Why does my brita filter keep popping off ? (Solved)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Brita filter locking mechanism is made of a plastic lock. The filter may not get fixed in the original position if it is damaged or broken where locks hold the container.

Also, check if the compression ring is damaged. Over time the ring becomes softer and gets damaged when you push it harder.

Step by Step guide to fix the Brita filter popping off problem

Brita Filter could show the water leakage issue due to the dysfunction of the locking mechanism.

Two containers that hold the water in place and move it from one compartment must be correctly aligned; else, it generates enough force to pop up the container and move it aside.

01. Dismantle the component

Before you make any adjustment to the filter, dismantle the filter component for the examination. A close inspection is needed to identify the problem in the component.

02. Check the tubes

The filter contains two tubes that hold the container in place. These tubes are made of rubber which eventually decays and becomes vulnerable to damage.

If the tube has been broken, then you have to replace them with the new one. Contact the service center for the repair and get it fixed.

03. Broken locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is made of plastic which easily aligns on top of the container.

The broken locking mechanism will not get fixed, and when the water is supplied to the reservoir, it popup with the force of water.

Broken pieces would not be easy to fix, so you have to replace the entire filter. Check for the warranty and contact the customer support team of the Brita filter.

04. Push it gently

There are possibilities that the alignment of the two tubes or components is not perfect, and you may need to add more force to push it on the locking mechanism.

Hold the top component with two hands and put gentle pressure to reach the locking mechanism. In many cases, the locking will work, and you will no longer face the issue with your Brita filter.

If none of the above solutions works, kindly reach to the customer support team of the Brita filter. Explain the condition of your Brita filter and get it resolved with the experts. The manufacturer might send the experts to place for inspection.

Why does my Brita filter keep popping off?

Brita filter is made of two separate sections. One is a primary container, and another is the cartridge where the water is filtered. Both are connected with the locking device.

When the locking mechanism is damaged or not attached properly, it will create a gap between the two containers, making the water leak.

The force of the water pushed the two containers to the opposite side, resulting in the popping off of the top container when connecting it to the tap water.

Additionally, the cartridge has two separate tubes that are connected to the internal chambers.

When the water passes through the tube moving ordinarily, there will be no issues with the Brita filter; however, the blockage in the tube will push the water back, and it will lead to the disconnection of the component.

Remove the Brita filter from the tap and disassemble all the components to conduct an inspection.

Check if the water is flowing from the tube. Also, ensure that the locking mechanism is intact. Broken pieces could not get fixed correctly, making the water leak from the side.

How do I stop my Brita filter from floating?

Floating is a common problem that people experience when they use the Brita filter the first time. The floating is the outcome of the air trapped inside the container, which floats above the container. When you push it harder, it will leak the water from the bottom due to air pressure.

Soak the filter into the water. Let it under the water until the entire filter gets filled with the water and air gets removed from it.

You will fill the weight of the water in the filter after some time. Try to fix the filter back into the Brita container and see if it floats. Most probably, the issue is gone, and you will not face the floating problem again.

Why is there stuff coming out of my Brita filter?

Brita filter cartridge is made of different materials such as black Carbon. If the Brita filter is damaged, the tiny particles of Carbon will come out of the filter, and these particles are readily detectable in the water.

Please do not drink the water from the broken Brita filter, and it is harmful to your health and may cause several health issues.

Additionally, the algae grown inside the filter could also contaminate the water. Once the algae occupy the space in the filter, the only way to get rid of this is by replacing the filter.

There is no other solution to fix this problem. To get the replacement kit from the manufacturer as early as possible.

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