Is This Bottled Water BPA Free

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BPA or bisphenol A is a chemical that has become a growing concern among people ever since it’s found in Polycarbonate plastic food containers. But most water bottles do not contain BPA because a majority of them are made of PET which does not have BPA.

Company NameProduct NameBPA Value
Great ValueGreat Value Purified Drinking WaterNot Detected
Trader Joe’sTrader Joe’s Alkaline WaterNot Detected
Pepsi Beverages CompanyAquafina Pure WaterNot Detected
NestleNestle Pure Life3-Gallon Water Bottle: 1 Part Per Billion
EvianEvian Natural Spring WaterNot Detected
KirklandKirkland Signature Purified WaterNot Detected

How To Check Bottled Water For BPA?

All the well-known Plastic water bottles do not contain BPA, and they never did. But there’s no harm in checking it before you drink. There is a simple way to check whether your water bottle contains or is manufactured by BPA.

Plastic water bottles are made of recycled plastic. The ones with PET-made are free of BPA and safe for drinking. Every bottle comes with a recycling code that tells you whether it’s BPA-free. Each code has its significance.

Here’s how you can check your plastic water bottle for BPA from its label.

  • Firstly, take your water bottle and turn it upside down. You will see a code inside a triangle made of three arrows.
  • If the code is 1, 2, 4, or 5, the water bottle is BPA-free. These bottles are made of PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP. So, they are safe.
  • But if the battle has 3, 6, and 7 codes, you should avoid drinking from it. 7 is the recycling code for BPA. Others are also harmful to our health.
  • Finally, you have to check the label for polycarbonate or epoxy liner and BPF or BPS, which are substitutes for BPA or can leach it.

After checking the code, you can be sure whether your water bottle contains BPA or is safe for drinking.

Is Great Value Bottled Water BPA Free? 

Great Value Bottled water is exclusively sold at Walmart. This value for money bottled water comes in plastic bottles made of PET or polyethylene terephthalate. We know that plastic bottles are made of recycled plastics. The bottles with 1, 2, 4, and 5 recycle numbers are safe.

Code 1 is the recycle code for PET-made plastic water bottles. Great Value plastic water bottles are made of PET. So, if you turn it upside down, you will see recycle code 1 inside three arrows. It shows that the plastic bottle of Great Value purified drinking water is safe.

This brand offers purified drinking water. It contains purified water, calcium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate. According to the fluoride meter, Great Value water contains 00 ppm of fluoride, a harmful element for our teeth and bone. So, both plastic water bottle and water is safe for drinking.

Is Trader Joe’s Bottled Water BPA Free?

Trader Joe’s alkaline water is purified with reverse osmosis, and electrolytes are added for taste. The ingredients of the water are purified water, various electrolytes like potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, etc. So, the water is safe to drink.

Again, the plastic water bottle is BPA-free. It’s made of PET and comes with a recycle code 1. So, it does not contain any BPA in plastic water bottles. However, the glass bottles or jars that contain water and other food have BPA in their metal lids.

But these lids do not directly come in contact with the water or food. So, there’s no chance of mixing BPA with water or food. That’s why you have nothing to worry about. As you can see, Trader Joe’s plastic water bottles are entirely safe from BPA. As a result, it won’t harm you and your family.

Is Aquafina Bottled Water BPA Free?

Aquafina is a purified bottled drinking water line from Pepsi Beverages Company. This bottled drinking water is very popular and available around the world. That’s mainly because of its bottler company Pepsi. But the water also tastes pretty good, and most importantly, it’s safe for our health.

On the other hand, Aquafina comes in plastic bottles made of PET or polyethylene terephthalate. We already know that the recycle code for PET is 1, which does not contain any BPA. So, the plastic water bottle of Aquafina is BPA-free.

So, there’s no risk from drinking Aquafina bottled water related to BPA. You can check its recycle code from the label or the upside-down portion of the bottle to be further sure. Since Aquafina water goes through purification processes like reverse osmosis and ultraviolet sterilization, it should be safe for drinking.

Is Nestle Bottled Water BPA Free?

Nestle is another well-known brand for its foods and beverages. Nestle Pure Life bottled water is available everywhere. The good news is that Nestle water is safe to drink. Besides, its single-serving water bottles from 8 ounces to 3 liters do not contain any BPA.

It makes its single-serving plastic water bottles 8 ounces to 3 liters in size from non-recycled PET. Its recycle code is 1. We know PET does not contain any BPA and is safe for drinking. Besides, its 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon water bottles are made of high-density polyethylene or HDPE, which recycle code is 2. So, it’s also BPA free.

Now, Nestle makes its 5-gallon water bottle from PET. So, it’s free of BPA as well. The 3-gallon water bottle is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is a recycle code 7 plastic that has BPA. Nestle has found trace level BPA in its test, which is less than 1 part per billion. However, Nestle has said they plan to make 3-gallon bottles from BPA-free plastic.

Is Evian Bottled Water BPA Free?

Evian is well-known for its BPA-free water bottle, containing naturally occurring electrolytes and balanced mineral composition. You will get a soft, unique, and distinctive taste from Evian bottled water compared to other water brands.

With various mineral components, the water from Evian has a naturally balanced pH level of 7.5. The water comes in various sizes. Plastic bottles are generally made of PET, which has a recycle code 1. So, it’s completely BPA-free. According to Evian, 25% to 50% of its plastic water bottles are PET.

However, the company also claims that it’s planning on making all its plastic water bottles from 100% recycled plastic PET by 2025. So, it does not contain any BPA in its water bottles now, and it wants to consolidate its position regarding BPA-free water bottles even better in the future.

Is Kirkland Bottled Water BPA Free?

Kirkland bottled water is directly sourced from the Rocky Mountains. Then they are thoroughly filtered, purified, mineralized, and finally bottled. Kirkland purified mineral water comes in Kirkland signature water bottles.

These bottles are made of thermoplastic resin, which we know as polyethylene terephthalate or PET. We already know PET has a recycle code 1 and is entirely BPA-free. Apart from the safe plastic water bottle, the water contains no fluoride. So, it’s entirely safe to drink.

So, as you can see, both the plastic bottle and the water from Kirkland are completely safe from BPA and other harmful elements.

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