Kirkland Water Bottle (Ultimate Guide)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Safe drinking water may be found in Kirkland’s distinctive mineral water. Medical experts gave it an A rating since it originates from a trusted source and has passed many purifying methods. Moreover, the water in Kirkland has been tested and determined to be free of any impurities. Bottled water is not all created equal.

Even though Kirkland’s trademark water is one of the favoured purified water brands of the United Nations, However, does Kirkland’s water supply meet the city’s purification standards?

If you are a frequent Costco shopper, you have no doubt seen folks with carts full of Kirkland distilled water in them. According to the Beverage Industry, pure water is by far the most popular beverage in the US.

Kirkland drinking water is long-time favourite and favoured filtered water for Costco customers because of its affordable rates.

Have you ever pondered whether being inexpensive also signifies that you are doing a good job? Drinking water that Kirkland has filtered does not threaten your health.

Amazingly, Kirkland’s mineral water has received more good feedback than expected from its customers. Their water is free of contaminants, has a pleasant flavour, and is reasonably priced with the correct balance of minerals.

They employ two purification methods to ensure that all of the water is clean and free of contaminants. As a result, it is suitable for human health. According to research, Kirkland’s clean water contains a variety of minerals and compounds in various parts per million concentrations.

  • Total hardness- 0
  • Chlorine-free – 0.5
  • Iron-5
  • Lead-0
  • Nitrate-0
  • Carbonate-0
  • Bromine- 10
  • Alkalinity- 40

Kirkland Signature Water’s History

Costco gets their distilled water from the Rocky Mountains in Kirkland, California. Kirkland derives its water from the Cedar River Watershed from Puget Sound. International Bottled Association (IBWA) member DS Service manufactures Kirkland’s Signature water.

It is widely accepted that neither Costco nor Kirkland are engaged in the water industry. Nevertheless, the question remains: Is Kirkland’s branded bottled water worth its price and does it meet all safety regulations for water?

Researchers thoroughly analyzed Kirkland’s bottled water. Aeration and UV filtering purify naturally produced raw water gathered from the environment.

On top of that, “microbiological pollutants” often present in tap water are removed by osmosis and other types of water purification filtering. A demineralization procedure is then used to add minerals that our bodies need.

In addition, FDA-approved purifying procedures are meticulously adhered to. The Safe Water Act regulates both the FDA and the EPA. According to reports, specific components of clean water regulations are more stringent than others.

Finally, Kirkland’s distinctive water is safe for consumption. As a result, medical experts gave it a grade of A since it originates from a safe source and has passed many purification methods. Kirkland’s water has been tested and determined to be free of pollutants.

The quality of bottled water varies widely. It’s because they come from various sources, are filtered in different methods, and are supplemented with different minerals in varying quantities.

As a result, it is not easy to find mineral water that is safe and nutritious. In contrast, Kirkland water is derived from an approved location, is carefully filtered, and is guaranteed to contain all of the vital minerals that the human body requires.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Kirkland Signature Drinking Water

Knowing that Kirkland Signature waters are Niagara water disguised as Costco’s premium brand may lead you to ask whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to drinking it instead of another premium brand of water.

We have compared it to other companies and found these advantages and disadvantages:

Pros –

  • For developmental psychology, it contains the necessary minerals.
  • Bottles made without the use of BPA
  • Colours or flavourings are not included in this dish.
  • According to FDA and EPA standards for food and water safety

Cons –

  • Drinking bottled water is more costly than using the city’s public water system.
  • Contrary to municipal tap water, Kirkland Signature water also isn’t fluoridated.
  • Unlike charcoal and UV filtration, Niagara does not utilize chlorine in its filtering process.
  • When it comes to deciding which freshwater brands to purchase, we know how important it is to consider your family’s health.

ModelsizeMade ofPrice
Kirkland Signature  8 Fl OzPlastic$31.48
Kirkland Signature Purified  16.9 Ounce  Plastic$26.29
Kirkland Signature Sparkling  1.7 Ounce  Plastic$36.35
KIRKLAND SIGNATURE  20 Fluid OuncesPlastic$34.99
Kirkland Signature Italian  405.6 Fl OzPlastic$32.49
Kirkland Signature  8 Oz  Plastic$224.52

How Much Sodium In Kirkland Bottled Water?

The quantity of sodium in a cup of North American water from the tap ranges from 18 to 41 milligrams per litre, which is safe for most individuals to consume. On the other hand, Kirkland Bottled Water has a salt content of between 4 and 8 mg per litre.

How Tall Is A Kirkland Water Bottle?

The label goes around the whole 8.125″ diameter of the bottle. Compared to other national brands, the labels on Kirkland Signature containers are better looking. They employ a weatherproof, gloss-finish synthetic substance.

Where Does Kirkland Bottled Water Come From?

In California, the Niagara Water Company bottles Kirkland bottled water, which is obtained directly from the Rocky Mountains. Without BPA, it has been thoroughly filtered, purified and mineralized. That does not mean Kirkland Signature water is of poor quality, however.

Is Kirkland Water The Same As Niagara?

Water offered at Costco by Kirkland Signature comes from Niagara. Because of this, some of those brands’ reports correlate to those of their suppliers.


This Niagara water has been given the Kirkland Signature label. Beware if you have just noticed Kirkland Signature water bottles on sale at the local Costco.

This water has received FDA and EPA approval for its dedication to safety and sustainability. Because of this, you may offer it to the family with confidence that they will be consuming the best water possible.

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