dawson, a popular YouTube, has poked fun at Dasani. Dasani water has an audible fizz when the cap is unscrewed, which Dawson believes is due to the water’s carbonation.

2. Aquafina

It has now become the world’s most popular bottled water brand, Aquafina, founded in 1999. In addition to flavoured and unflavored water, PepsiCo manufactures a variety of other branded goods, including lip balm and clothes.

Many people have gotten used to Aquafina’s distinctive flavor thanks to a purification process that uses reverse osmosis and UV sterilization to remove contaminants. Aquafina succeeds in marketing and logistics, two areas with a distinct advantage.

Environmentally concerned customers appreciate the ecologically friendly packaging that these companies use to sell their goods, which helps them build their customer base.

3. Glaceau SmartWater

Glaceau SmartWater sets itself apart from the competition by emphasizing the absence of a filtration procedure. To emphasize that they do not tamper with or add any minerals or flavours to the water they obtain, several advertisements say that our water is “pure as the first drop of rain.” However, this does not imply that Glaceau SmartWater sells water to customers directly from the faucet. 

4. Evian

However, the town name of Evian, which is French for “naive” spelled backward, was established long before humans learned to spell words backward to construct hidden messages. As far as the company’s claims go, their water is indeed a geologic wonder since it travelled through a few scientifically inconceivable levels. It takes 15 years of rain and snow to reach an underground spring, where the water is already enriched with electrolytes and minerals.

5. Voss

Voss shares the title of most bottled power on the list with Mountain Spring, which is sourced from an artesian ok in Norway and used in high-end hotel suites. It has a lot going for it. It conveys a message. We did not mind the gloom since it reminded us of Jack Palance. The edges are a little rough. There seems to be a significant amount of mineral content.

6. Mountain Valley Spring Water

Since 1871, this spring water from Arkansas has quenched many’s thirsts, including presidents Coolidge and Eisenhower, Elvis Presley, and Secretariat, the first horse to win the Triple Crown and the first horse to express an opinion on the taste of water. Aquifer water, which takes 3,500 years to reach, has a naturally high pH and is said to neutralize very acidic foods.

7. Fiji Natural Artesian Water

It takes long for Fiji water to filter through volcanic rock strata organically. As a result, Fiji water has naturally occurring electrolytes, making it very healthy. After passing through volcanic rock filters, the water has a pH of 7.7.

8. Perfect Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Water

Because it is drinking water with a pH of 9.5, the moniker “Perfect Hydration” is warranted. There are nine stages of filtration and electrolytes in the water to ensure that you keep hydrated and healthy. At no point in the bottling process is the water supplemented with any additional additives or chemicals.

9. JUST Water Pure Still Spring Water

Immediately recognizable packaging in plant-based boxes is recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains provide the water’s source. Water is cleaned using natural processes, including ozone and UV filtering, which retains all of the water’s naturally occurring minerals. The pH level of this bottled water is 8.0.

10. Eternal Spring Water

Natural alkaline spring water from the Shasta-Trinity Alps in California is used to make Eternal bottled water. Rainwater that has been organically filtered through layers of old rock makes it naturally mineral-rich. It has a pleasant taste and no lingering aftertaste. It also comes in a unique curved bottle that distinguishes it from the competition.

Bottled Water Without Sodium 

Sodium is a mineral found in a wide variety of water sources. For certain bottled waters, it’s a tasty taste enhancer that may assist athletes in achieving fluid balance.A high salt diet may, on the other hand, aggravate preexisting health concerns or induce new ones in specific individuals.

The Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (MassDEP) has set a maximum salt concentration (mg/L) at 20 milligrams when it comes to drinking water.

Because of this, those with preexisting medical issues, such as high blood pressure, stroke, renal disease, or heart disease should reduce their salt consumption.

Also you can get more information in Most popular bottled water brands low in sodium – (Unlimited Guide!)

Life WTR Purified Water

Life WTR is more like a work of art than a water bottle. Incorporating the work of 20 rising artists from the United States, every bottle is a work of art in itself. Before adding electrolytes and beneficial minerals like bicarbonate, reverse osmosis water is cleaned using reverse osmosis. There are no notable allergies in the pH range from 6.4 – 7.4.

Penta Purified Water

All pollutants and minerals are removed using Penta’s 13-step filtering process, the only one in the United States. The filtering employs procedures such as deionization, membrane filtration, ultraviolet radiation, microfiltration, and ozonation to guarantee that you get a pleasant flavor. Bottled with solar power, it has no additional pH balancers.


There is a high CAGR of much more than 20% predicted in the mineral water market due to increasing disposable income, more significant travel, and a growing number of visitors. 

There is a good chance that top 10 mineral water firms will spend a lot of money expanding their manufacturing capacity and distribution routes to take advantage of its growing mineral water market. Important product inventions and efficient advertising operations have created fierce rivalry among the top ten mineral water producers. 

The most significant mineral water firms are expected to aim to consolidate their market position by giving the best quality and most minimal mineral water pricing in contrast to their rivals in the next five years.

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