Culligan water softener error codes (Solved & Explained)

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Error code is the indication the motor has failed to perform the regular task. The valve connected to it cannot reach the required state within 70 seconds after driving the motor. The system will attempt to start the motor every 30 seconds. It will perform the 3 attempts time.

Error Code DisplayError PartError Meaning
Err 1Water Softener MotorWater Softener Motor failure to start
Err 2Water Softener MotorWater Softener Motor failure to run and stop
Err 3Water Softener systemWater Softener Incorrect cycle system
Err 4Water Softener Motor and pistonThe junk or debris gets stuck in the motor and the piston
CHECK SALTWater Softener brineNo brine during brine rinse cycle

What does Error 1 (E1) code mean on Culligan water softener? (Explained)

Error 1 is produced in the system when the circuit board detects an anomaly in the motor.

The changes in the motor program switch occur due to failure of function or parts that cause the motor to shut down. 

In some cases, the motor will keep spinning even it should not be in a particular condition.

You will notice the phone icon on display will light with the E1 error code. 

How to fix Error 1 (E1) Culligan water softener? (Solved)

The error code E1 indicates that the motor inside your Culligan water softener is having trouble moving the parts.

It generally causes due to the dust and dirt stuck in the piston.

When the water moves through the piston, it starts filling the area with sticky substances, including dirt. 

Over time the parts in the system lose their ability to perform the circular motion essential for the motor to run the function.

As the system gets stuck, the Culligan water softener would show the error message to display a screen informing the owner about the problem.

The only way to solve this problem is to open the system and clean the motor parts, so it’s working again.

You can either contact the company to send the repair guy to fix the problem. 

Alternatively, if you have the right tools with you and experience handling electronic equipment such as water softener, you can do the cleaning by yourself. 

Remember that these are highly complex applications, so if you have not done any repair job earlier or do not have sufficient tools to handle the job, do not attempt the cleaning work.

The electric appliance is highly dangerous if not handled properly.

Also, if you do not know how to handle the small parts and fix them back to their original position, you end up with incomplete work. 

So it is better you first understand the challenges before you decide to do it by yourself.

If you still want to perform the cleaning by yourself and confident about it, follow the below procedure to get your Culligan water softener working as normal.

Step by step guide to solve Culligan water softener error

1) The motor or piston might have stuck, so you have first to open the system. Put the system in the bypass mode, so water does not flow in the tank.

2) Cut down the power. Remember to remove the plug. Do not keep it connected to the power grid even if the switch is turned off.

3) Disconnect all the wires and power cables from the unit.

4) Once connections are disconnected, pull the entire unit out from the mainline.

5) Unscrew the heavy lid to detach it from the tank. Move in the circular mode to remove the lid.

6) Now, you have the unit separated from the tank. Open the case and unscrew the parts fixed inside to reach the piston and motor.

7) when you have separated the motor from the unit, connect that motor to a power line and see if the motor is working or not. If the motor is damaged, it may not start. 

You may have to replace the motor. If the motor is working fine, then there is a problem with the piston.

8) Now unscrew the system to reach the piston. Separate all the parts and keep them aside. The center parts where the piston gets its circular mode would have resistance. Remove all the connected parts.

9) Clean dirt and debris stuck in the piston surrounded the area. Move the parts in the container where you can easily clean them. Ensure it is correctly cleaned before placing it back in the unit.

10) Use petroleum gel to make it smooth. Apply the gel to every tiny part to make it move comfortably in the unit without any resistance.

11) Put the piston back in place. Screw them up properly to avoid them getting detach from the unit when you start the motor. Tighten the screw properly, and else it will get removed automatically when you connect the motor, and vibration is created due to the circular motion of the motor.

12) Once you have everything fixed in its place, it is time to test the whole system. Plug the system into the power grid and press the status button and hold it for 10 seconds. The system will restart, and you will be able to operate the system back in normal condition.

13) Activate the motor and test if it works. The noise of the motor can be heard when it is active. You should be good to go if the system is working as usual.

14) Place the unit back to the tank and connect the wires and pipe to the system.

15) Done. No, you will be able to operate the Culligan water softener without any error. The Error code E1 would have disappeared, and no more issues will be caused in the system.

What does Error 2 (E2) mean on a Culligan water softener? (Explained)

Error 2 is display on the Culligan water softener when the water is not working in the normal condition.

It might have stuck or need replacement. Also, sometimes the parts of the motor get decay, which causes it to produce an error.

How to fix Error 2 (E2) Culligan water softener? (Solved)

First, you have to identify the issue with your Culligan water softener. The error code 2 is generally produced when the motor is not working correctly.

Open the unit and check if there is something stuck inside the motor.

 Dirt may cause the motor to block function. Perform routine maintenance to avoid this problem. 

If the motor parts are damaged, you may need repair.

Hire the repair guy to either fix the motor or replace it with the new one if it is not repairable.

What does Error 3 (E3) mean on a Culligan water softener? (Explained)

The error code E3 is displayed on the screen when the system strangely goes to the home position. The problem may have caused when the valve is not functioning as expected.

The bad cycle of the switch may have caused the system to stop and start over again. 

Another reason would be the piston shear pin is not in the position or might have broken.

In such a case, the unit requires full repair service to make the piston work again as expected. 

How to fix code Error 3 (E3) Culligan water softener? (Solved)

Error code 3 is related to the hardware installed in the system. The unit would have moving parts, including the motors and piston.

Any of them either stuck or broken. You have to open the unit to find the actual problem with the system. 

Clean the system during the repair and see what causes the problem.

Find the piston, and it has the central pin that moves in the circular motion, which might have broken. 

Replace it to make it work again. Once the motor and piston are working fine, the error message E3 would go away.

What does Err 4 (E4) mean on a Culligan water softener? (Explained)

The junk or debris gets stuck in the motor and the piston. As the motor moves, this debris makes them resistant to the central piston, blocking the rotation.

Units would require repair or cleaning to solve the error 3 code on your Culligan water softener.

How to fix Error 4 (E4) Culligan water softener? (Solved)

The unit needs repair before the system goes back to normal.

You can either hire an expert for the repair job or do it yourself if you have prior knowledge of handling the equipment. 

The repair job would require basic tools to open the screw and experience of handling the electronic equipment. 

When you open the lid, there will be two separate parts, one will be a motor, and another will be a piston, open them and clean them.

Remove the debris and dirt particles from the system.

Once the system goes back to normal, the error message E4 will in your Culligan water softener disappear.

What does CHECK SALT mean on a Culligan water softener? (Explained)

The error message Check salt indicating there is a problem with the salt container.

The softener might be using too much salt in the regeneration process. Check the salt set to find if there is any problem with the system. 

Also, clogging may cause the system to disable essential functions.

If the system prevents the vital function in the salt container, you may see an error message check salt on the display screen. 

How to fix CHECK SALT Culligan water softener? (Solved)

Reach to the salt container by opening the lid and see what causing the salt to block the system.

Your system setting might have a reboot, and now it is using too much salt.

The system’s failure also makes the salt pause the system and unexpectedly reduces the water flow. 

Another reason would be the drain might have clogged.

Cleaning the clogging would make the water flow smoothly and flushed out the resin tank.

It is important that the tank is clean and the salt is not producing any layer that blocks the regular functions of the softener.

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