Water Bottle For Kids – Ultimate Guide

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Written By Mary Samantha Katherine

Children are the most important asset any home or family can ever have. They are the world’s future, and one should always remember that they should grow up in the perfect environment. A water bottle for kids could be nothing for you when you just take a general note on this. But when you study something like this in deep detail, you will see that many factors of your child’s health are concerned with it. The more you are careful at providing the safest water to your baby in his early childhood, being a toddler or even adult, the better life he will be able to live.

So, end up on everything you are currently doing and give your all attention to me. Because in this guide will share many things about a water bottle for your kids, its safety concerns, which one to get and why, and much more. Hence, let’s start this discussion without wasting more time.

What Are Water Bottles For Kids?

Water bottles are simply water bottles, but when it comes to the most important section of this heading “kids” you must be curious to know everything in detail.

A water bottle for a kid or your baby is a specially designed piece of a bottle of, say, a bottle with an exact size and features suiting to your kid’s daily basis water needs.

He must drink more water during the day to stay hydrated. Because he has to visit so many places, including his academy, dance classes, school, or places where he plays football or cricket.

In these situations, he must have a water bottle specially designed for his own benefits and particular needs.

So that he may never stay dehydrated and always be able to drink a pure and healthiest sip of water whenever he feels thirsty, indeed, water bottles play a very significant role in everyone’s life these days.

In case you need to know more in-depth about water bottles, you should check out the water bottle-ultimate guide.

There, I have explained everything in deep detail, including the history, manufacturing process, and many safety as well as related health factors.

But in this section, let’s look closely at everything about the kid’s water bottles.

How Much Water Your Baby Must Drink On Daily Basis?

The exact quantity of water any person should have depends on several factors, including the environment in which he lives, activities he performs or the air in which he breaths, etc.

There is nothing that can be particularly correct for the measuring of water quantity inside a human body.

But that’s the fact that your body has almost 60 percent water. You must always stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can.

So, it is very simple to know when it comes to your baby or kid as how much water he should drink daily.

Please look at the table for the right measurements of water according to the age that a baby or an adult must be drinking on a daily basis.

This data is proved and given by the Healthy Children Organization Of USA.

Children AgeWater In Cups Or GlassesWater In Water Bottles
When a baby is of 6 monthsAlmost 4 to 8 ounces per day as the most liquid comes from the breastmilkApproximately 0.5 liters or half liter
Children aged 1 to 3 yearsAlmost 4 cups of beverages per day, including water or milkApproximately 1-liter water bottle
If that child is now 4 to 8 years oldThe water quantity would rise to 7 to 8 cupsThis becomes approximately drinking up to 3.7 liters of water on a daily basis

So, these are the readings that one should remember in the case of giving water to a baby to stay hydrated every day.

Besides, as stated earlier, these amounts of water or water cups or bottles may vary differently.

Because mostly, the drinking water depends on the intensity of activity being performed, the temperatures to which your baby’s body is exposed, and whether there is a summer season or winter.

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe For Your Kid?

Now, what if you compare tap water and water packed in a water bottle you are supposed to hand over to your children?

How would things very actually be? Is it safe for your toddler who drinks water from his school tap on a daily basis?

Or should he be much more careful about having his own water himself?

See, things like these disturb lots of parents undoubtedly. And I can be sure that you are one of those parents if you are concerned with your baby’s health.

There are the following things that you should be careful of while choosing between tap water and bottled water for your kid.


Ensure if that tap water comes properly filtered, like either from a water dispenser or the facility from which your baby is drinking, has a quality filtration system inside it.

If these things are present, no doubt your baby is allowed to drink that water to stay hydrated.


If that water facility of tap water is not as good as I am telling you, you must remember that you should arrange safe water for your baby. Here are the following things you can do.


If you are unsure about tap water, you may test it through a clinical laboratory. They will let you know the exact quantity of minerals, purities, or impurities in your tap water.


You can use a water dispenser or buy another to fill your kid’s water bottle. That bottle can be given to the baby when he measures his way to the school or his activity chamber.


Or you can buy the Mineral Water from any famous brand available to you nearby from a bakery shop or superstore.

These brands sell some giant gallons of water bottles, offering you more quantity of storable water that can be used on daily basis for water needs and in the needs of emergencies.

So, it is totally on you as to how you take care of these things in order.

Why Do You Need a Water Bottle For Your Kid?

Since, we all know the endless benefits of drinking healthier water on a daily basis. Because a sip, glass, cup, or bottle of water always helps a great deal for doing different things.

It includes regulating your body temperature, preventing constipation, losing weight, removing your skin acne, and several help on the digestion food side.

Besides, suppose you stay properly hydrated and works on paying full attention towards the proper water routine of your baby. In that case, it can help prevent several diseases.

These diseases include alternates, short-term memory loss, and some improperness in cognitive function.

The same is the matter with your growing baby. Since he is in his early days of growing to become a man, he needs water.

And that water must be the purest, the cleanest, and healthiest water he would love to drink. The specific reasons to give your child the full opportunity to drink the safest water are as follows.

Reasons For Getting A Water Bottle For Your Kid:

  • Water is much important for controlling dehydration, and particularly it is important for your kids.
  • That’s because the children are more sensitive and have a relatively large portion of their bodies for losing sweat and being exposed to the heat.
  • Moreover, these kids you have might be careless and even forget their thirst.
  • Plus, they won’t be able to take water sometimes.

Depending on these reasons, doctors and health experts recommend having specially made water bottles for your kids.

It is because when these kids have their own water bottles, it will be easier, memorable and faster to drink more water whenever they feel thirsty.

So, it all states the importance of having a water bottle in your kid’s life. And not only kid, but you might also need a water bottle for yourself so that you can drink and be hydrated all the time.

At What Places Your Kid Needs A Water Bottle?

From the age of being a baby to when he gets older and someone starts taking care of him, your baby needs to drink water as much as he can.

So, asking what places are going to be for your son or daughter to have a water bottle with herself/himself could be pretty understandable.

There is nothing problematic in finding these places. Because all you have to remember is your child’s daily schedule as what he does, where he goes, and how he needs a water bottle with himself.

Please take a look at the brief list of places where having a water bottle is recommended for your baby.

  • If your baby is small, say in between 6 months to 1 year, get a water bottle to visit any place you go or travel anywhere with your baby.
  • When the baby goes to his school, he must have a water bottle with himself.
  • While going jogging in the morning or evening.
  • While studying, seated on his chair, he must have water either in his water bottle or in a jug.
  • When your baby goes playing with his friends.
  • He needs a water bottle while cycling, swimming, taking music classes, or doing any activity part of his day.

And most importantly, he needs water because it is impossible to live without it! We all know that!

How To Know If A Water Bottle Is Good For Your Children?

Water bottles are either;

  • Single-Use Water Bottles
  • Or Reusable Water Bottles

In most cases, you will have a reusable water bottle for your kid so that he may carry it anywhere he goes or wherever he visits.

That’s important to decide which type of water bottle would be better for your children, and how would you know it?

Well, nothing is difficult here because all you have to do is look around certain parameters to decide which type of water bottle you are going to buy for your kid.

  • Ensure to see if that water bottle is made up of BPA-free plastic or material, whatever it is.
  • Take a closer look and search for that brand’s information as to whether it is trusted to buy or is just a myth.
  • Only trust and buy a reusable water bottle from companies or brands of water bottles that have been here for many years. It includes some famous brands like Ozarka, Lavohome, and more.
  • If you prefer purchasing a water bottle made of glass or stainless steel, you are not going to worry about its safety. Because such material will defiantly be good for you.
  • Aluminum is also used in the manufacturing of water bottles. So, one might have a water bottle purely made from this material.
  • Besides, ask any health expert, especially a doctor, for the best recommendations to buy a water bottle for your kid.

What Are Water Bottles Not Safe For Your Kids?

Any reusable water bottle that leaches chemicals into the water that your baby would drink is not safe for him.

Because these toxic chemicals leave the finest and healthiest working body to the bunch of problems that he may start experiencing even from an early age.

In that case, the following could be the parameters for not getting water bottles with these credentials. Please have a look!

  • Never buy a water bottle that doesn’t have any branding for being a BPA Free one.
  • Also, do not prefer to choose a water bottle for your kid made from low-quality plastic such as P.C (polycarbonate).
  • Do not trust a new brand that you have never heard of or seen a water bottle from them being used in your surroundings.
  • Moreover, don’t buy cheaper or low-quality water bottles. Except choose high quality always!

Is Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Kids Safe?

Yes, stainless steel water bottles are made with pure stainless steel and ensure zero mixing of Bisphenol-A into their production.

Such water bottles also keep your water safe from the sunlight. A stainless steel water bottle is a way with high perceived value than any ordinary one out there.

However, it could be a little expensive but is much more durable to stay with you for longer.

For How Long Does A Water Bottle For Your Kid Last?

It totally depends on your activities and how you use your water bottle daily. That’s because you have to make sure your child uses a water bottle daily.

And it is made with quality materials and will likely stay with him for almost 3 to 5 years.

However, if it is not THAT great, you might have to replace it with a new one after a year or maybe 1.5 years. But whenever you do, it will not cost you much.

Are Water Bottles For Kids Reusable?

Yes, as stated earlier, water bottles have two types. You can have either a single-use or a water bottle that can be used multiple times.

Such a water bottle is called a reusable one, and anyone can use it for maximum usage.

These water bottles are made with quality plastic, sometimes metals like Glass, Stainless Steel, Or Aluminum, offering multiple features with lasting durability.

How Do You Clean Your Children’s Water Bottle?

Those careful moms know very well how to clean a water bottle of their toddler or baby?

Because they are good with a caring attitude, and they ensure that their baby must get what he deserves.

One can apply the following steps in order to have a proper cleaning of the water bottle of a baby.

  • First, apply clean water to rinse the bottle properly. Make sure that water must touch every part of the water bottle.
  • A soap with a water mixture can be applied for proper cleaning. If you don’t be able to make your hand reach the water bottle, use a brush for it.
  • One can also use detergent or white vinegar solution for excellent cleaning.
  • Once cleaned, make sure that the water bottle gets dry properly. Then it will be ready to use again!

Top 5 Recommended Brands In the USA To Buy The Best Water Bottles For Your Kids:

BrandsProducts They SellCountry/RegionPrice For A Water Bottle For A Kid
ContigoWater Bottles Travel Mugs Tumblers Kids Bottle Brush SetsUSAStarting From 10 USD To 100 with varying styles and sizes
BubbaBottles And Tumblers Mugs Water Jugs Kids AccessoriesUSAStarting from 15 USD to 120 with varying styles and sizes
Zak DesignsSelling a variety of home products with kids’ water bottles as wellUSAStarting from 10 USD to 180 with varying styles and sizes
ZuluSwift Tritan Water Bottle For Kids and Adults Ace Stainless Bottle Studio Glass Bottle Boost Shaker BottleUSAStarting From 10 USD to 180 with varying styles and sizes
The Coldest WaterSelling a variety of home products with kids’ water bottles as wellUSAStarting from 10 USD to 150 with varying styles and sizes

Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, it’s been clear up to this point that a water bottle for kids is an essential instrument your little soldier must have on his daily outings. It doesn’t matter whether he is a 6-month-old baby or a grown child of 7 to 15 years; your baby must have a water bottle to drink water from it. And I hope that this guide has provided you with enough information on these water bottles for kids. But if you have more things to ask, you are most welcome.

For today, thanks and appreciation from my side. Keep visiting and explore the latest blogs on the water as well as its products. Drink healthy, live wealthy!





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