Kinetico water softener model 60: Everything you should Know.

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Enjoy a re-hydrated living dealing with Kinetico model 60. It will make water healthier, goes grater in your appliances & plumbing, give you a better feel to your clothes & skin.

Recently, Kinetico came up with a different model, but why did you pick model 60; this write-up deals with this concern.

Continue reading to know everything regarding Kinetico model 60-one of the most in-demand models.

Features come with Kinetico water softener model 60:

  • Model 60 comes with several outstanding features; the first ones are automated by kinetic energy.

  • This model is modernized, cleaned, appraised, & operates via all cycles well.

  • A most unique aspect of this model is minimizing energy cost.

  • Enable to produce more soft water efficiently.

  • Superb machines to deal with maximum water hardness.

  • Compact in size.

Kinetico water softener model 60 rebuilds kit:

The high servicing cost of Kinetico water softener is mostly irritating for users. The rebuild kit is developed to give a stunning solution for a malfunctioning Domestic Kinetico. It is a modernized perfect Seal Kit.

There is total crushed of the Kinetico water softener doling out process head & total crushed of every stage of the head. You can service your water softeners without any risk and wash them by the median DIY individual.

Before the rebuild, the basic problem needs to be identified then rectified depending on the symptoms. Remind that around 99% of this main fault occurs due to exhaust internal seals. Some valves may cause several troubles, especially in the very earliest Kinetico water softeners. & these objects require to be changed.

Furthermore, these types of quad seals assist the appropriate working of the Kinetico water softener. Kinetico water softener model 60 rebuild kit maintains the top-most quality and offers your softener long life usability.

Kinetico water softener model 60 parts:

You can directly pick original parts directly from the company or any dedicated webpage, whatever you like. Below we enlist the parts name-

  • Water softener resin.
  • Replacing resin vessel.
  • Replacing tank o ring.
  • Kinetic twin tanks.
  • Replacing elbow.
  • Kinetico meter discs 1-8.
  • Tablet salt valet.
  • Salt lid hinges.
  • Noryl ¾” BSP males in/outs.
  • Brine floats valve & mini-b & aqua-blu.
  • Bss brine valve conversion kit.
  • Bss hf level 1 assembly.
  • Pawl set.
  • He nozzle.
  • Nozzle retrofits kit.
  • Seal & actuator.
  • Balance piston.
  • Do cap.
  • Seal for doing cap.
  • Control disc.
  • Power valve & cone bolt.
  • Level seal 1-3.
  • Level 4 kit.
  • Screened hose cleaner.
  • Piston seal kit level 4.
  • Drain connection level 3 ½.

Kinetico model 60 water softener valve head:

As we stated above this valve head is also totally modernized, sanitized, and tested; it operates through all cycles well. It is exceptional in a quality contrasting to similar items. Here we are enlisting item specifics:

Model60 Valve Head.
Filter TypeWater Softeners
Custom BundleNo
Country Manufacture  United States
  UPCDoes not apply
  Modified ItemNo

Kinetico water softener model 60 troubleshooting:

Kinetico water softeners are now using both residential & commercial households. Kinetico model 60 constantly works in the time of the regeneration exercise.

Sometimes your water softener may face trouble; & need to shoot out all of its problems. But, first things you need to confirm the problems.

If you find that your used soap stop is lathering well, your skin fell not well after showering or any film on dishware or glasses even washing, then the water softener may face troubles.

Hence, you should do the followings-

Step 1:

Firstly, look out for the bypass valve to examine the water bypassing is ok or not. If there is any trouble, the bypass valve may be changed to yellow, so turn your water softener the valve to green.

Now it will work well. If your water softener is the older one, you have to look out for the resources section on your softener.

Step 2

Check out the salt in the unit’s brine tank. If there is any crust, just wash it applying mild water & soapy. Clean the area using plain water; eliminate residual soap if there is any.

Step 3:

A formedsalt bridge over the tank water will influence the saturation levels. Check out this, then recess the salt to ensure appropriate water saturation.

Step 4:

If you explore any clogs in your prefilter, change it with the latest cartridge.

Step 5:

Examine the connection space between the mineral tanks& resin if there are any salt-crusted plugs. Take water & soap to wash up the area to eliminate the crust.

Step 6:

Check out the kinks or pinches in the Kinetico drain lines. Make lose the lines and to demolishing the space restriction rearrange as required.

Step 7:

For further problems, you can call the company to help you troubleshoot

Why choose Kinetico water softener model 60?

This is the main point why you choose model 60. With this model, you can enjoy 24/7 hours of soft water without any break or downtime in its service. People who want a highly powerful water softener for household and business premises should take this model.


Kinetico water softener & all of its models are certified by the CanadianOntario Region of Waterloo. With external accreditation Kinetico offers overall efficient performance. Its outstanding feature makes most of the customers love.

Consumer review:

Overall, almost 70% of verified consumers are glad to have this model of Kinetico. The simple reason for consumer unhappiness is only price-related facts. But one thing to mention here is that this model’s quality is worth more than its cost.

Final verdict:

Investment in Kinetico water softener model 60 is a great deal for experience well-tasting & clean water, softer skin, soft clothes, and total improved performance.

However, we are confirming that you’re picking the best ever water softener. Specifically, if you are in New Jersey or in Jersey Shore’s undoubtedly Kinetico model, 60 will be the best deal.

Anyway, considering your pocket & demand, you will find an experts solution to meets both.

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