TikTok 99p Water Bottle BPA-Free

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Written By John Roe Stephen

TikTok 99p water bottle has become quite famous after TikTok’s official shop released it. This water bottle is reviewed by many TikTokers on their official accounts. Currently, people are also buying it from TikTok and other most known places. But is that TikTok 99p water bottle BPA-Free and safe to drink? What’s the story behind this water bottle? Why would somebody like to buy it? There are other relevant questions that deserve answers. Therefore, I am here to help.

In this guide, I will share the required information on this 99p water bottle to find out whether it is BPA-Free or not. So, please keep reading till the end, and let’s start this conversation without wasting time.

What Is TikTok 99p Water Bottle?

Like other water bottles, it is also a water bottle you can use for filling and drinking water.

However, this 99p water bottle came under people’s eyes when there was a video made by the TikToker Katie Hopkins.

She bought this water bottle from the official TikTok shop, which is a place where people these days can also buy products.

Since TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the past few years from the time, it was launched.

So, most of the time, it usually takes 10 to 20 minutes for a product to go viral on this platform.

Therefore, many brands and companies have started advertising as well as selling their products on this TikTok shop, where you can also get this 99p water bottle.

The video girl stated that she had managed to buy this water bottle for only 99p, and she got free delivery for this product at her doorstep.

What Are The Features Of the TikTok 99p Water Bottle?

Despite being famous on TikTok and among the people of this platform, it has a couple of useful apprising features that you would love to consider.

There is nothing you would find hateful or ignoring about this water bottle. Because everything is created with additional care and protection.

In that case, this TikTok 99P Water Bottle has the following features.

The Excellent Design:

What is most worth appraising about this water bottle is its design, which motivates the user always to drink more water.

It has a 2L water holding and carrying capacity with some inspirational quotes. Plus, there are some time stamps as well on the water bottle.

By all means, a water bottle like this always lends a helping hand in ensuring that you must always stay hydrated during your day.

And should be able to drink enough water during your daily routines or outdoor workouts.

Anti-Leakage Straw:

The things that make it more appraised by many people on TikTok or other places include an anti-leakage straw with an extremely portable handle design.

Such additions ensure that you can use these features as a mobile stand whenever you are using your mobile as a source of entertainment or learning.

Splash Proof Cover:

Besides, the bottle is ready to give you a specially made splash-proof top cover that can easily be opened using only one hand.

Because, all you have to do is to press the button, and the water bottle will be opened and ready for you to drink water from.

Easy Carrying And More Versatility:

Moreover, some in-built air holes are given into the water bottle lid. These are there to ensure that the water should always flow quickly and should always be easy to drink.

In addition to all of the above, the water bottle is relatively easy to carry from one place to another. You can also use it with your bicycles.

Water Bottle Used Widely:

The popularity this water bottle has gained from TikTok has made it most convenient for people to use it on different occasions.

Like, you can have this water bottle for the gym, office, while exercising, or any other outdoor activities you like to perform.

Also, with this water bottle, you can also achieve some specific goals of losing weight and taking care of your overall health.

Is TikTok 99p Water Bottle Really BPA-Free?

Now, let’s answer the main question we are trying to figure out about this water bottle. Yes, a 99p TikTok water bottle is a totally BPA-Free water bottle because of the material used in its production.

It has been made using Food Grade plastic which is environmentally friendly and doesn’t include any signs or mixings of BPA into it.

So, it is a 100% BPA-Free water bottle which doesn’t only provide you odorless, healthy, and non-toxic water to drink on a daily basis.

But it also inspires you to keep you active on your journey.

If you want to know more about BPA-Free water bottles, please consider reading our BPA-Free water bottle-ultimate guide.

You will get more information about these water bottles and how they are ready to make your lives easier.

What Is The Official Brand Of TikTok 99p BPA-Free Water Bottle?

The official brand that manufactures and sells these water bottles is Ghopy. They have their products, including water bottles, especially in several stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc.

So, this is the original brand information you should know about this 99p BPA-Free water bottle from TikTok.

How Do You Buy 99p BPA-Free Water Bottle From TikTok?

Suppose you are a regular TikToker who loves to watch TikTok videos and make some. In that case, what will you do if you have to buy this 99p BPA-Free water bottle from the TikTok shop?

Don’t worry because it is pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below and figure this problem out. Please have a look!

  • Open TikTok App at first.
  • Go to the TikTok shop and search for the 99p water bottle over there. You will easily be able to find this water bottle in this shop.
  • Select the water bottle and place your order.
  • It will be delivered to you within the shortest delivery time that would be possible around.

Hence, there is no struggle that you have to make to buy a water bottle like this.

Can You Buy This Water Bottle From Anywhere Else Except The TikTok Shop?

Yes, as stated earlier, the Official brand of this water bottle has its products in several famous stores in the USA.

You can just browse out by writing the most famous places to buy 99p TikTok BPA-Free water bottles, and you will have a full list of the stores where you can see the same product.

It will be offering you the same features as I have mentioned above. These stores may include the following.

Is The 99p TikTok Bottle Safe?

Yes, because of the plastic quality you would find with this water bottle, it is totally safe and healthy to drink water from.

You can also fill it with sodas or coca cola drinks to take it with you on your journey.

Moreover, the water bottle is made with Tritan plastic, which is not usually affected by heat or temperature. The water will always stay pure, clean, and healthy for drinking!

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I can be sure that you have got your answer on whether TikTok 99p water bottle BPA-Free or not. And if you have succeeded in reaching this end of the article, I am also sure that there is nothing left to answer or discuss. However, if you still have queries about this water bottle, please consider yourself lucky because I am always here to figure them out. Let me know what confusion you have about this water bottle and what we can do about them.

But today, a big thanks to you for spending time reading this blog post. Take good care of yourself. Keep watching and making TikTok and drinking the safest water, which is healthy for your health!




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