Why Does Bottled Water Taste Sweet ?(Explained)

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Why does bottled water taste sweet? That’s the question pop up in your mind when all of a sudden you drink from a water bottle and its taste is something not what you have always experienced. That also has happened to me several times and the good news is, you don’t need to be worried about it as far as it is bottled water.

Is It Normal For A Bottled Water To Taste Sweet?

In most cases or whenever we drink water from bottles in need of thirst, we may not always find that water has a sweet taste.

Because bottled water is purified, filtered out, and given the natural taste that a healthy sip of water should provide to your tongue when you drink it.

Therefore, bottled water doesn’t always taste sweet, no matter what. But if you have experienced a sweet taste from that bottle you just purchased, there might be a reason.

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Sweet?

There is hardly a chance that the taste of the water bottle may go sweet. But even if it does, there is a reason.

A mineral water bottle may taste sweet because of a little excessive quantity of minerals. It also depends on how you observe that water and how sensitive your taste perception is. When certain minerals get mixed into the water, they may start tasting sweet when you drink them.

In our bottled water-ultimate guide, we have explained several types of water bottles with their brands and everything.

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7 Reasons For Which That Bottled Water May Taste Sweet:

Most likely, it is always the taste of your mouth that defines the taste of water when you drink it from the water bottle.

However, there can be some particular reasons associated with the water inserted into the bottle as well as with yourself. Some of them are described as follows.

1 Excess Quantity Minerals In Water:

The most basic reason for your bottled water has a sweet taste is that it might have a little bit of dissolved minerals than other water bottles inside your fridge.

Yes, this can happen sometimes.

Besides, there are multiple brands, including Poland Spring, Aquafina, Smart Water, and brands like Pure Life produce bottled water that tastes sweet.

The water they use or have in the bottles is the one having a natural concentration of minerals.

2: The Place Where You Live:

Sometimes the water bottle you get with a sweet taste of water also represents that specific area where you live and where the water is 100 percent natural.

A specific location may affect your drinking habits and tell you how different bottled water tastes when you drink it.

For instance, the water tastes sweet for the people living in Florida because it comes from the ground.

And even if the bottled water filling or producing companies send their products to North America, it will taste sweet if a person like you or me drinks it.

However, sometimes, these minerals can affect our skin.

3 You Feeling Dehydrated:

In most cases, we may taste our bottled water a little weirdly, like when we are thirstier. That dehydration symptoms in your body may encourage you to take that water taste as any.

Because thirst may have affected your taste buds which is resulting now in making everything taste sweet.

You should also consult your doctor if you don’t know whether it is hydration or any other problem affecting you to feel the sweet taste of the water bottled.

4 High pH Level Of Your Bottled Water:

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the pH level of your water, the sweeter it will taste. In the United States Of America, the highest maximum pH level of water is 7.

If the water has more minerals or is more acidic, it will start tasting sweeter.

This might be the reason people don’t like to hold on to this kind of water and convert themselves to alkaline water to see an improvement in their drinking water taste.

5 The Mind Attracted With Sweet Taste:

A higher chance of feeling bottled water tasty could be based on your interaction with your mind.

Like, even if you have something sweet in your mind, you may like to implement this idea on your bottled water.

Because at that moment, you will never be able to differentiate between normal and sweet water as your mind is directed to read it is just sweet water.

6 Tasting Bottled Water Sweet If You Have Diabetes:

People with diabetes always have trouble defining the right taste of something they are drinking or eating.

These people cannot process a proper sugar process and may name their bottled water sweet.

Sometimes, due to the certainty of their diseases, this water may taste a little bitter or have a metallic flavor.

Go to your doctor before it’s too late if you have found out that your diabetes is affecting your pure sense of taste. This is something you should really be concerned about.

7 Bottled Water Tasting Sweet If You Are Suffering From Any Infection:

If you have any infection in your body, your sense of smell and taste might be affected by it.

This sense of taste is usually connected to the lungs, the sinuses and even the stomach. And in case you are having one, the taste may feel a way sweeter than ever before.

Moreover, having infection can cause you with symptoms like Coughing, headaches and the stomach issues as well.

Therefore, these are the most basic reasons if your bottle of water tastes sweet right now when you are drinking it and fulfilling your thirst.

Table Comparison Of The Reasons Making You Have A Sweet Taste From The Bottled Water:

More Quantity Of MineralsHighTry Changing a water bottle
The places where you liveMediumTry Changing a water bottle brand
DehydrationLowTry staying hydrated all the time
High pH Level of waterHighTry Changing to a normal water bottle
Mind Having A Sweet tasteMediumTry diverting your mind towards something else
DiabetesHighConsult with your doctor
InfectionsMediumConsult with your doctor
Comparison Of The Reasons Making You Have A Sweet Taste

This table fully states the density as how affective the reason would be to feel a bottled water sweet.

And with that, you can look for the relevant cure as what to do in each case. However, even if the bottled water is still having a sweet taste, trying buying it from a different or a new source.

Is Sweet Bottled Water Safe To Drink?

Just in case you have observed, your bottled water having a sweet taste doesn’t mean it is gonna hurt you in any way.

It is safe until and unless you are unaware of the causes of this happening.

But in most cases, if a water bottle tastes sweet, it could be your problem to test things with your own perfection about taste.

Or it could be in the morning or evening, depending on your mood. So, in case you have observed your bottled water tasting sweet, you can still drink it without counting on any problem that might happen to you.

What Special Type Of Chemicals May Make Your Bottled Water Taste Sweet?

That’s all what we name them as minerals. There are multiple minerals or chemicals which can be found inside the bottled water that may turn your bottled water taste into something sweeter.

Most likely, the bottled water containing aspartame (a chemical that helps water feeling sweeter when you have already drunk it from the bottled water) is highly approved to give the bottled water a sweet taste.

So, if you have purchased a bottled water without knowing that you may find this chemical inside, you will feel that water taste sweeter.

Besides, there is another chemical which we name Sodium. This reacts with the oral enzymes and it starts giving a sweeter taste inside your mouth.

Undoubtedly, the bottled water is not a simple water. Rather, it contains a series of chemicals inside it. These all are added to have an improved water quality whenever you drink.

But some of them are so good as they may even improve the bottled water taste making it sweeter than ever before.

For Example:

You can coat an example of pure water and the mineral water. If you find the pure bottled water, it is just a water without containing any type of impurities.

On the other hand, the mineral bottle water is something more. It has relatively a better taste than that of normal pure water bottle.

Because in the mineral water, there are multiple chemicals added including the following ones.

  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Calcium
  • And many others.

Such minerals are added inside the bottled water to give it a sweeter taste. Such sweet taste would also be better than that of your normal pure water.

Hence, it’s always those minerals giving a better taste to the water and helping you drink something you would love to!

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Sweet During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a situation where a women’s hormones and digestive level changes so fastly. To that reason, a pregnant women’s mouth may always have a sweet taste.

And resulting to this, when she drinks water from a bottle, she may feel it a little sweeter than before when she was in a normal condition.

However, such water sweetness may depend and vary from a person to person.

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Sweet In The Morning?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and drunk water from a water bottled and its taste was sweet?

That’s likely, because in the starting hours of the day, we can feel a taste of water like this. Our mouth is usually fresh at that moment and all the cells are active.

So, when a sip of mineral bottled water goes inside it, its taste may feel sweeter.

Moreover, the water you might be drinking has a higher level of pH or it could be any disease that you may have caused the bottled water taste sweet.

Why Does Poland Spring Bottled Water Taste Different Or Sweeter?

You might feel it different, but with a 4.9 stars ratting on amazon, Poland Spring Water Bottle Brand is something that ranks highly in between all those high end water bottle brands.

It provides mineral water with all the blessings you need. Sometimes, it can also go sweeter just because of the condition you are in.

Or if they have forgotten to add a bit more quantity of minerals into it. So, you can trust on this branded water and drink it to kill that thirst of yours.

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Sweet In The Night?

Waking up in the middle of the night and drinking water from a bottled water may give you a sweeter taste.

The ultimate reason for this happening is because those minerals will attach with your tongue or mouth fastly in the middle of the night than any other normal routine hour of the day.

Therefore, if you have observed a sweet taste from the bottled water when you drunk it in the night, there is no problem with that.

You are still drinking the safest and purest water as you have always been.

How Does TDS Value Helps You Determining The Sweet Taste Of Your Bottled Water?

By confirming the TDS value of your bottled water, you can actually know the concentration of minerals into the water.

It is an observation of the total dissolved minerals inside the bottled water. The higher the TDS value, the higher the concentration of these minerals will be inside the bottled water.

At the same time, the water taste will be sweeter when the TDS value will be higher.

But on the other hand, that bottled water is usually entitled as a tasteless water if it has a lower TDS value.

Therefore, use a TDS calculator to find this value inside your water bottle and know how many types and up to what quantity there is a concentration of minerals into that bottled water!

How To Prevent Bottled Water From Tasting Sweet?

Just in case you have observed the bottled water tasting sweet and it is because of the imbalance of minerals, the problem is concerned.

But according to most people, it is a rare event that your bottled water may taste sweet sometimes. Even if it does, you can get rid of it by following means.

Changing The Structure Of The Water:

Try putting the bottle inside your fridge or changing its temperature by using some ice cubes while the bottle is placed in a cooler.

This will change the structure of water and make it taste normal. Moreover, you can also try boiling it as it is another way to prevent bottled water tasting sweet.

Add Something To The Bottled Water:

Not just the temperature, but a cure could be trying on a few berries that are on the extreme sour side and squeezing some lemon into the water.

You can also try putting some orange or any other juice to prevent water tasting sweet. Some people also prefer dropping pineapples into water to make it taste less sweet.

Try Using Some Salt:

Even if you have tried all these means and the water is still tasting sweet, you should use a little bit of salt. Salt can slightly change the pH level of water.

If you will add a little, the water taste will alter to something you used to drink.

Using Any Special Device:

You can also carbonate that bottled water by using any special device.

It will work for you because a little bit of extra CO2 will get mixed into the bottled water.

My Brita Bottled Water Taste Sweet, What Should I Do?

Brita bottled water delivers exceptional quality when drinking and killing your ultimate thirst. But what if a specific quantity bottled water is tasting sweet?

You should make Brita Aware and let them know that their water bottles are having a sweet taste. Send that water bottle for testing and you will get the result.

It could either be your own sense of taste problem of there will be an excessive usage of minerals into the bottled water.

Final Thoughts:

Surprisingly, it is all on you as how you perceive certain things and their taste. If a water bottle is tasting sweet to you, that could be the problem of the time when you drinking it, the food after you drinking it, the idea and any disease you have. Water also gets sweeter when you have a flue and fever. So, there can be so many reasons to define why does bottled water taste sweet. I hope you have come across all of them.

So, thanks for reading and being available. Have a nice day!


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