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One of the easiest things to pour water or liquids, a BPA-Free water pitcher is always appreciated the most. Because such a water pitcher makes it easy for you to carry, pour and contain water inside. However, one faces certain ambiguities while selecting a BPA-Free pitcher. You should know whether that pitcher you are getting is BPA-Free or not. Because if it is, you are going to drink clean and healthy water. But if it is not, you are exposed to several diseases ultimately.

Therefore, in this guide, I will share all the necessary details about a water pitcher and will help you decide how you can get a BPA-Free water pitcher. Please stay focused and keep reading till the end. Let’s get started!

What Is A BPA-Free Water Pitcher?

Whenever defined in American English, a pitcher is basically a container having a spout that can be used for storing and pouring liquids. Generally, a pitcher has a grasping handle that makes it easier for you to carry it to your desired places.

Usually, a pitcher is also called a jug. This means it provides the same water storing and pouring facility as a water jug.

In some countries, a pitcher is also called an Ewer, an older word. However, this word is usually used for a vase-shaped pitcher that is often decorated. It has a strong and stylish base with a flaring spout.

Moreover, in the latest British English, a pitcher is used as a device when it sells beer in bars. It follows the American style and can easily be found in many American restaurants where people drink beer.

However, a BPA-Free water pitcher means your pitcher manufacturing must not be done by mixing bisphenol-A chemicals inside it.

Read more about BPA in this BPA-Free water guide that will provide in-depth details of the harms and causes of a BPA contaminating water container that can affect your health.

Suppose you get a water pitcher, which is BPA-Free. In that case, you are safe from letting those toxic chemicals leach into the beer, water, soda, or anything you fill in that pitcher.

What Are BPA-Free Water Filter Pitchers?

Since you know about a BPA-Free water pitcher, knowing about a BPA-Free water filter pitcher will not be a problem.

A BPA-Free water filter pitcher is the same as a simple water pitcher. But it comes with some additional features. Please have a look at what different things you can find inside a BPA-Free water filter pitcher.

Containing A Separate Water Filter To Filter Out The Water Impurities:

The best feature you can get with a water filter pitcher is that it comes with a water purification filter.

It helps your families and friends drink the safest, cleanest, and purest water one could ever get.

These water filter pitchers are widely tested and accepted against all the NSF/ANSI standards, including those 53, 401, 42, and P473.

Mostly, you will find this device has a built-in carbon block water filter that works more than well to remove fluoride from the water. It also removes chlorine.

Besides, such a water filter inside this pitcher provides you with the cleanest water free from PFOA, PFOS, PPC, and other harmful water impurities.

Therefore, with this type of pitcher, you will not only be able to store and serve water. But that water will be guaranteed and safest against all those impurities affecting your health.

Easy Refrigerator Storage:

You can have your BPA-Free water filter pitcher stored inside your refrigerator without facing hassles.

It comes in a very portable size and covers less space, just like a jug in a fridge. So, you can have water inside it and then store it inside the fridge to let that water get colder.

Making Water Healthier:

A water pitcher like this not just cleans your water but also improves its quality, taste, and health. These devices work great in tracing out the minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water.

Moreover, that thick layer of carbon prevents entering the Chromium 6, Trihalomethanes, Bromodichloromethane, and more in the water you drink or use for cooking.

Sometimes You Will Find An LED Timer:

Another great utility to know about these pitchers is that they can be recharged. There is an Integrated LED built inside their lids that lets you remind when to charge your pitcher. Such charging usually occurs after 90 days.

Producing More Purified Water Than Any Ordinary Water Pitcher:

An ordinary water pitcher can pour as much water for you as you want. However, can it determine the needed clarity as a Water Filter Pitcher does?

Never, from a pitcher of the second category, can you almost produce up to 150 gallons of purified water until you need to replace the water filter. Therefore, a water pitcher like this is always worth it.

With Which Materials BPA-Free Water Pitchers Are Made Of?

Undoubtedly, a water pitcher comes made of various materials depending on your budget, the size you need, and the specific features you are looking for.

These materials are different from each other, ensuring that you can always drink safe, pure, clean water whenever you fulfill your thirst.

So, the materials from which a water pitcher can be made are given as follows.

  • Usually, water pitchers are made of strong glass.
  • They also come made of stainless steel material.
  • Some manufacturers use heavy-duty plastic to produce these water pitchers.
  • Ceramic can also be used for manufacturing or producing the water pitcher you need.

How Does A BPA-Free Water Pitcher Works?

There is nothing to understand about the working mechanism of this pitcher. Because it works so simple, still, please have a look at the below-given points for a better and clearer understanding.

  • First, you clean your water pitcher with water.
  • Then you add some water to it.
  • A BPA-Free water pitcher has an integrated handle with it. This handle lets you grab the pitcher.
  • After grabbing it, you can pour water into smaller containers such as bottles, glass, or anything else.
  • You can also serve guests by having juice or soda inside it.
  • Plus, if you use a water pitcher filter, you should clean that water and remove all of its impurities with excellent details.

Why Do You Need A BPA-Free Water Pitcher?

At this point, one thing is clear a water pitcher can be used to store and pour water. It is also clear that a water pitcher is made of different materials.

Such materials include several chemical compositions in producing a device like this.

However, the question is still as to why you would like only a water pitcher BPA-Free?

Of course, your answer deserves some quality reasons to believe that only a BPA-Free pitcher will be worth the cost.

So, please have a look at those reasons.

Reasons For Getting A BPA-Free Water Pitcher:

  • A BPA-Free water filter (it doesn’t matter with whichever material it is made of, either plastic, glass or anything else) doesn’t include mixing Bisphenol-A Chemical into its production.
  • This type of water pitcher doesn’t let this chemical leach into your water, contaminating the health of your pure, fresh, and clean water.
  • Having a water pitcher made from low-quality plastic will defiantly have the mixing of Bisphenol-A chemical during production. Therefore, one should not rely on that type of water pitcher.
  • Moreover, getting a water pitcher like this, even if it has a built-in filter, will add double blessings to your daily life.
  • It will not only keep your body safe from BPA mixing.  But will also clean out all the other impurities your water may contain.

How Would You Recognize And Tell If A Water Pitcher Is BPA-Free Or NOT?

Suppose you are buying something you have been asked to buy by keeping certain things in your mind.

In that case, what will you do if you cannot remember those things? Did you get this? No problem if you didn’t.

I want to tell you that getting a BPA-Free water pitcher is an easy job if you know all those parameters that let you understand whether that pitcher is BPA-Free or not.

You should have all the knowledge about those factors to keep in mind. Your purchase for the best BPA-Free water pitcher must be qualitative and according to the terms.

So, please have a look at the following easiest ways that let you determine if that pitcher is BPA-Free or not.

When Your Water Pitcher Is BPA-Free:

Some are marking and stamping show that a Water Pitcher is totally BPA-Free and safe to use for required water filling and other purposes.

Therefore, you must look at them and decide to buy a water filter only with those markings.

  • Take your water pitcher, examine it narrowly and find if you have any number written on it from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These numbers are assigned to the materials that are totally BPA-Free and provide excellent water sustainability.
  • The next thing you can do to confirm the BPA-Free utility of a water pitcher is to find stamps. Such stamps include if your water filter box or the filter itself has stamping like P.S., LDPE, PET, HDPE, and P.P, etc. All of these mean your water pitcher is made up BPA-Free materials.

However, this type of confirmation is only possible when buying a water pitcher by yourself and not online.

When That Water Pitcher Is Not BPA-Free:

Like the stamps show you that a water pitcher is totally BPA-Free, there are also stamps that will show you when a water pitcher is not BPA-Free. These include the following.

  • Suppose a manufacturer doesn’t give any stamping and writes words like BPS or BPA instead. In that case, it means he is fooling you. That water pitcher has the most chances of leaching the Bisphenol-A chemical into your water.
  • What if you find a number 7 instead all of those 6 numbers? Or you might find a letter P.C. Both are indications when you don’t need to trust the brand or manufacture of that water pitcher. Because they will not be BPA-Free at all.

What If You Search Online?

What if you are buying a certain water pitcher from a particular brand and don’t know whether it would be BPA-Free or not.

You might have ambiguities even if the brand has mentioned BPA-Free with the product name. In this case, go to the official website of that brand or company and look for why they claim to be BPA-Free water pitcher manufacturers.

At this point, you need to check the certificates they have got from FDA. Plus, you also need to make sure what type of material they are using to produce their products.

Moreover, you may directly call or reach the original manufacturer and find the materials the manufacturer uses in its water pitcher production.

Are BPA-Free Water Jugs And Pitchers Same?

Yes, all water pitchers are supposed to be Jugs because they look like that. However, not all jugs are supposed to be pitchers.

Because some water jugs come in the form of gallons, have a large water capacity, and cover more space than a normal-sized pitcher.

Can You Reuse A BPA-Free Water Pitcher?

Yes, a BPA-Free water pitcher has the same function as your water jug. So, it can be reused multiple times to have water in it.

And you can use it for pouring that water into smaller units. Therefore, there is no particular number of times mentioned for using a water pitcher.

However, you may not use that device again if it gets broken accidentally or intentionally, as some pitchers are made of glass or ceramic material.

How Do You Clean A BPA-Free Water Pitcher?

There are different things or ways you can use to clean a water pitcher. A pitcher is not a giant device that requires heavy cleaning procedures or tools.

However, one can do the following things to clean a BPA-Free water pitcher. Please have a look!

  • You can use water fresh and clean to clean that water pitcher.
  • Soap is the best option to clean your water pitcher fully.
  • Besides that, you can have white vinegar solution mixed with water.
  • Have baking soda or any other cleaning solution to make this cleaning possible

Where To Find The Best BPA-Free Water Pitchers In The USA?

There are places or stores where you can find these BPA-Free water pitchers living in the USA.

However, you should know what brands or companies are good at selling those BPA-Free water pitchers.

Because having the right information matters as it will help you decide on the quality and verified purchase. Please have a look!

BrandsProducts You Can Find HereDo They Sell BPA-Free Water Pitchers?Material Used In The Production Of These Water PitchersPrice Value For A BPA-Free Water Pitcher
Zero Water5 stage filtrationFaucet MountsEco FilterTDS MetersShower FiltrationYESPlastic GlassBetween 10 to 70 USD depending on the type and size of a water pitcher
TakeyaBottlesPitchersAccessoriesYESPlastic Glass Stainless SteelBetween 10 to 130 USD depending on the size and type of water pitcher
MainstaysFurnitureHomeAppliancesBED and BathKitchen And DiningYESVariety of materials for different products of different needsBetween 20 to 150 USD depending on the size and type of water pitcher
Spring ParkUsually offers a variety of water servicesYESVariety of materials for different products of different needsBetween 10 to 90 USD depending on the size and type of water pitcher
WaterdropGlass BottlesSteel BottlesTumblersToddler CollectionAll Bottles & TumblersHomeware & Accessories  YESGlass Plastic AluminumBetween 20 to 180 USD depending on the size and type of water pitcher
BritaPitchersDispensersBottlesFiltersYESPlastic GlassBetween 10 USD to 150 depending on the size and type of that water pitcher
Epic Water FiltersPitchersBottles Replacement FiltersIn-home accessoriesYESGlass PlasticBetween 20 to 190 USD depending on the size and type of BPA-free water pitcher

Final Thoughts:

There cannot be anything good to use except a BPA-Free water pitcher to serve water, juice, or soda to the guests whenever they arrive at your home. A water pitcher gives you many benefits, and if purchased with unique features like with filter, it adds more blessings to your daily life drinking or cooking problems by providing impurities-free and clean water. However, you must always look for a completely BPA-Free water pitcher in order to ensure that whatever you are drinking from that water pitcher is healthy and safe. So, I assume this guide would help you decide all those things.

And I do hope that you liked reading this information. If you really did, don’t forget to share it with others. You can also explore guides on BPA-Free water containers or jugs, as I have already added for you. Thanks for the patience. Have so many blessings on your way!




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