Does Brita filter remove fluoride? (Explained)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

No. The standard version of the Brita filter is not effective in removing fluoride. Most water filters are not efficient in removing fluoride. Few high-end products will do the job very well. Contact customer service of Brita filter to know which of their products can remove fluoride before buying.

Step by step guide to removing fluoride from the tap water

There are particular types of water filters available for removing fluoride from tap water. This system uses a reverse osmosis filtration system.

It is one of the practical and most straightforward solutions to remove fluoride from drinking water. With the reverse osmosis (RO) system, you could deduct 85-92% of the fluoride from the water. 

  • Choose the right system for fluoride removal. Brita filter system capable of removing the fluoride does the job well. It will remove the fluoride from the drinking water and make it clean and safe
  • Specialize reverse osmosis cartridge is assembled in the filtration system that traps the harmful chemicals and passes the clean water in the reservoir.
  • Another semipermeable membrane layer is used with sediment and carbon to filter the water. The 4 stage process ensures that the water passing through the filter is clean and drinkable. 
  • Fill the Brita filter with the tap water and filter the water. You will notice the water is passing through the filter and reaching the reservoir fixed at the bottom. Sometimes the water cleaning would take time, so you should be patient enough to wait. 
  • Keep the water filtration overnight and get sufficient drinking water in the morning. Depending on the size of the reservoir, the water will get filtered and made available for the whole family.
  • Conduct the maintenance of the filter regularly. Cleaning, scrubbing, and changing the filter when indications start buzzing for the replacement is an essential practice for keeping your Brita filter in good condition.

Do Brita Filters remove minerals?

Brita filter comes with activated carbon and specialty design membrane that can only remove the water’s metal particles, dirt, and dust. Carbon filters kill bacteria and parasites. Other than that, no layer of filtration affects the minerals. 

The carbon-based Brita filter retains the healthy minerals in the water and provides refreshing water that tastes natural. The Filteration system only affects the harmful contamination found in the tap water and kills them or prevents them from reaching the reservoir.

Carbon filter has charged particles that attract the contamination and stick them to the surface allow the water to pass through easily. The adsorption process keeps the dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria away from the water. 

A carbon filter can remove Chlorine, THM, VOC, and many other substances found in the water. It will not affect the minerals such as salt, heavy metals, minerals in the water. Healthy minerals will easily pass through the water without harming the taste of the water. 

In some Brita filtration systems, the double protection layer is added. There will be a ceramic filter added to it with the carbon filter.

Ceramic filters prevent the carbon particles from entering the reservoir. The carbon filter alone cannot do the cleaning job in some cases.

It cannot remove all types of viruses and pathogens from tap water. When combining the carbon and ceramic filter, you do not need to add an alkaline filter to the system separately. 

Do Brita filters remove chlorine?

Yes. The Brita filter does remove the chlorine from the tap water. The filtration system is made of coconut-based activated carbon. The carbon filter creates a positive charge around the surface to which the product is attracting force.

Any contamination moving around the carbon filter will get trapped in the activated carbon, and only clean water passes through the system. 

Brita filter is quite efficient in removing chlorine from the water. If you live in a region where the tap water contains too much chlorine, the Brita filter would be the perfect water filter for cleaning the water and keeping your family safe.

It doesn’t affect the taste of the water as the minerals found in the water would stay intact.

Your family will not notice any change in the taste of the water. Drinking water filtered from the carbonated filter would offer you a refreshing experience. 

How much is chlorine Brita filter system capable of removing from water?

All the Brita filter products can remove chlorine from the water. The Brita long the last filter offers you chlorine reduction of up to 97.4% from the regular water.

On the other hand, the Brita faucet mount water filter can remove 97.5% chlorine with bad tasting minerals and odor from the water.

Remember that the filtration process gets reduces as the filter becomes older. The cleaning process also decreases with age. The filter’s capability of chlorine removal will get affected over time. 

The numbers provided are based on the new filter used for a few 1 or 2 months from the purchase date. Thus, it would help to consider all these factors before deciding the filter’s effectiveness.

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