Refrigerator filtered water vs bottled water

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The filter used in the refrigerator is far more advanced than the bottle filter. When the water is poured into the refrigerator, it is pushed into a container where the filter membrane removes harmful water content. The reverse osmosis makes the water clean and drinkable.

Refrigerator filtered water Pros and Cons

Reduce the health risksInitial Costs Can be High
Very efficientHigh cost of Filter
Eco-friendlyRequire maintenance
Water Taste BetterOdor-free water
Water is HealthyNot accessible all the time
No contaminationRegular cleaning is necessary
Nutrients in waterMay remove good bacteria’s as well
Charcoal filtersEquipment need large space
Reverse Osmosis
Odor-free water
Enjoy filtered water on demand

Bottled water Pros and Cons

ConvenienceEnvironmental Impact
Safer to Drink than Tap WaterNot 100% safe
Tastes Better than Tap WaterExpensive
Removes chlorineEthical implications

Bottle filters are movable and can be brought in the bags during travel. The bottle provides you instant access to clean water.

Additionally, a typical filtration system costs a lot, especially when staying alone; using a filter system is not a suitable option. It will also require maintenance.

Refrigerator water filter is not installed on all fridges. Only a few high-end refrigerators offer filtration facilities; hence, a large population will not access the refrigerator-based water filter.

If we talk about the water quality filtered from the refrigerator and bottled water, it is seen that refrigerator water is cleaner than bottled water. The apparent reason is the equipment used in the cleaning process.

A refrigerator uses various layers of the filtration process. The mechanism allows the refrigerator water to become cleaner and softer.

Some refrigerators also heat the water to kill harmful bacteria.

Comparing to the bottled water, so in the bottle, the membrane base filtration process is used to remove the bacteria. Some consumer reports research shows that bottled water is not safe.

Also, bottle filters may run out quickly if you are filtering hard water too often.

After filtration, the reason for that is that the water still contains harmful substances such as arsenic and at least three ppb in the filtered water. It causes harm to the body and should be avoided from drinking.

Is fridge water better than bottled water?

When fridge water is compared with bottled water, the fridge water is cleaner than bottled water. The filtration process used by both is different. After water enters a reservoir, it moves through the filtration process. Tiny bacteria, dirt, dust, and other minerals are trapped in water.

Their water is compressed in the filter with high pressure and passed through the membrane. These membranes may contain carbon and filtration mechanisms that trap gems inside and do not move from water.

That’s why you have to replace the filter after the set limit and put the new one in place.

An old filter may have too much contamination trapped inside. If you keep using it after its expiry date, the filter may start breaking down, and the contaminated water will move to your drinking water.

Consuming such water is harmful to health and causes damage to your body. So if possible, get the refrigerator filter water for drinking instead of using the bottle filter water.

Bottle filters are good for traveling where it is not possible to get filter water. Bottle filters will provide you protection from harmful bacteria and safeguard your health.

What happens if you don’t change the water filter in your fridge?

The majority of the refrigerator water filter system comes with an automatic indicator that triggers the alert when it is time to change the filter. Check the indicator frequently and see if a light is red. The red light indicates the expiry of the filter.

The water filter generally lasts for six months. After six months of use, you should replace it even if you have not received the alert from the system.

It applies to both refrigerator and bottle water filters. After six months of use, it will become ineffective, and water will also turn infected.

It means the filter is not efficient anymore. Water supply from the filter will have bacteria, harmful substances, chemicals, minerals, and several other sediments. Your filter will fail to remove them and trapped them in the membrane.

The first indicator of fail water filter is the smell of water. You will also notice the water will turn yellow and muddy. The slightly odd taste will also tell you that there is something wrong with the filter.

Taste of water changes when the water has several minerals and other substances in large quantity.

Additionally, the flow of water from the filter will decrease. It happens because the water is not able to pass through trapped substances.

As a result, the flow decreases over time. Clogging is a common outcome you will experience with filters when your water filter reaches its expiry date.

If you keep using the filter longer, the buildup starts to occupy additional space in the reservoir, and your refrigerator component may get damage. You will leave with no choice than replacing the entire system with a new one.

Contaminated water may have a lethal effect on health.

Check the filter regularly to avoid hard water. Replace it on time and get the new filter. Minor changes are vital when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of your family.

Why is fridge water not good for health?

Cold refrigerator water will have a negative effect on your health. Coldwater is not considered natural drinkable water. When you consume fridge water, it affects the digestion system.

Muscles in the digestion system start contracting and shrinks. Also, the digestion process may slow down for a while.

The body has to maintain the temperature to a certain degree, and the cold water makes your body burn the access fuel to keep your body running at the required temperature. It means more calories and minerals are used to warm up your body.

Medical science has also approved that refrigerator water makes people sick and affects vital organs. Thus, drinking fridge water could have several health problems.

Especially, people who are old should not drink the fridge water.


Depending on the purpose and availability of the filter, you can choose which one to use for water filtration.

If you are at home and your refrigerator is accessible to you, you should always drink the water from the fridge.

While traveling, the bottle water filter would provide you with clean and contamination-free water.

Both fulfill the purpose effectively and help people to drink clean water.

The bottle water filter should be used in an emergency where the refrigerator water filter can be use anything in a day.

If you want, you can carry the filtered water in the bottle to avoid drinking water somewhere else.

Your health is essential, so make sure you take all required precautions while using the water for drinking.

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