Why Does Bottled Water Go Cloudy When Boiled ?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Have you experimented with boiling the bottled water, and its color went cloudy? You might do it to remove impurities from the water. But did you ever wonder why bottled water goes cloudy when boiled? That’s the problem I would like to discuss with you today. So, don’t skip reading!

Why Do People Boil Water?

Sometimes, we are not provided with the safest and healthiest water to drink at our houses or in far-away communities where life begins.

At that moment, we may have some patients in the family, some people with disturbed immune systems, which can be highly affected by the water quality.

However, there is a way they always find better to make or convert this water into drinkable. They boil it.

Many health specialists and Doctors recommend boiling water to make it safe to drink. Because when water is boiled, it kills all the germs, chemicals, bacteria, and other unhealthy particles from the water.

Therefore, it is always better to drink boiled water if you are not provided with superior quality water in your hometown.

Moreover, just from boiling, you can imagine having the surest method to kill some ready-made diseases causing bestiaries, viruses, and parasites in that water.

Why Does Bottled Water Actually Go Cloudy When You Boil It?

Boiling bottled water is not a thing smart people do because they already know that water in a bottle is safe and healthy to drink.

However, I also experimented in which even the bottled water went cloudy. I was wondering why it happened. And the reason I found was,

That bottled water may go cloudy when you boil it just because when it is heated up, it starts dissolving calcium bicarbonate into the water. This calcium carbonate starts mixing into the bottled water and makes it cloudy. The calcium bicarbonate further decomposes into calcium carbonate and then in suspension.

This process adds a cloudy surface around the walls of the water bottle. You may don’t like it. But there is nothing to be worried about.

You can read more about bottled water in our bottled water-ultimate guide, where you will find all related information to the water available in bottles.

For What Reasons Does The Bottled Water Go Cloudy When Boiled?

Of course, if you see a cloudy white layer on the top of a saucepan or any other dish in which you boil bottled water, it could have happened due to some most prominent reasons.

These possible reasons for bottled water turning cloudy are explained as follows. Please have a look!

The Minerals Inside Water:

The possible reason and the one which is always present for bottled water going cloudy when boiled is the mixing of minerals in a water bottle.

Yes, a water bottle is produced by adding necessary chemicals such as Calcium, Magnesium, and others to ensure that whatever you drink must be pure and clean.

When such chemicals are mixed in the water and placed on a stove, they dissolve into the water.

Ultimately, such dissolving of chemicals in the water will turn into a cloudy layer above the thing in which you are boiling it. Therefore, this is the possible reason a water bottle gets cloudy when boiled.

The Containments Present Inside Bottled Water:

If your bottled water is not filtered and cleaned out enough, it will show a cloudy layer while being boiled.

That’s because the debris and impurities will also try to get out of the water bottle when boiled.

And this debris goes on the liner of the thing as a cloudy skin in which you boil your bottled water.

However, this happens mostly in the case of tap water. Bottled water usually gets cloudy when boiled because there might be an excess of calcium in bottled water.

Should You Boil Bottled Water?

As far as it is recommended, bottled water already comes purified, filtered, and the way you want it to be.

Therefore, you should not consider boiling it even if you have this thing in your mind that it might still be unhealthy, uncleaned, and impurified.

Because all those bottled water manufacturing companies or brands supply you with the water packed in these bottles, they ensure that this water shall be excellently purified, have an upper level of Ph, and contain all types of minerals.

So, boiling it may not be good when you already know it will be healthy to drink.

Does All Type Of Bottled Water Go Cloudy?

Not all bottled water types go cloudy when boiled, but the ones contain extra minerals.

Water bottle brands ensure that in any situation, their bottles must prove themselves approved to the quality standards imposed by the local govt and other health regulators of the country or a city.

However, it is always proven that the following types of bottled water will have a cloudy skin when their water is boiled on a stove or any other means.

  • If water bottles have debris inside.
  • If they are contained with too many minerals.
  • They will go cloudy if they have a mixing of BPA into them.
  • These water bottles will also go cloudy if the water inside has expired or has been kept for a great while.

Which Brand Bottled Water Will Not Go Cloudy?

You might always have the idea of buying bottled water and considering it the safest source of purest drinking water.

But you must know that some water bottle brands may cause you more harm than benefit. The reason for this happening is buying your bottled water from non-trusted or low-class water bottle brands.

However, what if I recommend to you some top water brands with a high pH level and a sustained level of fluoride?

It will be better for you to buy your water from one of these brands in case you don’t want cloudy, impure, and disturbed water from the bottles you fully trust.

These water bottle brands are given as follows.

  • Buy your water bottles from Dasani as it is safe to drink from water bottles coming from this brand.
  • Please put your trust in Fiji, as it is also one of the best and most highly recognized water bottle brands in the United States Of America.
  • Besides, Just Water, Nestle Pure Life, and Deer Park Natural Spring Water are considered top water bottle brands that provide zero cloudiness when their water is boiled.

And if you don’t trust it, buy one yourself and boil it. You will see the results.

Will Spring Bottled Water Go Cloudy When Boiled?

If I were you, I would suggest you drink spring bottled water for your ultimate thirst and water needs of your body.

Because drinking spring water will not only provide your body with the minerals and calcium it needs, it will improve your health and provide you with better drinking water practices.

Besides, the taste of this water is latterly amazing so that you can fully rely on it.

Is BoIs Cloudy Bottled Water Water Safe To Drink?

At this point, you’ve got the reason why that water inside the bottle or anywhere else starts having a cloudy layer.

That shows the presence of calcium in the water. However, the question here is whether calcium is safe for your health and should be a part of your body.

Some health specialists say calcium entering our bodies through the water is needed. And some say it is not at all.

That’s a different topic to discuss. But consider the most important reason drinking cloudy water is not harmful. Please have a look!

Calcium, A Need For The Body:

When we perform daily activities like walking, going to the gym, working, or even studying, our body releases a large amount of calcium through sweating or skin.

The calcium keeps released in the meanwhile; if our body is not entertained with enough calcium, we may end up removing calcium from the bones.

So, having calcium in the water or bottled water is entirely safe for your body if you drink it.

Because with this, you will be able to fulfill the daily intake of water required otherwise and save yourself from less calcium in your body.

According to one survey, the following calcium level is required for the following aged group members.

AgesCalcium Level
Teens1300 mg on a daily basis
Adults from 19 to 501000 mg on a daily basis

When The Cloudy Water In A Bottle Will Not Be Safe To Drink?

Whenever you see your bottled water getting cloudy, you should not be really concerned about whether you should drink it or not until you are not cleared with the reason for making it cloudy.

There are two types of water clouding when it is safe to drink and when it is not safe to drink. Both are explained as follows.

When Cloudy Water Is Safe To Drink:

From the below point, you can conclude that calcium is not really harmful to our bodies. Because sometimes, it also comes in hard water that travels through the rock and soil.

The minerals get extracted, and the water becomes hard. It has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium.

Therefore, drinking is safe even if it gets cloudy when boiled.

When Cloudy Bottled Water Is Not Safe To Drink:

But when that cloudy water is harmful to drink?

The cloudy water of your tap or any other source is not healthy to drink when such cloudy skin is caused by the residue or debris in the water supply lines and gets stuck with the water when it moves from these.

Meanwhile, some calcium can even be hard to remove and may create a lot of trouble for you!

How Can You Remove Cloudy Skin Of Boiled Bottled Water?

Just in case you have boiled the bottled water, and it turned out to have cloudy skin all over, there is no need to be worried about anything.

You can try the following ways to overcome this difficulty and remove the cloudy skin from the bottled water.

Drink It As It Is:

As far as you know, the cloudy skin is due to the mixing of calcium inside the bottled water; you don’t need to be worried.

This calcium is not harmful, and drinking boiled water will not cause any problems. So, do it and drink the bottled water you just have boiled.

Filter Out The Water And Make It Cold:

Instead of doing anything else, pour the boiled water into the bottle and place it inside the refrigerator.

At a certain temperature, the water bottle will get cold, and there will be no cloudy skin on it anymore.

You can take that chilled water bottle and drink water from it straightforwardly. That’s something highly recommended to remove cloudy skin from bottled water.

Consider Replacing It With A New Bottled Water:

Just in case your heart doesn’t allow you to drink bottled water that has gone cloudy, there is no problem buying new bottled water and using it for drinking purposes.

That would be a great idea in any case!

Why Does Tap Water Also Get Cloudy When It Is Boiled Sometimes?

As with bottled water, tap water is not processed and passed through the same cleaning processes as bottled water.

In some homes, tap water may not be what you want to drink. Sometimes, you have to boil it if you don’t have any access to a filtration system or if you didn’t have installed anyone yet.

The problem is, when such water from the tap is boiled, it also gets cloudy. But why that’s so? Please have a look at the reason.

Water Becoming Cloudy Due To Filter:

In most places, even the filtration systems produce water that becomes cloudy when boiled. The reason is the dissolving of gases into the water that comes from the solution in the filter when the water is heated.

For this, you should not be worried because when such water is put in a chilled space, it will go back to normal without any problem.

In Case You Have A Hard Water Supply:

If the water reaching your town or area is hard, it can be cloudy when it gets boiled.

There can be either permanent or temporary hardness of that water, usually defined with the name Calcium Carbonate or Calcium Sulphate.

Suppose the water coming from the tap is not filtered out, and you boil it anyway. In that case, you may get the conversion of Calcium Carbonate into a Cloudy water layer in the kettle or any other boiling instrument.

The Presence Of Chemicals And Other Bacteria:

Sometimes, neither the filter nor the hard water results in a cloudy layer when the water is boiled. It is the chemicals or other minerals present in your tap water.

The water you are drinking may not be safe if you are not getting it tested on a regular basis. Therefore, when you boil it, it leaves a cloudy layer on the upper side.

For this reason, you should always get your tap water tested in a laboratory as often as you think to drink it.

How To Fix Cloudy Tap Water?

Suppose you have poured some water into a pot or pan from the tap and put it on the stove to get boiled.

In that case, how will you react and be able to remove the cloudy skin if it appears on the upper liner of that kettle?

It could be alarming to you if you don’t know whether it is safe to drink or not. However, in most cases, that cloudy white layer is extremely harmless.

But even if you want to remove it, you can do the following things.

Can Cloudy Water Make You Sick?

A few researchers at Drexel University have researched and claimed that cloudy or that murky drinking water is highly associated with rising stomach issues.

Therefore, you may get sick if you use it for drinking excessively.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, if you are informed enough, you will not get any harm by drinking that cloudy water from your water bottle. And even if the water from a bottle gets cloudy, you should not be worried about anything. Because that water is not like the water coming from your tap. It is filtered, purified, and moved through cleaning substances. So, I hope that you know why does bottled water go cloudy when boiled.

But if you have some other queries, do let me know. Thanks for reading and visiting. See you very soon on the next one!


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