BPA-free Water Jugs | Top 6 Picks In 2022

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To give your whole family the most reasonable and healthiest water to drink, you must rely on using BPA-free water jugs. A jug can easily provide water to a family of 6 to 7 people with all their needs to drink or cook. Such jugs are also reusable and spend a great time with you to keep water whenever needed. However, finding your best BPA-free water jug can be complicated if you are not guided properly.

Please take a little deeper look as I have spent hours on research, recommendations, using buyers’ reviews on different brands, and more. So, without wasting this precious time, let’s get started!

What Are Water Jugs, And How Do They Help Families With Water?

Water jugs come in different sizes, such as 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 3 gallons, and up to 5 gallons. These help small or large houses save more water for later usage.

A jug of water is basically a water bottle having a grasping handle integrated with it. It can easily contain a good amount of BPA-free water that you can use for multiple purposes.

These are not that expensive, and one can easily buy a water jug filled with water from a nearby superstore or online, whatever he prefers.

This way, people can have a good amount of water stored in their homes for later usage.

In case you want to learn more about BPA water, refer to the BPA-free water guide that gives detailed information on this topic.

Are Water Jugs Really BPA-free?

Yes, water jugs are totally BPA-free. Because such products are made with a high-quality PET 2 plastic.

This polyethylene plastic ensures zero containment of BPA and lets you use healthy water for those needed drinks to keep yourself alive.

So, one can easily believe that Water jugs are BPA-free.

How To Know If A Water Jug Is BPA-free?

In order to ensure whether the water jug you are choosing is free from BPA or not, look for its brand.

Consider that brand and look for its information online, such as searching water jug from Nestle. Is it BPA-free or not?

In this way, you will get the necessary data from authority websites confirming that the water you are drinking from the water jug or jug you purchase is BPA-free.

Besides that, you can follow the guidelines below to ensure that the water jug is BPA-free.

  • Consider finding number 7 or Letter P.C. written on the water jug. This number will let you know that your water jug is not BPA-free at all.
  • If you find numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, there is a surety that your water jug will be coming to BPA-free. Such numbers indicate the water purity from BPA.
  • Finding writings such as P.S., LDPE, P.P., HDPE, PET, etc., also ensure that the product doesn’t contain any BPA in its production containment.
  • Don’t confuse yourself with the manufacturers of jugs writing BPS instead of BPA-free. It means your jug is not likely to be BPA-free. It is just what some brands do in not an obvious way to make some people fool.
  • You can also refer to the manufacturer of that water jug to find out whether the water jug is BPA-free or not. You need to look for the necessary data or details of the materials used to produce that water jug.

With Which Material Water Jugs Are Made Of?

Jugs are made with heavy-duty plastic, ensuring low chemical composition and long-lasting durability.

It is always better to use quality plastic over low-quality plastic for low or zero exposure to the BPA.

So, all of this states that you are safe and your health is protected from the diseases that happen only through drinking BPA-contaminating water.

In this case, mostly the materials used for producing such water jugs or other products are given as follows.

  • PET #1 Plastic for daily life usage, water bottle production
  • PET #2 Plastic is used for the production of products offering more space to store more water, such as jugs or water containers
  • Tritan Plastic is used to produce water jugs, which is extreme duty plastic only used to ensure low or zero BPA mixing inside water jugs.

Can You Reuse A Water Jug For Water Filling Purposes?

Yes, a water jug can be reused multiple times to refill water. Usually, people have two or three water jugs in which they store water.

Such storing of water ensures whenever you need water, you can have the purest and BPA-free water in a matter of seconds. So, by all means, a water jug can be reused.

How Do I Use Water Jug For Refilling Purposes?

Follow the steps below to understand how you can reuse a BPA-free water jug for water filling or storage purposes.

  • First, you need to ensure that your water jug is empty now. It means you can reuse that to fill water.
  • Ensure that your water jug is clean to fill it again with water.
  • You can clean that water jug using soap, white vinegar, or baking soda. Prepare a mixture and add that to the water jig. After that, you can use water to clean it.
  • Moreover, prefer to use hot water if you haven’t cleaned the water jug for a while. Because hot water will kill all the germs and make it properly clean.
  • Now, once the water jug is cleaned, you can use it for refilling water. You can refill this water anywhere near your house where you think or know you can get fresh water.

What Else Can You opt  For If You Don’t Want To Use Plastic Made Water Jugs?

Most people don’t give full focus and trust to plastic-made products. However, there is a need to understand that plastic is totally safe if it doesn’t mix or leach chemicals into your food or water.

Liking plastic over other materials gives people multiple benefits, including a low budget, lightweight, long lasting, and more.

Still, if this doesn’t satisfy your soul, you can prefer using water jugs or bottles made with stainless steel.

However, you may not find such larger jugs made with glass because they are likely prone to breaking.

Therefore, you can change your taste and look for a stainless steel-made gallon or bottle labeled BPA-free. These bottles are indeed BPA-free because Bisphenol A is not used in their production.

Moreover, steel is eco-friendlier and more durable and provides more value to your money over the long run.

Which Brands Are Famous For Producing BPA-free Water Jugs In The USA?

If you live in the USA and want to know what brands of water are good at producing these BPA-free water jugs, you can have this information from the below-given details on these brands.

Moreover, please have a look at the table specifying the unique features of the brands for water jugs.

BrandsCountry For Selling ProductsProducing BPA-Free Products?Products offeringMaterial Used For ProductionCosts For Water Jugs
ThirstyUSAYesBottled Water CoolersMains Fed Water CoolerHot Water DispenserTapsBottling SystemSparkling Water CoolerWater Fountains and Bottle FillersBottled WaterCupsPura GuardTouchless Water dispenserZero Touch Hand SanitizersWater jugs, bottles and more    PlasticGlass12 to 40 USD depending on gallons capacity
Geo Sports BottlesUSAYesWater BottlesDispensersGlass BottlesShaker BottlesTumblersPitchersGlass Plastic17 to 30 USD
Hydro MateUSAYesWater BottlesInsulated SleevesElectrolyte Drink MixPlastic19 to 21 USD
For Your WaterUSAYesSport BottleWater Dispenser StandsWater Dispenser CrakesRefrigerator Water bottlesDrinking waterOther furniture AccessoriesPlasticWoodAluminumGlass12 to 20 USD
Pure AquaMore than 200YesWater Filtration SystemsWater Filter PartsWater Bottles and other AccessoriesUse a diversity of materials as they work on a larger industrial scale But plastic for water jugsUsually among 12 to 25 on amazon and Walmart
Aqua NationUSAYesGallon BottlesSports BottlesReplacement Water FiltersPackaging SuppliesPlastic Glass16 to 19 USD
Love HomeUSAYesProducing and selling multiple home accessories from Water To ElectricalPlenty of materials used for production of different items But plastic for water jugs12 to 35 USD

1: Thirsty

Thirsty work is one of the famous water bottle manufacturing brands working and supplying its water products through eBay for all USA and UK people.

They claim they have water jugs or bottles manufactured according to all BPA-free standards and safety.

The company produces clean and pure water jugs that hold the ability to refill several times.

It means one can use a water jug from thirsty several times as it becomes a great deal and value for money.

You can easily buy 1-gallon to 5-gallon water jugs from the eBay store and get them delivered to your home in no time.

2: Geo Sports Bottles

On the second number, this Geo Sports Water bottle produces quality water bottles from Tritan or PET #2 plastic, offering products like Dispenser, Glass Bottles, Pitchers, Tumblers, and more. While living inside your home, you can find their products easily available at Walmart or your nearby store.

The brand is highly appreciated by people who love outings, going to the gym, and staying on long journeys. Their water jugs are completely BPA-free and ensure that you must always drink clean and pure no matter what.

3: HydroMate

For USA residents, Hydromate also serves BPA-free water jugs with all the features you look for in a quality product.

They produce and sell their products through their own website and Walmart. You can have the fastest delivery at your home within a few days for your desired water jug and ensure it works fine for you.

The company has produced gallons, water bottles of different sizes and styles, and more for your daily life water needs.

4: For Your Water

Refer to For Your Water if you need a fresh, clean, completely BPA-free water supply while living in the USA.

The company claims to provide or send faster deliveries to all those living in America. It only serves there.

One can easily find the durable quality made BPA-free jugs from For Your Water brand on Walmart and their own store.

They provide you with different ranges on different price tags and meet all your specific needs.

5: PureAqua

Meet PureAqua, one of the highest and most ancient brands working in the USA, providing water cleaning solutions to more than 200 countries. They just don’t work in providing you with some sort of BPA-free water jugs.

But they have a high value in installing and offering water purification plants, systems, components and parts, industrial water solutions, and more.

Whenever a project occurs where there is a high need of BPA-free and pure water, Aqua pure ensures that if the company interacts with them, they will be able to solve their problems for a lifetime.

6: Aqua Nation

Give your pure and clean water drinking worries to Aqua Nation, and they will ensure that you will never face the same problem again.

Yes, this brand is one of those that provides excellently made Water jugs, bottles, dispensers, and more.

You can find your perfect choice there and ensure the brand just deliver that to you at your home in a while.

From 1 gallon to 5 gallons, water taps, stylish and colorful bottles, and more, this company brings everything just to your doorstep.

7: LavoHome

Another good brand on Walmart to make it easier to find the best water jugs free from BPA is Lovehome.

These people sell durable bottles in the USA and ensure that you can have them at your doorstep.

One can easily find any gallon water jug, whether 5 gallons, 3, or 2. So, you can also consider this brand for your extreme water needs.

Top 3 BPA-free Water Jugs To Choose From:

In this section, I am adding the top three water jugs with different capacities that one can look for. This will make your choices easier if you are really considering buying one. Or, in another way, it will help you gain the information you seek.

New Wave Enviro BPA-free 1 Gallon-Highly Recommended:

For your 1 gallon BPA, free water bottle needs, narrow down your decision on this quality-made New wave Enviro water jug.

The heavy-duty plastic ensures long-lasting usage for filling and refilling water for a couple of years.

There is an easy carrying loop integrated with this gallon which makes it an easy choice for you in the form of a jug you want to get.

This one is easy to carry and doesn’t hold much weight in itself. Besides that, anyone can have it for his/her small or medium family needs to keep fresh and pure water stored in the time moments when the water is needed.


BrandNew Wave Enviro
Material Made WithPlastic
TypeJug, Bottle
Capacity To Store Water1 Gallon
Age GroupAny age group
ReusabilityYes, it can be reused for filling
Weight‎0.45 Pounds

Special Features:

Safe Water—You are more than just sure about the safety and pureness of your water because it is made by one of the most trusted brands for making BPA-free products. It means your water is stored in a safe bottle.

Easy Carrying—This Jug’s design is so ergonomic that it strikes higher to ensure that you can carry it easily. Because it gives you an integrated handle.

Plus, a stainless steel cap comes, including a durable nylon strap. On top of that, the color is very appreciated by most people living in U.S. E.U. and Australians.

Easy Refilling—Enviro water jug is very sustainable as it will save easily on 8 trash ready. You can refill your bottle from landfills, local communities, or oceans wherever you live.

Give life a true meaning by having 1 gallon of pure BPA-free water around you!

Aqua Nation BPA-Free 2 Gallon Reusable Water Jug-USA Made

If you need a water jug so you can have 2 gallons of water at a time, your search ends here. Give your all focus on this reusable water gallon made with heavy duty plastic.

The best thing about this water jug is that it is purely USA-made. And I believe that people in the USA love to have locally made products.

Because they know that they are not looking for just a product, they are looking for quality, durability, and value for money.

This food-grade safe Tritan leak proof water bottle ensures the same features as anyone could except for his 2 water gallon jug needs.


Material Made WithPlastic
TypeJug, Bottle
Capacity To Store Water2 Gallon
Leak ProofYes
Age GroupAny age group
ReusabilityYes, it can be reused for filling
Weight‎0.9 Pounds

Special Features:

BPA-free—The product is durable and ensures side-by-side BPA productivity, food-grade safest plastic material, and the USA-made richness you may not find in any other 2 gallon jug.

Reusability—The bottle can easily work for longer water-keeping needs because it can be used for refilling multiple times. Have this BPA-free water jug with spigot, a built-in handle, and BPA-free faucet.

Perfect For Outdoor Water Keeping Needs—You can keep this bottle or jug in your refrigerator, have it for any outdoor water keeping purposes and use it over the events being conducted at your home.

Emergency Water Needs—This BPA-free water jug works well in need of emergency water preparation and storage.

It means when you cannot go outside but still needs water, this will be available inside your fridge. With all that, the bottle is easy to carry and comes with multiple versatilities that are all worth considering.

BPA & BPS Free Reusable Plastic Water Bottle 5 Gallon Jug-More With Capacity

I am not sure, but for all purposes, if you need a jug with maximum capacity and looking for the best BPA-free 5-gallon water jug, you should have a look at this.

This product is only made to provide you with more capacity so that you can store more water at your home.

Have it with durable plastic construction, multiple reusability times, and a couple of more advantages that you may never find with any other bottle of the same size.


Material Made WithPlastic
TypeJug, Bottle
Capacity To Store Water5 Gallon
Leak ProofYes
Age GroupAny age group
ReusabilityYes, it can be reused for filling
Weight‎‎‎2 pounds

Special Features:

Food Grade Plastic Material—You cannot compare this water jug with those ordinary plastic bottles. Because it offers you excellent duty food grade plastic manufacturing.

BPA-free—It comes packed, meeting all those BPA and BPS free standards and ensuring you can drink safe and clean water. Because protecting your health is always a top priority for a product like this.

Excellent Capacity—Meeting the needs of a large family, the jug provides you with 5 gallons of water capacity. It means you can always store more for emergencies and all those needs that include water. With that, have a standard cap that is leakage-free and ensures more versatility.

Easy Gripping—Hold this jug in your hands without facing difficulties because it offers you an easy grip through a handle.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, BPA-free water jugs are a great choice if you need to solve the water storage problems of your entire family. These come in different capacities and provide you with multiple benefits. You can choose your jug from the availability of all these options. However, if you need more help with products that would work just great with these jugs, you can read about a BPA-free water jug pump to get water through the jug easily.

You can also buy a BPA-free water jug with spout to find more comfort in using these jugs for your daily water needs. The best thing is that all these products are BPA-free, ensuring healthy, fresh, and readily available water to visit your body.

Hence, this was all for today. Let me know if the article has helped you in many regards. I would love to hear. Moreover, your quires and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading. Take care, and have a healthy day!





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