BPA-Free Water Bottle – Ultimate Guide

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To drink BPA-Free water, we usually rely on BPA-Free water bottle brands that are in numbers out there. A BPA-Free water bottle is essential to drink to keep yourself healthy and stay away from all those unwanted diseases. However, one must always get the idea of which brand of water bottle he relies on, whether that brand is worth choosing and whether its water bottles are safe or not? And there could be more things to worry about whenever deciding on such brands.

In this guide, we’ll closely look into all the facts about those BPA-Free water bottles and find out why BPA-Free water is essential. Please keep yourself focused and start reading with me till the end of the day! Your doubts will be clear, and you will get to know what you are really looking for!

A Little Brief On BPA-Free Water Bottles:

Research shows that, and from history, it can be known that Bisphenol-A or BPA was first discovered in the early days of the 1980s.

It was then quickly used by many world’s famous food and beverage brands. However, even after 30 years of its usage in the industry, the BPA started showing its side effects in Food, water, and beverages.

In September 2008, it was the National Toxicology Program of NIH released a full report in which it was a clear discussion about the various health issues concerned with BPA.

They took a narrow approach to this chemical’s usage and gradually removed its usage in production.

However, its already been 15 years until the side effects of BPA were known to the general public.

But despite this fact, FDA doesn’t impose any serious checks and balances on its usage. Plus, many BPA products are produced and sold without barriers.

But thanks to those couple of brands who care about their customers’ lives better and quit using BPA in their products.

These include some famous food as well as bottled water brands.

Moreover, if you want to read in-depth about these bottles, refer to the water bottle-ultimate guide we have created for you, in which you will get more comprehensive information.

What Is BPA-Free Water Bottles Meaning?

The main difference between a BPA-Free water bottle and a regular bottle is that BPA-Free water bottles are made with plastic without using Bisphenol-A.

There is no such production that takes place, and whoever guarantees it must prove it. The regular water bottles from not-so-common brands don’t specify whether they use this chemical or not.

They are just good at doing what they are doing.

How Do You Identify If The Water Bottle Is BPA-Free Or Not?

In this case, you have to signify whether your bottle is marked BPA-Free or not.

You can follow the below methods to confirm that your bottle has BPA mixing inside it or is clean from such containment.

Make Sure You Don’t Find Number 7 Or Letter PC On The Bottle:

Your water bottle will no longer be BPA safe if you find the letter “PC” or number 7 mentioned on it.

It means no guarantee can be provided over such water as to whether it would be healthy for you to drink or not. So, if you find such writing, avoid drinking such water.

Ensure To Find Any Number From 1 To 6 On Your Water Bottle:

If you find any number from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 mentioned on the water bottle you are supposed to drink, you should be worry-free.

Because such a bottle is free from BPA. You can drink it, and the bottle manufacturer has ensured you drink water free from this chemical.

Don’t Get Fooled By Similar Trade Marks Or Stamps:

Some manufacturers marked BPA with BPS or relative trademarks to satisfy the customers that they are BPA-Free.

However, one must not trust such stamping. Because these brands don’t offer you safe and healthy water to drink.

You will always focus on finding the original trademark for the water bottle brand to be BPA-Free.

Ask The Manufacturer If You Don’t Get The Information You Need:

However, in any case, if you don’t find the necessary data about the material used in the manufacturing of that water bottle, ask the manufacturer.

Get information from the authorities to ensure which material has been used in the production of that water. You will get the most accurate information in this way.

With Which Materials BPA-Free Water Bottles Usually Made Of?

That’s true that water bottles are made from a variety of materials out there. One must always have the idea of which type of BPA-Free water bottles he may buy and figure out in the market.

So, in that case, the following is the list of materials with which BPA-Free water bottles are made.

You can trust on these kinds of bottles and buy any of them for you as they are good with providing you lots of benefits that we’ll discuss in the next section!

BPA-Free Water Bottles Made From TRITAN Copolyester:

Mostly, BPA-Free water bottles are made from this material. It has some good pros and cons that will let you determine how it is better to produce these kinds of water bottles.

Ultra-High Tough OptionIt could include a category of low-quality plastic, sometimes
Leach proofIt is way more expensive than other plastics out there
Doesn’t let the odor enters the waterIt is not as pure as glass is
Keeps the original taste 
High Perceived value 
Less on the pricing side 
Dishwasher Safe and Stainproof 

BPA-Free Water Bottles Made With Glass:

Glass is the second most highly appreciated material to produce some quality BPA-Free water bottles. It is one of the purest forms of drinking water you may find in the market.

However, you may find it with a little high price tag. The glass has the following pros and cons with zero BPA production of water bottles.

Water bottles with a silicone sleeve for added beauty and protectionSometimes, water bottle comes with little imprinting abilities
This material has never contained any mixing of BPAIt could be a little expensive
The purest form of waterEasy To break
Provides high valueNot safe to be used by children
Dishwasher safe 
Less on the pricing side 
Dishwasher Safe and Stainproof 

BPA-Free Water Bottles Made From Stainless Steel:

Such types f water bottles are originally crafted from food-grade stainless steel. It’s a fact that steel is a non-reactive material.

So, whatever bottles are made from this material do not leach any chemicals into the water and don’t have to be lined.

Provides high perceived valueFind Possible metallic faint
Most DurableStainless steel heats up in the sunlight
There is zero plastic or proxyThese can dent sometimes

BPA-Free Water Bottles Made From Aluminum:

Since it is okay to believe that Aluminum can easily react with certain chemicals, these bottles can easily line with an enamel, Polymer, Resin, or any proxy. These water bottles are also BPA-Free and a lower-cost alternative to those stainless steel bottles. These bottles have the following pros and cons.

It comes in a lighter weight than stainless steelYou can dent it easily even than steel
Less expensive as compared with steelProvides resin, epoxy, Polymer, or epoxy lining
Higher perceived value as compared to plastic 

How Bad Is BPA In Water Bottles?

Since it is known on a big scale that BPA is indeed dangerous for all humans, there is nothing to hide about its containment and effect on the water.

Whenever you insert water into a bottle made with the usage of Bisphenol-A, your water contains this chemical inside it.

When such water goes inside the body as you drink it, it causes several diseases and diseases one cannot imagine without thinking.

A human body faces low infertility, growth problems, several body changes, diabetes, heart diseases, behavioral issues in children, and worse.

Therefore, the BPA in water bottles can be so bad if you drink it without proper care and research.

For How Long A BPA-Free Water Bottle Can Be Used To Store Water?

It depends on the size of that water bottle. If you have a water bottle of small size, it will only stay good for keeping water inside it for a couple of months.

However, if it is large in size, more durable plastic, and placed in colder environments, it will work just fine for up to 2 years. Moreover, you can find the expiry date on different BPA-Free water bottles, making your decision easier.  

List Of Top 10 BPA-Free Water Bottle Brands Over The Years:

In this portion, please look at top 10 brands for water bottles that produce BPA-Free water and their ranking from 2019 to 2021.

This will ensure how these brands have been over themselves for years and how they have made up to this end.

Brands For 2019Brands For 2020Brands For 2021
FijiPenta Ultra PurifiedEssentia Ionized Water
EvianFijiAquafina Purified Water
Nestle Pure LifePropel Electrolyte WaterVOSS
Alkaline 88Boxed WaterFiji
Glaceau Smart WaterEvianJUST Water
PerrierEssentia Ionized WaterPerrier
San PellegrinoAcqua Panna NaturalPoland Spring Origin 100%
DasaniGlaceau SmartwaterIcelandic Glacial Natural
Ice MountainVOSSPerfect Hydration Electrolyte
VOSSJUST WaterGlaceau Smartwater

List Of Top 10 Brands For Different Countries Including USA, UK, And Australia Over The Years:

In UK, USA, and countries like Australia, people take a closer look at their health concerns and pay closer attention.

In this case, they always drink water manufactured and available in bottles from some highly recognized and reputed brands.

Please have a look at the brands of bottled water that have been quite famous over the years.

Brands For USABrands For UKBrands For Australia
Mountain Valley Spring WaterBuxtonSanta Vittoria
VOSSHarrogateMount Franklin
Nestle Pure LifeFijiVOSS
FijiEvianThankyou Water
EvianVolvicSan Pellegrino
DasaniHighland SpringJUST Water
SmartwaterGlaceau SmartwaterFiji
Essentia Ionized WaterEssentia Ionized WaterPump
JUST WaterCristalineBalance

Top 10 Water BPA-Free Water Bottle Brands Of All The Times That Has Been Here From Centuries:

Our team took a narrow approach based on the previous data and searched out what was best for them. In this case, they enlisted some top-quality brands as follows.

Anyone can blindly trust these brands and drink water coming into the bottles manufactured by these giants in the market.

BrandsProducts They SellDo They Have BPA-Free Water Bottles?Country/Region  Price For A BPA-Free Water Bottle
DasaniWater Bottles Dasani Water Bottles With FlavorsYes, They Do.USABetween 10 to 50 USD depending on the type and size of the water bottle
FijiWater BottlesYesUSABetween 15 to 100 USD depending on the bottle size and type
EvianClassic water bottles Iconic Glass Bottles  YesUSABetween 10 to 50 USD depending on the type, size, and material of the water bottle
Just WaterWater with multiple flavorsYesUSABetween 10 to 90 USD depending on the size and type of water bottle
Nestle Pure WaterWater BottlesYesUSABetween 5 to 80 USD depending on the size of the water bottle
Poland Spring WaterSpring water bottles Sparkling water bottlesYesUSABetween 10 to 50 USD depending on the size and type of water bottle
LifeWtrWater BottlesYesUSABetween 10 to 90 USD depending on the size and type of water quality
WaiakeaVolcanic Water Volcanic CoffeeYesUSABetween 10 to 70 USD depending on the size and type of water bottles

Some Frequently Asked Questions About BPA-Free Water Bottles:

Is Good And Gather Water BPA-Free?

Good and Gather water brand produces water bottles totally free from BPA. They claim that their water has high nutritional value and is estimated to have a very low carbon footprint level.

Besides that, the water claims to have almost 9.5 PH levels. Such a Ph level is good for ensuring that whatever you are drinking is pure and cleanly made for your profound health.

Is Nestle Water BPA-Free?

Nestle Pure Life Water does have a high name in the list of some highly known BPA-Free water brands. It provides BPA-Free water bottles that are calories-free and have zero sweetness, making it a great alternative to all those sugary drinks.

The product has a huge collection of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes that give it a never-ending refreshing taste one could ever imagine.

To ensure its BPA-Free versatility, the brands come fully BPA-Free with reusable plastic bottles.

Here, you will find the PH level of pure water from 6.8 to 7.4. According to this, this water is safe and healthy to drink on all notes.

Is Evian BPA-Free?

Evian makes water bottles packed with balanced mineral composition and some naturally occurring electrolytes. The product stands high on offering soft, unique, and distinctive tastes compared to all those BPA-Free brands.

This one got a pH level of 7.2, which makes it better for BPA-Free water bottle brands. Besides that, such water comes in various sizes and suits different occasions for different drinking needs.

Is Smart Water BPA-Free?

A water bottle from Smart Water is indeed recommended as a BPA-Free product. However, it is a disposable bottle that doesn’t win any award for its material quality.

It doesn’t state its pH level, and it is totally on you whether you trust it to be a BPA-Free water bottle or not. These bottles from Smart Water come in different sizes with different price tags.

Is Ozarka Water BPA-Free?

In case you are buying or considering Ozarka water, you should know that it is completely BPA-Free. Yes, the bottle gets manufactured under FDA conservative limits.

This brand highly engages with all rules of the FDA, imposing low usage or even zero usage of BPA material into their products.

So, if anyone tells you to buy an Ozarka water bottle, believe in him and get the water bottle you think will serve you best in your daily routine.

Is Poland Spring Water BPA-Free?

Poland Spring ensures the manufacturing of their bottles comes from non-recycled PET number 1 plastic. These bottles are completely BPA-Free for your most concerning health and safety needs.

Bottles made for single-serve, such as 8 ounces to 3 litter, occupy this plastic in their product.

While the other from 1 gallon to 2.5 gallons bottles are all made of non-recycled HDPE #2 plastic. Both plastics are completely BPA-Free.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope I have tried my best to explain everything about a BPA-Free water bottle. This guide will help you understand all the basic facts about these Bisphenol-A-free water bottles. Moreover, you can take help from this guide to buy some quality water bottles BPA-Free from the most trusted USA water bottle brands. However, if you still find yourself confused about something and trying to find answers, please let those problems be on my way. I am here to tackle them and provide you with a solution.

But, for today, I appreciate the effort, time, and energy you have spent reading this post. Keep visiting for more latest guides. Stay hydrated, drink healthy and stay safe!





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