Glossier water bottle (Unlimited guide)

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We all want to stay in good health and rejuvenated to be more productive in our work. Keeping our bodies hydrated keeps us in goo0d health and makes our skin glow. Who doesn’t want to look good?

Since it might be uneconomical to purchase water bottles every day, you are out and can’t just drink any water out there, you might have to carry a water bottle with you.

Just tell the truth! It is not that pleasant to carry a water bottle, especially if it is too heavy or doesn’t have a handle.

Thanks to the glossier water bottle brand that makes our lives easier daily. They have consistently introduced the best water bottles that are easy to carry along even when hiking.

If you want to know about the glossier water bottles that are causing buzz everywhere, keep reading.

Glossier water bottle review

Slowly, water bottles are becoming must-haves every time we get out of the house. No one wants to spend a day at home or visiting the doctor simply because they couldn’t stay hydrated.

But let’s call a spade a spade. Not all water bottles give us an easy time when traveling. Actually, most of the time, it may feel like added loads.

Fortunately, the glossier bottles are giving us a reason to smile. These bottles embrace a user-friendly design and durability, making them worth your money and easy to travel with.

Below are some features of glossier water bottles. You can also look at this video review on these highly recommendable water bottles.


It is pretty easy to grab a disposable plastic water bottle from the store and use it for a short while. If you thought so, you need to think again.

Statistics indicate that a million plastic bottles are bought every minute in America. You would think that they will be recycled and the waste will not be lying on the ground.

I am sorry to disappoint you. Only 9% of the produced waste is recycled. As a result, 91% of the waste products will lead to environmental pollution.

Also, plastic bottles are not suitable for your health, especially if you are carrying hot water or worse, after a few days, the layers might start peeling off.

As a result, glossier water bottles use reusable materials for health reasons and make them environmentally friendly.


One of the major turns off of the water bottles is their heavyweight. Especially when you are going hiking, you can’t imagine adding extra loads even though you will need water at some point.

Fortunately, the glossier brand has ensured that all their bottles are lighter for portability. For instance, the glossier Seattle water bottle weighs less than 0.17 kilograms

Carrying handle

A carrying handle is quite essential when carrying a water bottle. It makes it easy to carry when handling the bottle.

For that reason, most if not all glossier water bottles have handles.


Let us be honest with each other. We all want water bottles whose quality is worth our money. For instance, as much as we promise to take good care of the bottle, it should be resistant to breakage in case it falls.

As a result, the glossier water bottles are made of hard material which absorbs the ground impacts and also a material that is resistant to peeling off.

This water bottle brand ensures its bottles are of good quality to guarantee longevity.


Bottles with opaque materials make it hard to refill because you can’t tell when it is almost full, which is likely to cause a mess,

The glossier water bottles usually have a translucent or transparent design and a scale that indicates the amount of water left in the bottle.

Let us now look at the top glossier water bottles you can consider purchasing.

The top three glossier water bottles that we can recommend are;

Model/ namesizeMade ofPrice
Nalgene water bottle2 poundsBPA free material$15.59
Glossier Seattle water bottle16 ozBPA free material$14
Glossier water bottle16 ozBPA free material$15

Is the glossier water bottle dishwasher safe?

Not all utensils can be washed with a dishwasher. If the item is not dishwasher safe, you shouldn’t put it on the machine. Otherwise, the item might get destroyed or probably even destroy your machine.

Unfortunately, some of the glossier water bottles are not dishwasher safe. Putting it in a dishwasher will cause the stickers to peel off, destroying their elegant and appealing appearance.

However, these water bottles are quite simple to hand wash. Besides, they do not stick dirt. Hence, you will only need a few minutes to get them clean.

Final remarks

Glossier water bottles are trending and have become the perfect choice for hikers, campers, and even offices. Well, I am not exaggerating anything. Their brilliant design tells it all.

They have a lightweight design for portability and beautiful decorations to improve their appearance. Durability is a non-negotiable to this brand. Hence you can be sure it will resist breaking forces and last for ages.

The only thing you should have in your mind is that this water bottle is not dishwasher safe. However, as we have already told you, it is easy to hand wash. Thus, no troubles at all.

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