Best salt for Kinetico water softener (Where to buy)

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Generally, it is recommended to use Evaporated salt naturally produced in the moderated weather condition. The salt is suitable for filtering the water and removing contamination efficiently. Kinetico water softener needs sodium chloride to operate, which is plenty in evaporated salt.

There are different features of different brands. There are several features. Make sure that the water is metering and it regenerates only when needed.

Getting one inside the brine tank rather than beside it may be the better option for you. In humid climates, this also eliminates the problem of sweating.

List of water softener salts for Kinetico water softener

The summary of the soft water softener salt will guide you in the selection process. These salts are manufactured especially for water softeners. It improves the performance of the water software and provides long-lasting results.

  • Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets
  • Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt
  • Morton salt 1499 clean protect
  • Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets
  • Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

1. Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets

The Morton Clean offers evaporated pellets produced in the manufacturing units to ensure high efficiency and contamination-free service to your water softener.

Salt dissolves in water easily and prevents it from bridging the large chunk of salt, which may cause blocking of water. It is highly pure, so no natural substance will be left in the salt giving you clogging-free service.

Salt doesn’t have residue in which may get mix in the water. The natural substance found in the salt reduces the efficiency of the water softener and shortens the system’s life. Choosing the wrong type of salt for a water filter may also cause high maintenance costs.

Whenever your water software stops working or flow reduces, maintenance has to be performed to remove the clogging and clear the path for the water.

Morton Clean and Protect II Water Softening Pellets manufacturing ensures that you do not encounter such problems with a water softener.

Type  Pellets
Dimensions  12 x 3.5 x 25 inches
Price range  $10 – $ $22
Where to by
Weight  ‎40 pounds
Features  Easy and simple use kit
Simply packaging with handle on top
Store at the room temperature  
benefits  Dissolves easily in the water
Manufactured in the US
Extend the life of water softener
100% pure salt

2. Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

Cargill Salt is made using the dehydration process where seawater is heated to boiling temperature and water is evaporated.

After the water is removed, the salt remains at the bottom of the container, then packed and sold to consumers.

Naturally produced salt will not contain additives. It is a chemical and contamination-free salt that offers a high level of proficiency in salt.

This kind of salt prevents scaling in plumbing and forming a film in the sinks.

As a result, the salt will extend the life of water software and serve you for a more extended period.

It comes with 99.6% purity. It is resistant to bridging.

Also, the water filter from the software is safer for other home appliances.

It prevents the other device that uses water from damage.

Type  Crystals
Dimensions  12 x 3.5 x 25 inches
Price range  $25.99
Where to by
Weight  ‎40 pounds
Features  No additives
No channeling
Bridging or mushing during the use
40 lb. crystals
Cleaner & more efficient than rock salt
benefits  Naturally produce salt
Environment safe manufacturing process.
Clean and contamination free
Fast dissolve quality  

3. Morton salt 1499 clean protect

Morton salt 1499 comes in lighter packaging that offers easy dispensing of salt in the water softener.

The small pallets of salt reduce the weight of the packaging.

The lighter weight is easy to carry.

It is an excellent alternative to those heavy salt bags sold in the market.

Lifting heavy salt bags at the height of 3 to 4 feet talk tank would be challenging for the average person.

The lightweight packaging comes with a handle at the top of the package that gives an easy carrying option.

Type  Pellet
Dimensions  ‎16 x 12 x 3 inches
Price range  $1899
Where to by
Weight  ‎25 lbs
Features  Improve efficiency
Extend the life of household appliances
Easy to carry
Easy to use packaging. Open and pour bag
benefits  Clean your water softener in the process
Remove hard water minerals
Prevent mineral buildup

4. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

People with health problems such as blood pressure should avoid the water it high salt contains.

The water condition would increase blood pressure and have a lethal health impact.

Morton potassium chloride pellets are alternatives to standard salt pellets.

It is made of 99% sodium-free content, ensuring the well-being of people dealing with health problems.

The salt lowers your blood pressure and offers minerals to enhance your health.

Type  Pellet
Dimensions  ‎‎20 x 16 x 6 inches
Price range  $5449
Where to by
Weight  ‎‎40 pounds
Features  Prevent scale build-up
Quickly dissolves when it comes in contact with water
Safeguard the water system
No clogging
benefits  Less rust build-up
Easier laundry and dish cleaning
Clean the water softener
Very easy to use

5. Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

This product has gain popularity among the users.

The pellets are made of refined grains shape structure, giving you the perfect solution to the water filtration process.

It has received a high rating from many buyers on Amazon.

This shows that people have liked the product’s performance, and they prefer having Morton salt for their water softener instead of other similar product found in the category.

 The packets allow you to use the salt easily. Pour the pack into the water software dispenser, and it is ready to use.

The adequate salt gets mixed quickly in the water at starting working to clean the hard water.

Type  Pellet
Dimensions  ‎‎16 x 15 x 4 inches
Price range  $22.95
Where to by
Weight  ‎‎‎50 pounds
Features  Manufactured in the US
Simple to use packaging
Extend the life of water heaters
Improves the efficiency
benefits  Extend the life of water softener
Strong handle on top to carry anywhere
Prevent rust to the home appliance
Remove chemicals found in the water

How to know if your water softener salt container is empty and it needs salt?

Salt is a primary ingredient in the entire water softener process. Without having sufficient salt in the container, your softener will not perform its cleaning process. Salt act as charge particles that dissolve in the water quickly. It removes harmful chemicals, dirty stuff such as tiny particles, rocks, broken pieces of metal, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to track the performance of your water softener system and ensure that the container has a sufficient amount of salt in the system. As the salt level goes down, you should add more salt to it to keep the entire system running.

Check the size of the brine tank, water requirement, water usage daily. All these factors affect the salt condition. If your water usage goes up, more salt will be used, and the system may need frequent salt replacement.

Also, the hardness of the water makes it difficult for the system to process the water through the system. The filtration process may use a large unit of salt, which may reduce the system’s efficiency after the salt has reached its low level.

Keep an eye on the water softener condition to take care of the system’s effectiveness. Whenever the system notifies you about refilling the salt container, immediately take action and add more salt to it to avoid contaminated water supply to your home.

Actions you can take to confirm that your system is running at high efficiency and doesn’t require more salt.

Inside of the tank

Open the lid from the top of the water softener and check the salt level inside the tank. Salt is generally placed in the brine tank.

Open the cover and see the measurement tape fixed on the side of the container. When the water level goes up to the salt level, the salt dissolves quickly and appears wet.

The water level should be half full; otherwise, the salt level will decrease quickly. If the brain tank is dry and the salt level is less than half, you should refill to ensure it does not get empty soon.

Age of water softener

As the water softener becomes old, the efficiency of the system goes down. You will encounter several problems with the water softener. A most common problem is clogging due to excess use of salt.

The toxic substance may not drain quickly. As a result, the salt in the brine tank will get used quickly. The older water softener uses more salt than the brand new one. An older system may have an aging mechanism to use the salt.

Comparatively, modern water softeners are more efficient in cleaning the water and use less salt during the cleaning process. Thus, the current water softener needs refilling after every six to eight weeks.

Also, the modern system will have a tracking system that alerts the users when they are using the salt at an excessive amount and need refilling. You may have to manually inspect the brine tank to ensure sufficient salt inside an older water softener.

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