Is Ozarka Water Bottles BPA-Free

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Are you considering buying a water bottle from Ozarka and confused to decide whether these water bottles are BPA-Free or not? You might be looking for the answer to the question, “is Ozarka water bottles BPA-Free?” Please, you are most welcome to this blog. Today, I will share all the information you require on these water bottles from Ozarka. Undoubtedly, Ozarka is a famous brand in the USA. But sometimes, we get confused about the quality of material used in the production of these water bottles sometimes.

Therefore, in this guide, you will look closely at the facts that help you decide whether you should go for water bottles from Ozarka or whether it is totally ignorable. Please take a seat, and let’s get this conversation started!

Are Ozarka Water Bottles Really BPA-Free?

This question deserves a Big Yes. Because all water bottles from Ozarka are completely BPA-Free, and there is no mixing of this Bisphenol-A raw material into their total production!

That’s likely the fact because of the usage of plastic material in producing these water bottles. Ozarka states they are using PET #2 plastic, PET #1 Plastic, and HDPE plastic.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a single-serve water bottle or those large Gallons made to contain a relatively large quantity of water into them. They are all BPA-Free.

Hence, it states that BPA-Free takes good care of people’s health while providing water in their water bottles or simply the water bottles.

You can always get more information about these BPA-Free water bottles and how they are produced; with which materials they are produced, and some other factors.

But to get that, follow our BPA-Free water bottle-ultimate guide that I already have compiled for you with little research and more details.

Does Ozarka Follow FDA’s Rules And Regulations For Producing BPA-Free Water Bottles?

Ozarka states that they totally comply with the FDA’s Packaging. Plus,  all those health-based regulations ensured that whatever people drink must be pure and healthy for their health.

Moreover, the FDA has recommended that PET plastic is all good for packaging or storing stuff like water.

That means Ozarka water is complying with the FDA to produce BPA-Free and safe water bottles.

How To Know If An Ozarka Water Bottle Is BPA-Free?

Suppose you have the Ozarka water bottle in your hand, and you are still confused about deciding whether it is BPA-Free or not; what will you do in that case?

No problem because even in this kind of situation, there are parameters to look for.

FDA has recommended some specific keywords to look for on the water bottles to determine whether they are BPA-Free or not.

These are simple to remember and are given as follows. Please have a look!

  • See if your water bottle from Ozarka has written something like number 1 or 2 on it.
  • Sometimes, these writings are replaced with PET 1 Or PET 2 Plastic.
  • Moreover, you may also find LDPE and HDPE stamps on these water bottles.

The good thing is that all these signs ensure that the water bottle you are holding in your hand is made BPA-Free.

Such a bottle will never contaminate the quality of water you would drink from it.

Moreover, your water will stay unaffected from all those toxic chemicals leaching into the low-quality water bottles.

Hence, Ozarka is good at keeping all these stands for its customers.

Is Ozarka Bottled Water Safe To Drink?

As far as the safety of Ozarka water to drink from a water bottle is concerned, yes, it is completely safe and ready to drink for your every last sip.

In order to confirm the safety of this water from Ozarka, all the water bottles are contained 100% Natural Spring Water which is considered safe to drink.

Get an extraordinary three levels of safety measures with Ozarka water bottles that ensure that the water quality will always be higher whenever you drink. These levels include,

  • Glacial Filtration
  • Careful Management Of The Spring Sources
  • Plus, they also ensure the Shortest filtration as well as all those sanitation methods.

All these three levels of safety are ensured with every water bottle made by Ozarka, counting those single-use water bottles or large gallons.

What Is The Ph Of Ozarka Water?

This Natural Spring water holds a pH of water at level of 5.16. Since they collect water from natural springs or other resources, they claim to provide water pH from 5.4 to 7.1.

But when tested in labs, it was obtained to 5.16, which is considered totally acceptable for drinking!

Which Type Of BPA-Free Water Bottles Can You Buy From Ozarka?

Ozarka deals with water by providing a total of two categories of water. This includes Spring Water and Sparkling Water.

Both categories have their own specifications, which are given as follows. And in the table is a list of products you can find under each category.

Spring Water:

You are familiar with this Classic form of water named Spring water. This type of water is produced from 100% Natural resources that’s served completely through Texas and other parts of the United States Of America.

With this water, ensure to drink a sip of fresh, pure, and clean water whenever the hydration is at its peak.

Sparkling Water:

When you take a look at their sparkling water, they provide water bottles with this sparkling water.

Such water bottles contain real fruit flavors to uplift your mood and provide a taste you may never get anywhere else.

Get a taste of water that has some extremely amazing uplifting bubbles with all those minerals naturally occurring to make your water taste better.

It ensures you always drink water from natural resources but with added features such as being free from all those factors impacting your health.

This Ozarka Sparkling water is free from all types of calories, colors, sugars, sodium, and artificial sweeteners. Get flavored and unflavored water with an additional three features that include.

  • Natural Spring Water
  • A fruit flavor
  • Extra carbonation

The products they sell are given as follows:

Spring WaterSparkling Water
8 fl Oz bottled waterLemon Flavor
12 fl Oz Bottled waterLime Flavor
500 Ml Bottled waterTriple Berry Flavor
20 fl Oz Bottled waterBlack Cherry Flavor
700 Ml bottled waterSimply Bubbles flavor
1 L bottled water 
1.5 L Bottled water 
3 L Bottled water 
1 Gallon of Bottled water 
2.5 Gallon Bottled water 
5 Gallon Bottled water 

Does Ozarka Produce Reusable Water Bottles?

Yes, their 2.5-gallon and 5-gallon bottled water are reusable multiple times. You can get these water bottles and use their water.

Besides, you can refill them as many times as you want. But always keep in mind the proper and needed cleaning of these water bottles before you refill them for the very next time.

That’s important in order to keep your water free from impurities, dust particles, and other stuff contained in the water, especially bad smells and odors.

From Where You Can Buy Ozarka BPA-Free Water Bottles While Living In The USA?

In order to get these BPA-Free water bottles from Ozarka, you must find out where you can buy them.

Below, I have mentioned some of the easiest resources to buy the Ozarka Water bottles. Please have a look!

From the official website of Ozarkawater, you get free delivery on buying any product for the first time.

  • Get Ozarka water bottles from Amazon.
  • These are also available at Walmart.
  • You can also buy from eBay.
  • And Etsy does have Ozarka water bottles.

But who knows, you may find it at your nearby store. That would be a real fortune!

Final Thoughts:

After reading this post, have you found your answer to “is Ozarka water bottles BPA-Free?” Surely, you have because I tried my level best to provide you with every necessary information you need on this brand. But suppose you still encounter some queries or confusions even after being at this end. In that case, you should let me know, and I will provide you with the best information available.

But for today, I appreciate your effort in staying, reading, and understanding. Please give a warm impression to read out all those water products and guides I have written for you. Plus, don’t forget to take care of yourself and keep drinking the safest water!


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