How To Clean BPA-Free Water Bottles? | 4 Easy Methods

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Written By John Roe Stephen

If you have a reusable BPA-Free water bottle, you should know that you can clean it for multiple times usage purposes. That’s even easier when you know all the cleaning tricks and methods. But how to clean BPA-Free water bottles in case you want to remove all odors, smells, and any algae growth and make them cleaned properly? Yes, that’s easier, and you will know very shortly about all this.

So, please stick with me and keep reading this article till the end. I would share some easiest methods to clean these BPA-Free reusable water bottles. Therefore, without wasting time, let’s get this conversation started!

Can You Really Clean Those BPA-Free Water Bottles?

Yes, you can apply different methods to clean all BPA-Free water bottles or any bottles you have.

Water bottles need daily cleaning or cleaning whenever you fill them with water or other liquid.

Because if you don’t do that, there might be bacterial growth, stinks, and smelly water observed through these bottles that you may not like to drink at all.

Hence, you should always drink water from a pure, clean, and safest water bottle.

You can get an idea of what type of water bottles are good to keep and how these BPA-Free water bottles are good for you.

And to get this, follow our BPA-Free water bottle-ultimate guide, where detailed instructions about everything related to these bottles have been provided. You won’t mind taking a look.

What Type Of BPA-Free Water Bottles Are Cleanable?

You already know that water bottles are either single-use or reusable. In this case, when you buy a water bottle for single use, you just use it once and throw it into the garbage. There is no need to clean it and use it for the second time.

However, many people who like to keep a good quantity of water with themselves wherever they go always prefer buying a water bottle multiple times.

Such a BPA-Free water bottle is also called a reusable water bottle. It can be made of Heavy duty plastic, Stainless steel, glass, or even ceramic.

Therefore, if you have got one made from any of these materials, you would love to learn about all the cleaning processes to keep it up to date for daily basis pure drinking water requirements.

So, mostly, these types of water bottles are cleanable, and you need to clean them by all means.

Different Methods To Clean BPA-Free Water Bottles:

Even though everyone is familiar with some most common cleaning methods to clean stuff like BPA-Free water bottles, dishes, mugs, or other kitchenware or daily life used products.

But despite all those common methods, there are some unique ones you can try in typical situations. As stated earlier, these situations might be seeing your water bottle extra dirty, smelly, or not kept clean for a long while.

So, you can clean a BPA-Free water bottle and remove every single bacteria out of it if you do all the things one by one given below. Please have a look!

Clean BPA-Free Water Bottle With Hot Water:

The first thing you can try to clean your BPA-Free water bottle is using hot water. In case you have a stainless steel or glass water bottle, you can clean it with hot water.

You must boil the water first and then rinse your water bottle with that hot water.

This way, the hot water will work great in killing bacteria, molds, or any buildups inside the water bottle.

However, you may not like using hot water for cleaning plastic water bottles due to some temperature warnings.

Clean A BPA-Free Water Bottle With Liquid Dish Soap:

Have you that liquid dish soap inside your kitchen with which you clean your other kitchenware products?

How lucky you are if you have one!

You can use this liquid to mix it into the water and then use that solution to clean a BPA-Free water bottle.

Just mix a small quantity of this liquid into the water, or you can use it even without water and clean the water bottle properly.

This can be used to clean any reusable water bottle, such as those made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

Once the bottle is cleaned thoroughly, leave it in the sunlight to dry, and it will be ready to use again.

Clean A BPA-Free Water Bottle With Soda And Bleach:

Everyone has bleach and soda in their homes that can be used to wash out their clothes.

In case your water bottles are too smelly or have some algae growth in them, using bleach or soda would be better.

Use it with the mixture of water to clean your water bottle. Once you have cleaned it with soda or bleach, use maximum clean water to ensure depth cleaning.

Leave the bottle to dry until it becomes ready again to use.

Clean A BPA-Free Water Bottle With White Vinegar:

Even after knowing that white vinegar would leave its own smell in the water bottle, you can still use it for extreme cleaning.

You can use it by mixing it with the water as half quantity of vinegar and half a cup of water.

For this, you have to fill the water bottle with this solution, and it should be shaken properly after closing it. Now, leave the water bottle for an overnight period with this solution.

And when you see the dawn, clean that water bottle with pure water and leave it to dry.

It will be ready as your new and freshly cleaned water bottle. Such a process of cleaning is efficient for stainless steel water bottles.

Hence, these are some of the highly used methods to clean your BPA-Free water bottles or any water bottles you have.

What Are BPA-Free Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets?

Some brands have made some water bottle cleaning tablets that work great for removing all types of molds or builds up from your water bottle.

Cleaning tablets are a good option for clean water bottles made from plastic, stainless steel, glass, or ceramic. So, you can have them and get your BPA-Free water bottle cleaned up in a while.

How To Clean A Water Bottle With Small Opening?

Suppose you got a BPA-Free water bottle with any form factor having a small opening. In that case, how would you be able to clean it completely?

Yes, that is simply because, for it, all you have to do is to use a brush. If your hands are not reachable to the inner surface of this kind of water bottle, a brush would be a preferable thing to use in order to clean that bottle perfectly.

So, this is the solution you are going to apply for such a problem.

How To Clean A Plastic Water Bottle And Keep It Properly Cleaned?

Use baking soda, bleach, white vinegar, etc., to clean a plastic water bottle.

And don’t use hot water, and don’t ever put it into hot temperature regions if you want to drink safe and healthy water from a plastic bottle.

On top of that, apply the following things to keep a BPA-Free plastic water bottle properly cleaned over the long run.

  • Try to clean that bottle every time you use it. Rinse it properly before the next fill-up.
  • Take the lid out and let the bottle breathe.
  • Use dish liquid often to keep a water bottle cleaned if required.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are all the methods that would let you know how to clean BPA-Free water bottles if you didn’t know before. Apply any of these and observe maximum cleaning of your water bottle for hydration needs. However, if you are stuck on something or have queries in your mind, don’t forget to ask.

But for today, thanks for reading and paying attention. Have a pleasant day!


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