Is Kroger Bottled Water Bpa Free ?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Kroger is like a store where the consumer can buy products. They also produce and sell bottled water. Many people enquired whether BPA is mixed in their bottled water. Let’s find out what’s true.

Does Kroger Sell Bottled Water?

Kroger is a famous brand or a Food And Beverage Company in the USA that sells bottled water.

The Kroger Purified Water currently has a taste rating of 9. Its single unit or a single water bottle can easily cost up to 1 dollar.

Americans had a lot of impositions on Kroger water bottles to ask the company whether their bottled water is BPA-free or not. Currently, Kroger and almost all of its products have a high value in the eyes of the customers. They just don’t sell water or eggs or something like that. They are ensuring quality.

Is Kroger Bottled Water BPA Free?

Now, let’s come to the point and find the real answer to the Kroger Bottled Water BPA free purification.

The thing is, in 2014, a person @klifc on Twitter asked the official Twitter page of Kroger whether their bottled water is BPA-free or not.

At that time, Kroger Replied that their water bottles were not currently BPA-free but would be by the end of 2015. But what’s the current status of 2022?

Do they still have the BPA, or are they cleaned from it? The answer is,

Kroger Bottled Water is currently made from PET 1 plastic which is sturdy and doesn’t let the chemical leach into the water. It means their bottled water is currently BPA free and is trusted by many household families. However, they still don’t have the BPA free marking on their various water bottle products. That’s something concerning.

Therefore, you can trust Kroger Bottled Water to be BPA free these days. Some packs of bottled water have a badge showing BPA Free or Non-BPA. But with most, they are still confirming.

What’s The Latest Proof Of Kroger Bottled Water Being BPA Free?

A year back, a consumer named Rusty Manseau On Facebook Contacted Kroger Customer Support and asked if their bottled water contained BPA or not.

Their response was quite clear at that moment. They replied,

“Kroger Water Bottles are fully made with the PET #1 plastic, and anyone can check this out on the

They also ensured they were ready for any customer’s query and provided the relevant information regarding their BPA free bottles.

So, one can ask by himself using their official website or call 1-800-576-4377.”

By receiving this answer, anyone can contact Kroger Customer Support and inquire if their bottled water is BPA free.

Indeed, they are not selling BPA-containing water. Because if they would, they will not be meeting the Current FDA and EPA standards regarding bottled water free from Bisphenol-A.

And any company which doesn’t follow these rules ends up closing its business in the United States Of America.

Since When Kroger Ensured BPA-Free Bottled Water?

Kroger itself claimed in 2014 that its Water Bottles have BPA free. But then they replied that after 2015, the consumer would start having BPA free bottled water.

If you buy a bottle of water these days from the Kroger Purified Water Store or anywhere else, you can easily have BPA-free bottled water to drink, no matter what.

But still, if your nerves don’t give you this permission, consider asking their support center. They will provide you with a better answer.

Is Kroger Bottled Water Safe To Drink?

Kroger is considered a beast in the line of some highly rated and well-consumed water bottles. Kroger Purified Drinking Water is a beast in the water game.

You can buy a bottle of Kroger Water and test it yourself, and it will prove to be very natural, clean, and healthy to drink.

However, it does have the barest hint of the plastic bottle taste, which is ignorable. But it doesn’t cost you anything, and the taste is only observed when you leave the bottle in the sunlight for a long time.

With Which Ingredients And Materials, A Water Bottle From Kroger Made?

Kroger Purified Drinking Water clearly shows to its customers all the ingredients being used in the water packed in those plastic bottles.

Their water includes various ingredients, Nutrition Facts, Minerals, and other additions to improve the quality of water they sell.

You can take a view of these ingredients from the below pictures.

Is Kroger Bottled Water Bpa Free
Image from Kroger bottled Ingredients info
Is Kroger Bottled Water Bpa Free
Image from Kroger bottled Ingredients info

Can You Keep Kroger Bottled Water In The Direct Sunlight?

Since Kroger Purified Drinking Water is made from PET #1 plastic, considered the top plastic highly recyclable, there won’t be any effect.

Water bottles made with this type of plastic do not usually melt when placed under sunlight. But in extreme weather conditions, even the hardest plastic can melt.

Therefore, sunlight on these water bottles will not be any harm. But never place a water bottle from any brand in the heat or hot temperature for the maximum period.

Because when this happens, the bottle starts leaching chemicals into the water, questioning its quality.

So, always consider placing your Kroger Bottled Water in any cold place, like a freezer or refrigerator.

Is Kroger Spring Bottled Water BPA Free?

Kroger just doesn’t bring the Purified water to the customers; it also brings Springwater.

For Spring Water, Kroger claims its water is 100 percent sourced from Natural Springs. Then after purifying their plants, this water is packed into the bottles.

They send this Natural Spring water with a little bit more cost to your doorstep so that you can drink water purified, treated, and from a natural source.

What Filtration Methods Kroger Purified Drinking Water Uses To Purify Water?

Usually, different brands of water use different filtration methods before making that water reach you and fulfill your thirst.

When it comes to Kroger Purified Drinking Water, the water is treated through Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and other Distillation water filtration processes to give you a clean, healthy, and purified sip of water every time you take it from the Kroger Water Bottle.

What’s The Current Status Or Reviews Of People About Kroger Bottled Water?

According to Livestream Reviews, 90% of people in the United States Of America love Kroger bottled water.

They are amazed and pleased with the water’s quality packed in those bottles and are always ready to buy more water repeatedly.

Therefore, if you are going to be a new customer of Kroger, you should read these reviews about bottled water and then begin purchasing it.

What Is The Current pH Level Of Kroger Bottled Water?

With its 5.38 pH rating, Kroger gives its customers the healthiest, purest, and safest drinking water when it comes to buying quality water bottles in America.

You cannot only buy water from this company. But they would also offer you multiple food products that a person needs to continue his daily living.

Final Thoughts:

Kroger bottled water manufacturer leaves no sign stating whether these bottles have BPA free surety or not. But the company made sure it would start selling BPA-free water after 2015. According to the current rating, their bottled water is completely safe.

So, thanks for reading. May you have a good day!

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