How Much Does A Plastic Water Bottle Weigh ?

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Have you wondered to find out how much does a plastic water bottle weigh? Because if something like this happens to you now and you are here for that reason, I can ensure that you will be guided properly. Water bottles are itself don’t weigh much. But if you have started finding out information about this query for any reason, I have got you completely covered. In this guide, we shall take a closer look at the actual weight of a plastic water bottle, how it goes with different capacities and what else to know?

Therefore, please make yourself home and start reading this post with me till the end. Because if you do that, I will share what’s important to know! Let’s not waste time and start this conversation!

How Much Does A Plastic Water Bottle Actually Weigh?

As you know, things keep improving from their original shape when they were first built or invented. Scientists or chemists keep finding ways to bring modernization and more versatility to the already available products.

This is somewhat a similar case to plastic water bottles. In 1980, a plastic water bottle made from PET of almost 2-liter capacity weighed almost 68 grams. But these days, it is as little as it has been down to 42 grams.

Moreover, on average, the weight of a single serve 0.5 liter PET water bottle is around 9.9 grams. This weight is nearly half the weight it used to be in 2000.

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Weight Of Plastic Water Bottles According To Different Officials:

In one research, the Beverage Marketing Corporation BMC, New York, found the following facts regarding the weight of a plastic water bottle. They concluded,

YearsWeight Of Water Bottle
From 1980 to 2000The weight of the 2-liter Pet water bottle declined from 68 grams to 42 grams
In the years 2000 and 2014The weight of a half-liter PET water bottle declined to 9.25 grams which is approximately a 50% decline from the weight

What’s The Ultimate Objective Behind Declining The Weight Of Plastic Water Bottles?

More streamlined and emphasized methods are being used to ensure that the weight of these plastic water bottles must be minimum.

That’s because it will help the organization save more PET resin and make plastic environmentally friendly.

Because more weight means more plastic, and more plastic means there shall be heavy recycling which always results in global warming on a larger scale.

However, this is the only side of the picture. Because bottle manufacturing companies are trying to make these water bottles lightweight, more PET is being used in their packing.

The use of recycled PET in the packaging of water bottles has increased up to 17.5 percent and even to 21 percent.

It shows that there could be a couple of dangers attached to the environment if this keeps happening.

How Much Plastic In A Water Bottle?

It has been tested and collected by various brands from different samples that the plastic concentrations in a water bottle are uniquely different.

But the overall research shows that there are 326 microplastic particles present in every 1 liter of bottled water.

What Is The Weight Of an Empty 1 Liter Plastic Bottle?

When a water bottle is empty, it holds a negligible weight which is not even prominent or something that should be concerned.

However, for 1 liter of an empty water bottle, the weight will be almost 19.1 grams. Here, we are talking about an empty PET plastic water bottle weight.

What Is The Weight Of an Empty 1.5 Liter Plastic Bottle?

In case the water bottle has a capacity of holding up to 1.5-liter liquid, how much its own weight would be when it is empty?

It is so simple to answer.

  • The weight of a 1 litter plastic water bottle is approximately 20 grams.
  • The weight of a half-liter water bottle would be approximately 10 grams.
  • And when we take it for a 1.5-liter water bottle, its weight will be around 30 to 32 grams.

That’s the logic you have to apply for calculating the water bottle weights.

How Much Does AN Empty 16 Oz Plastic Water Bottle Weigh?

A 16 oz or, more accurately, a 16.9 oz water bottle is equal to a 500ml plastic water bottle. I mean to say, both weights are the same with different units.

Therefore, when you are talking about the weight of an empty 16.9 oz water bottle in grams, it would be around 10 to 12 grams.

What Is The Average Weight Of a 500ml Plastic Bottle?

In case you have a 500ml plastic water bottle, there can be two scenarios. Either you can calculate its weight when the bottle is empty.

Or you can go for it when the bottle is filled with water. For both reasons, this 500ml plastic water bottle will have the following weights in grams.

Bottle SizeBottle Weight In Grams
Empty 500ml PET water bottleApproximately 10 to 12 grams
Full of water, a 500ml PET water bottleApproximately 510 to 512 Grams

Where To Find The PET Bottle Weight Calculator?

Do you want to calculate the weight of a plastic water bottle made from PET plastic and look for an easy calculator?

You can do so by using THIS PET Bottle Weight Calculator. You just have to be sure about the exact dimensions of your water bottle, its size, the material with which it is made, and whatever that calculator asks you to enter inside it.

That would be easier as by just typing the values and pressing the enter button; you would be able to know the weight of any bottle available.

How Much Does A Plastic Water Bottle Cap Weigh?

Suppose you are calculating the weight of only a water bottle cap. What would it be in grams?

Nothing is difficult here to answer. The weight of a plastic cap in grams would approximately be 2.2 grams.

Because a plastic cap is itself nothing and doesn’t occupy much space or share a significant volume.

How Much Does A 5 Gallon Plastic Bottle Of Water Weigh?

We usually have PET water bottles in gallons in our houses. What would be the approximate weight of a 5-gallon water bottle in case you want to know?

Let me show you how you can calculate this weight mathematically. It is so simple and easy to do!

First, the water bottle is 5 gallons.

One gallon goes approximately equals 8.3 pounds.

One pound converted into grams comes up to 454 grams.

It means, in 1 gallon, there will be 3758 grams, which is by 454 x 8.3=3758 grams.

However, when you calculate the 5-gallon weight in grams, it comes out as.

5 Gallon = 5×8.3 (pounds)= 41.5 pounds. But we will take it as 42 pounds for a more precise approximation.

42 pounds x 454 grams= 19068 grams. Or simply saying 19. 068 Kg water bottle.

How Much Does A 12 Oz Plastic Water Bottle Weigh?

A 12 oz plastic water bottle weighs almost 30 grams weight. That’s the case with water bottles in the Oz unit.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I would say it is not difficult to tell how much does a plastic water bottle weigh if you know all the mathematical steps to calculate this weight. I provided you with a calculator from which you can take help calculating this weight. Moreover, you are always welcome for queries and confusion related to any topic you are reading on this website.

But for today, all thanks to you for spending time, being available, and reading this post. Take good care of yourself. Have a good day!


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