Where Is The Water Filter Located?

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Typically, water filters may be found in the grilles at the bottom of a refrigerator or the refrigerator’s rear or top corner. Some earlier versions have the filter on the back of the refrigerator, which is connected to the water supply pipe on the exterior of the refrigerator.

The grille at the bottom of your refrigerator is the ideal place to search for your filter. You will see the filter in the shape of a 3 to 4-inch diameter tube.

It is best to consult your owner’s handbook or search up its model number on the internet to find out exactly where the filter is located before attempting to remove the refrigerator from the wall to inspect its backside if you cannot find it there.

Where Is The Water Filter Located? 

Many consumers overlook the importance of their refrigerator’s water filter. If your fridge does not even have a water dispenser, you will need to replace the filter.

A light on modern refrigerators tells you when it is time for a new filter, but we all notice the little black particles in the ice. However, finding the location of your refrigerator’s water filter is the last obstacle to completing this task.

Refrigerator water filters are often tucked away in a place that is easy to reach and out of the way. Water filters are usually located in the top right-hand corner of your refrigerator, towards its rear.

Regardless matter where it is on your particular type of fridge. As an alternative, if the grill is not present, you may be able to find it behind it, usually on the left. As a result, there is not a set of universal positions for every fridge type or door design.

Locations Of Water Filters By Refrigerator Type

The design of your fridge will help you locate your water filter. The position of your fridge’s water filter will be determined by the size and location of the refrigerator’s compartments.

Choose from one of the fridge models listed, and we will help you locate the water filter. The following is a compiled list of all the locations:

Top-Freezer Fridge

Placement Of The Filter: Upper right or lower left grille

The conventional refrigerator form is the top freezer. Smaller freezer on top of a vast single-door refrigerator. It has two doors. Look at the upper right corner of the fridge compartment. Find a clamp or tab to open any housing you see. The water filter should be placed inside the container. A simple push-and-twist or the touch of a button removes most contaminants from water. 

Remove the kick-grille beneath the fridge compartment if there is no protection in the top-right corner of the fridge. You should be able to see a water filter and a circular area within. It is time to replace that old water filter. Make sure it’s in there.

Bottom-Freezer Fridge

Placement Of The Filter: Top right, top left, or lower grille filter position

The basic model often comes with a bottom-freezer option. The basket shelves in the freezer open like a drawer for easier frozen stacking. It has two entrances. Check the top right-hand corner of the upper fridge compartment.

If you open it, it is possible to locate a water filter in the plastic container. Replace the filter with an approved equivalent or an exact match.

Next, look at the grille under the freezer section. It should be easy to dislodge. Refrigerator parts, including a water filter, will be hidden below the grille. Find a replacement for the water filter you currently have.

Water Filter Location In French 3-Door Fridge

Placement Options For The Filter: Bottom centered, top right, or top left

Two doors open in the middle of the French 3-Door refrigerator to reveal a top refrigerator and a bottom freezer.

They may be broader than some two-door refrigerators. Take a closer look at the bottom portion of the refrigerator by removing both refrigerator doors and looking down into the middle.

The old water filter may be found between the produce drawers. Remove the old filtration system and swap it with a new one by twisting and pulling it out.

If you do not see a water filter in the middle of the fridge, check the upper-right corner. If you look around the corner, you may see a little dwelling that is not much bigger than a water filter. Replace your water filter within the housing by finding a tab or clamp to access it.

Refrigerator filters may be found in the upper left-hand corner of the compartment. Repair the water filter if you locate it in the housing to the left.

Under-Counter Fridge

Placement Of The Filter: The filter is located on the left lower grille

Finally yet importantly, short under-counter refrigerators are available. Because there is not enough room in the fridge compartment for an inner water filter, you will nearly always find one beneath the grill, towards the floor.

Remove the grill and check for a water-filter-shaped gap in the components below.

Replace the water filter with a new one and shut the grill. Replacing your water filter will need you to locate the same or a highly comparable one.

When you’re done, push the water filter light’s reset button. If you would like to learn more about appliance maintenance and repair, do not hesitate to contact the professional.

Side-By-Side Fridge With A French Door

Placement Of The Filter: Upper right or lower left grille

This kind of refrigerator is vertical. It is common for them to have the freezer on the left and the fridge on the right. These storage chambers are the same size in several cases.

The water filter is located in one of the two usual locations on this refrigerator. Find a water filter cylinder housing in the upper-right corner of the screen. You may swap out the filtration system in the housing if you discover it.

Your bottom grille is most likely where you will find the filter if you can’t find it in the fridge. Remove the start grill and locate the water filter in the spherical compartment.

To remove the old water filter, twist and push it out. Then replace it with the new one by clicking it in place.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Fisher And Paykel Fridge? 

The filter may be found on the left of the screen. The filter cartridge tool will fit in the freezer drawer if slightly opened.

The filter cartridges tool may be used to release the filter by aligning it to the filters and turning 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Remove the filter cartridges tool and filter by pulling it toward you.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Samsung Refrigerator?

In specific models of Samsung refrigerators, the water filter bay is situated near the toe grille on the left side or a lower shelf.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Samsung French Door Refrigerator?

Samsung French Door Refrigerator is one of the company’s best-known models. The water filter is positioned between the crisper drawers in the refrigerator section.

Dispose of the water dispenser till its empty if you’re having problems removing the filter from the fridge after turning off the supply valve.

Because of the preceding procedure, you will be able to remove the filter from the housing effortlessly. Once the replacement filter is in place, be sure to turn the water valve supply back on.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Whirlpool Refrigerator?

There are two components to a refrigerator water filter: physical and chemical components. The bigger particles and impurities in the water are filtered out by the first physical component formed of a screen or mesh material.

A chemical component, such as activated carbon, removes small particles, metals, and compounds from the water after the physical filter.

To further improve the final product’s quality, a third filtering layer may be used to remove any remaining undesired substances from the water.

Locate the top right-hand corner of your refrigerator or base grille for your water filter cover. Lift the door to the filter compartment. Remove the filter and throw it away. Remove the O-ring covers from your new filter and open it up.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Frigidaire Refrigerator?

This feature is included in almost all modern side-by-side refrigerators. Both the cubes and the drinking water are made using filtered water.

Each refrigerator model has a different sort of water filter. Side-by-side refrigerators have a filter in the upper right-hand corner of the appliance.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Keurig?

Yes, the Keurig has a water filtration system! Using a BPA-free silicone filter handle, the Keurig includes a water filter that is roughly 2 inches long and 1.125 inches tall. Your water filter can only be used if you know exactly where it is.

The water filtration is found in the machine’s backwater reservoir. You may access your coffee machine’s water filter by completely removing the water reservoir top.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Keurig 2.0?

The water filter is situated on the tank’s bottom valve, within the water tank. For the Keurig 2.0, there are two kinds of holders for the filters.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Kenmore Elite Refrigerator?

The upper right and lower left grille of a side-by-side refrigerator house this device. The filter is located in the bottom left grille of a bottom-freezer refrigerator.

The filter is situated in the center of the refrigerator in top-freezer systems.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Kitchenaid Refrigerator?

A refrigerator filtration system removes typical pollutants & particles from your household’s water supply.

It is possible to build up these particles overtime on the filter’s screen, preventing the filter’s ability to perform its intended function, refrigerator water filters from Kitchen-aid should be changed every six months.

The sooner you replace the filter; the more likely your refrigerator ice machine will produce ice.

Located in the refrigerator’s top correct interior, all filters are easy to access and clean. Refer to your refrigerator’s owner’s handbook for the model’s suggested filter.

Kitchen Aid edge refrigerators utilize the same filters as French door models, but they also have the option of an extra filter.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Lg Refrigerator?

The top-left corner of most LG side-by-side refrigerators houses the water filter. A water filter is often found on the left internal door of a French door refrigerator.

Water filter indication lights may be seen near the dispenser on certain LG refrigerators. When the filter has to be replaced, a light will come on.

After replacing your water filter, hold the ‘filter’ or ‘reset’ button down for five seconds to verify the light is appropriately reset. Until the filter has to be changed, the light should be turned off.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator?

If a refrigerator water filter is created outside of the United States, it must be tested to American requirements to acquire an NSF certification, regardless of where it was built.

Even though these refrigerator water filters are made all around the globe, they all have at least an NSF 42 grade.

If you cannot find it there, look inside your refrigerator in the top right-hand corner or the bottom grille. Remove the filter by opening the door.


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